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Which Character shall rule this month?

Total votes: 4

This month shall be a doozy to say in the least, we have 5 entries going head to head to see who is the best!!! (yeah over dramatized, bite me lol)

The contestants are:
[+] Spoiler
Name:Alessia Darkfur (She doesn't really have a last name)


Age:18 (officially 2-5)

Height: about a inch taller than Krystal ,but it soo small of a difference it's hardly


\Eye Color:light Green

Species:Ferinian/Cerinian Hybrid Wolf/Fox

Hair Description:usually kept short sometimes a bit long in the back

Fur Color/Fur Pattern:Cerinian fox /Ferinina Black wolf.(a very dark blue almost looks black at first till you look closer)

Vocal Description:Alex is a Fox/Wolf Hybrid she has a wolf head and muzzle but Fox fur pattern beyond her neck down and a Fox tail with a white tip.

Attire:very Dark blue jumpsuit similar to Krystal's' purple tank top with camo athletic pants

Strengths:Quick Smart,Telepathic light telekinesis

weakness: Pressure from others, lack of awareness of the outside world, and closed in when it comes to communicating with other people.

Personality:Kind yet a little touchy at times also known to be a bit mean.

History:Alessia or, Alex for short is a bio-engineered telepath designed to be the most powerful telepath ever, however when the scientist thought that she had no telepathic powers since they actually needed them to mature, she was turned towards another function...test subject for other experiments for which their purpose cannot be mentioned here. Since then she has mysteriously escaped from the Facility and had some very bad encounters with gangs. Among her telepathy the combination of DNA from two species with telepathy has given the Vixen/She-wolf a light telekinesis power it's unknown if she will develop a stronger telekinetic power or not, but for now she is able to pick up objects up to the weight of a brick and throw them at opponents, from the facility she was rescued at she took a sword that she uses as if she were a expert somehow the sword had taught her how to use it this will be further explained later...

Alex up close with her sword

Alex in her lab specimen gown.
[+] Spoiler
Name- Übervixen (Couldn't get the Oomlats over the "U") aka Angela Reginhard

Age- Mid '20s or so

Height- 5'11"

Weight-None of your business

Eye color- Blue

Alignment- She is good, works alone generally, but she will help anyone, who is good, in need

Sex- Female

Species- Anthro Red Vixen

Fur Color- Red, with orange trim. She has medium length red hair, in a hairstyle similar to that of Kitty Pryde's

Personality- Ubervixen is a brave and kind-hearted heroine with a strong sense of justice, morality and righteousness. She is stoic, morally upright, a strict teetotaler to maintain her physical fitness and mental acuity. Ubervixen possesses a strong sense of justice, along with profound senses of idealism and moral code of conduct. Her moral code is that she will help the innocent whenever they need it. She does not ignore a cry for help from the innocent. She kind of behaves like "Buzz Lightyear" in "Demo Mode", including the delusional demeanor.

What is your character like?- She has a strong, yet pleasant female voice. She unintentionally comes off a bit preachy, kind of like Adam West's "Batman" character from the old live action TV show. She is still feminine, but emotionally and mentally strong.

Appearance- Ubervixen is tall, lean, slightly muscular, very fit and well built. She is very beautiful, but she definitely conceals her face behind a mask to protect her secret identity. She wears long, tie wrap dresses, over her super heroine outfit. She sometimes wears a head scarf and shatterproof safety sunglasses as well. Her super heroine outfit consists of purple knee high, high heeled boots, white stockings, black, long sleeve leotards with a purple fox paw print on the front of them, purple elbow length gloves, a purple utility belt, a purple cape, usually hidden inside her tie wrap dress (which turns inside out to convert to a purple cape, regardless of the color of that dress) and a black hood and purple eye mask with darkened eye-holes (the cowl and mask are hidden in her headscarf).

