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Hello and welcome to the "rules" thread for my forum-wide RPG game idea. I'll try to explain as much of it here as I can, but I know that there will be at least one part that I won't cover and will confuse some folks. So read this first and then ask your questions. If I make an edit to these rules, I will say so. Without further adieu, let's start!

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To make your character for the game, you specify what the name is, and what the species is. It can be your fursona, or it can be someone else.

Once you have your name, you will get 15 points to spend on your stats. Chose wisely, for they mean the difference between life and death.

You have Strength, Aim, Speed, Defense, Mercantile, and Hit Points. I'll go over those individually later.

Once that part is done, pick out either a melee or ranged weapon for your character to start out with. Just tell me what you want, and I'll try my best to implement them for in-game stats or whatnot. The only thing you CANNOT pick is the sniper rifle. They would be just unfair and wouldn't make the game fun if you're just picking off everyone without giving them a chance to fight back.

Once you have your stat points spent and good to go and your weapon picked out, PM them to me, TheRedFox8, and I'll put them in for you.

Note: Do NOT edit your stats yourself! If you are caught cheating (I will keep logs on everyone), then disciplinary action will be taken.

Note: Everyone starts with 20 HP.
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Your stats are described as follows.

Strength- Determines your melee weapon damage. This is added to your weapon's base power.
Aim- Determines your ranged weapon damage. This is added to your ranged weapon's base power. Called "aim" because you can do more damage by shooting in a more vital area.
Speed- One of the most important stats. This determines how well you can take other people by surprise, the ability to attack twice in a single attack action, or even being able to attack first before the one who attacks you!
Defense- Self explanatory. Reduces damage taken by weapons.
Mercantile- Determines how much of a discount you get at the shop when buying weapons and parts. One point is 1%. Maximum value is 50.
Hit Points- Your most important stat. One point put into this attribute gives you 10 hit points. You gain these naturally as you level up, but you can make it go even higher by putting points into this stat.
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I'll try to explain the actual rules and and the general system here.

To attack someone, send a PM to me who you are attacking, and what weapon you are using. I'll calculate the battle result, and PM both parties what happened.

You have two modes: Peacetime and Aggressive. In Peacetime, you can't attack other people, and you can't be attacked yourself. Aggressive is the opposite. However, if you switch modes, please let me know about it, mm'kay?

You can attack the same person twice a day, and you can attack period five times a day This is to prevent picking on a certain one member. However, if the same person is being ganged up on by multiple people, then I'll try to defer attacks to other people. It's to only be fair.

If you defeat someone and reduce their hitpoints to zero, you can salvage one weapon part and 30% of their total money on hand. Weapons themselves cannot be salvaged. People defeated wake up immediately in peacetime mode for a day and at half hitpoints in their stronghold.

You can choose to return to your stronghold (tell me about it, please!) to gain a number of hitpoints per day. Purchasing upgrades for your stronghold will get you more hit points. More info on that later. Be sure to switch to peacetime mode!

You can choose to take on NPC's rather than just other people.

Stat bonuses granted by your weapon and its parts are shown in parenthesis ().

I'll provide more information as certain things come up and things develop.
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Combat is done as follows.

Guy A gets the jump on Guy B. Both roll initiative, adding their speed to the roll. It's going to be determined by me by an RNG. The one attacking gets a +10 bonus. If the defender STILL wins initiative, his better reflexes makes him get to attack first before being attacked.

So Guy A wins initiative and attacks. If Guy B didn't get to attack first, he gets to counterattack, dealing damage in return. If Guy A's speed is at least 5 higher than Guy B's, he can attack a second time, if he beats Guy B's initiative a