(Inspired slightly by "Bluebird's outfit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluebird_%28comics%29 )

Hometown- Corneria City

Bio- Ubervixen, real name Angela Reginhard, was born into a family of wealth and privilege. She grew up spoiled, wild, and reckless. In fact, she caused so much trouble, her parents cut her off, and left her destitute. Devastated, she turned to exotic dancing, and started trying to find rich males to seduce and trick into marrying her without a pre-nup. When that failed, due to her over-aggressive tactics, she fell into a deep depression, and attempted suicide. Ironically, all her attempts at suicide failed, but one day, when she was crossing with the crosswalk light, a city bus ran the red light and struck her. Miraculously, she wasn't killed, or even seriously hurt, but with the help of an "ambulance chasing lawyer", who took her case on contingency, she sued Corneria City and its MTA, and won a large settlement, even after the 50% settlement split with her lawyer, and taxes, she was able to wisely re-invest her money, and get a decent home.

From those days leading to her "success", Angela Reginhard decided to give back to society, after her experiences, and decided to help the innocent, and try to be good. She fight for justice, in her own way. None of that "community service volunteer work", or donating to charities, no, she wanted to give back in her own, unique way. She loved the comic book super heroines, and the vigilantes in her childhood, and always wanted to be one of them for real, and she decided that's how she would help society.

Family- The Reginhard family, a hard-nosed, wealthy socialite family who has disowned her, and she hates them.

Weapons- A barrier shield, a compact laser pistol, a psionic bullwhip, a lock-back folding knife

Vehicles- A modified version of Krystal's ship from Star Fox Adventures, it has advanced firepower, cloaking devices, ZVF capabilities, advanced radar, and superior shielding ability. It's faults are that it is slow (not as slow as "The Malestrom"), its computer and electronic systems can interfere with other ships computer and electronic systems, and vice-versa, plus its radar and alert systems are oversensitive, and give off false readings.

Other- Ubervixen is skilled in hand to hand combat, has some technological skills, she works out, and her secret identity is known only by Lola Foxglove, Madame Vulpine, and Krystal, who have sworn to protect her identity. She fears vigilante arrest from the police, whom she heavily mistrusts, and does not let the press talk to her, or take her pictures whenever she can help it. She is not vain, and doesn't sell-out, or do public or private event appearances. Sometimes she can be accident-prone, or clumsy, in a comically slapstick way (i.e. getting trapped in a broom closet when trying to change into her alter-ego), but she is still capable, adept, and competent, and can regain proper poise, grace, and dignity. She doesn't have any actual super powers.
[+] Spoiler

Name- Sapphire

Age- 22

Height- 5' 7"

Weight- 113 lbs.

Eye color- Crystal blue

Alignment- Chaotic Good

Sex- Female

Species- Anthro Red Fox

Fur Color- Normal red fox coloring, with the glove and socks being black-colored.

Personality- Sapphire is a fiery fox with a daredevil attitude on life. When she grows excited, her eyes emit a strange glow that burns with the passion of adventure. She never turns down a good challenge and she hopes to find a mate one day who shares the same suicidal beliefs she does. She is normally careful not to offend anybody, but she is a little brash on her choice of words. She is also very friendly and outgoing, and quick to make friends. Usually she looses them quickly because of her careless attitude. This usually makes her angry, which is something you would want to avoid.

Appearance- She is of average size, with a muscular build. She is normally seen wearing turtleneck sweaters with loose-fitting jeans. A wraparound bandage is worn on her right arm and she refuses to tell anyone about it. She wears leather gloves on her paws and comfortable shoes.

Hometown- Corneria College Campus, Building E, Room 348

Bio- Sapphire's family was a humble one. However, Sapphire was not so humble, putting her neck on the line every waking moment to see how far she could improve on her favorite stunts. She killed her own father with a heart attack performing her latest stunt yet, and her mother died of natural causes. Her sister died of an early genetic disease. Frustrated that she couldn't get a job as an uneducated daredevil, she sets out to get her college degree, hoping to join the Cornerian Military to satiate her ever-growing desire for danger and excitement.

Boriche: Father, 82, deceased
Monique: Mother, 65, deceased
Alma: Sister, 12, deceased
Blade: Brother, 20, Whereabouts Unknown, presumed deceased

Weapons- She keeps a hidden blade strapped around her ankle under her jeans. She keeps a healthy armament at her former home before moving into her dorm.

Vehicles- Suzuki Hayabusa Motorcycle

Top Speed: 186 mph (with electronic speed limiter); approximately 203 mph (with bypassed speed limiter)

Other- She tends to scratch behind her ears with her own foot sometimes.
[+] Spoiler
In a locked and guarded cell, one of the most dangerous, cunning criminals to walk the halls of Cartenport psychiatric ward sits. The dark lonely figure in the cushioned room seems to be in a straitjacket, sitting still in the center of the room. The figure made no noise as it slowly rose, standing on its feet to approach the door. It heard the hard soled clack of combat boots walking down the metal stairs and the concrete hall to approach the cell. It must be dinner time.
Upon opening the door, two guards restrained the figure, holding its arms despite the restraint doing that job for them. They shoved the figure to the wall, and it made a grunt, obviously female sounding. She struggled, but try as she might, they held her down. The third guard approached her, placing a facemask on her to keep her from biting. When they got her properly restrained, they tied up her feet and placed her on a hand truck, strapping her down once more as they wheeled her out into the back of the van.
The van drove out, headed to the airport to transport their package. They loaded her onto the plane as they prepped for takeoff. All the while, a certain mercenary checked over the file...

Name: Rra-Noradi-Moy (Alias: Nora)

Age: Close to 20 or 25

DOB: Unknown

Race: Dragon

Sex: Female

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 120lbs

Scars and markings: Large claw mark above her left eye, three horizontal strips

Scale color: Red and Blue

Wingspan: 6'10"


As the plane took off, the mercenary left the cargo hold, leaving the girl unattended, yet still restrained, he figured she'd be fine. However, something went wrong, the restraints must not have been on right, the plane could have jostled one loose, causing her tail to be freed. With her now free tail, she removed the styrofoam that covered her spines with a mighty crack against the wall. Using her newly freed spines, she ripped at the linen and strong polymer cloth that restrained her arms. She managed to break the rest of the restraints that bogged her down. She was free, almost. She cut the rope around her legs with her claws and ran at the door separating the cockpit from the cargo hold. With three swings at the door, she broke the window, alarms going off as the mercenary turned.
Sounds of gunfire and big men's girly screams filled the plane over the roar of the engines. Three bodies dropped from the plane, one with wings. The one with wings opened them and slowed her descent to the ground below.
[+] Spoiler
Name: Charizard

Age: 83

Level: 81

Gender: M

Height: 5'07"

Weight: 199.5 lbs

Eye Color: blue

Species: Flame Pokemon

Hair Description:

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Red Scales

Vocal Description: somewhat growling, but soft at the same time.

Body Description: a little chubby due to age, having two wings on his back


Family: Charchy (grandson)

Occupation: Um....Pokemon

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: Memories ~ Within Temptation (click please)

Birthplace: (does not remember)

Current Location/Residence: Traveling

Training/Specialties/Skills: Battling, nursing, writing.

Special Markings: Three scars across his left eye, there is also a "V" on the bottom of his left heal. Has a birthmark on the inside of his left wing close to his body.

Personality: Kind and heartwarming

Other info:
Charizard started out as a young Charmander waiting patiently in a professors lab for a trainer to call his own. One day a young man came, and chose Charmander. Charmander wasunsure of this trainer at first, seeing as they had only just met, but eventually they became friends.

After some time, Charmander evolved into a Charmeleon. His Trainer decided give Charmeleon a few days off and left him in the Daycare. He soon met a female version of his species named Charina and they grew really close. After a few days the female was taken by her trainer, Charmeleon never got to know if they ever had a child.

After Charmeleon evolved into his final form, Charizard. The Trainer and Charizard, (Along with the rest of the team) infiltrated a Team Voltage base. Charizard is still haunted by the things they did while in with the villains. They finally took the team down, leaving Team Voltage name in ruins, and their own engraved in flames.

The two finally finished their journey and chose to settle down. But one day, The Trainer finally met the end of his days with the escalating years. His final wish was for that his grandchildren be given the pokeballs to all his pokemon (Divided evenly) so that the pokemon could roam freely.

Charizard chose a life on the road, as it was the only thing he ever knew. He eventually met a few other pokemon, which started a whole life for him.

He met a pokemon by the name of Umbreon, who had been abused by her former trainer and somehow got away. Charizard took some pitty on her, wishing he could help her understand not all humans were bad. After a bit they were able to become friends and soon met a feisty Mightyena. Problem was his perkiness did not set well with Umbreon's quietness, so he was not liked at first. But after Umbreon tried to attack Mightyena, Charizard took the blast instead to try to keep the peace. It worked Umbreon forgave Mightyena and they soon became friends.

After some time, a human entered their group, his name was Lestat, who turned out to be a son of a Team Rocket Member. Though he swore to take Team Rocket down, Charizard and gang were leery, but over time, Lestst proved to be a good friend and ally.

Charizard soon vanished without a trace, only to return with no memory of what had happened, except that he had been badly hurt. He has a feeling it was an old foe, but cannot be entirely sure.

Charizard and gang decided to take the Rockets head on and attack the base they had in the forest. Charizard was captured and given a strange serum, which was supposed to tap into his full strength, but it backfired slightly. He was thrown into a terrible rage where he began to attack everything in sight. He even attacked his own friends, until Umbreon stood up against him, taking blow after blow until she was finally able to get through to his heart. He finally was able to calm down enough to be able to think properly. He instructed the group to leave the building as he chose to stay behind and decided to finish what he had started and destroy the base.

After some time had passed, Charizard found that the serum he was given was not temporary, as he had began to get angry over the slightest things. He chose to leave shortly after hearing Umbreon and Mightyena had pups together, which made Charizard even more determined to not harm his friends.

After several months of traveling, Charizard found himself in another forest, where he met two very strange pokemon, A Raichu, she was very Jolly, and a Magikarp, who dreamed that one day he could travel on dry land. Charizard awoke several times to find Raichu pushing Magikarp around on a skateboard inside a fishbowl. But peace did not stay for long, as a strange force was starting to arise. Charizard suspicions were true as it had been Team Voltage. Luckily Magikarp Evolved into a Gyarados and was able to help battle the villains.

Charizard felt his task was done and feared his rage would soon catch up to him so he continued on his journey. Out of nowhere a much younger Charizard appeared near a Volcano and challenged him to a battle. Charizard was taken aback by this younger version, as he did not follow the normal color pattern that was normal to his species. But before any real blows could be dealt, a Trainer revealed himself and stopped the young hot head from making a big mistake. Charizard seen this as some slight respect and decided to stick around the Trainer, as he also reminded Charizard of his formal trainer.

After some time Charizard and the younger Charizard got to know each other, so much to the fact that Charizard found out that this young ones mother was named Charina, forcing Charizard check to see if this younger version had the same birthmark he had on the inside of his left wing close to the body, which he did, which lead Charizard to realize that this alter colored kid, was his son. They began to bond.

Again, peace never lasts, as Team Voltage had decided to come back into full swing. Charizard and the young trainer joined forces to finally put an end to the plight by killing the main leader of the team. As the building was collapsing Charizard got separated from the Trainer and his son by a falling wall. The only thing he could hear from the other side was a request to find something near the volcano.

Charizard left the building just as it collapsed. He searched for awhile, until he came across an egg, but unsure if it was what he was supposed to find. After continuing to search, the Egg suddenly hatched, into a baby Charmander. Charizard did the same thing by checking for a birthmark. Finding it, he smiled with joy has he had just met his new baby grandson, which he soon named Charchy.

Now Charizard and Charchy are on a new adventure, to travel together, Charizard teaching Charchy the ways of the world, pokemon and humans. Charchy able to keep Charizard sane and safe from his rage.

Together the two decided to start entering towns together. They met a group of trainers that at first wanted to catch the pair, but Charizard put an end to that, as with being able to write, he became friends with them and trusted them.

Team Rocket once again was up to their no good tricks, as they began to poison the forest and he met a Scyther that wanted to protect his home so Charizard joined forces with him. He entrusted Charchy in the care of one of the trainers, knowing she would not capture him. During the battle Charizard began to slowly lose control of his rage, and nearly burned a great deal of the forest down. Chrachy knew something was up with his grandfather and rushed to find out what. Seeing his grandfather in the rage scared the little pokemon, but he became brave enough to stand in front of his grandfather in hopes of calming him down. Which worked perfectly, Charizard quickly began to chill out. He explained everything to Scyther about his recent past and Scyther forgave him, promising the forest will grow like it once did.

Charizard and Charchy, continue their journey...........

To note, Julius's characters name seemed to change when I copied and pasted it, for the spoiler part that is, so Julius, I apologize for switching it back to the normal U

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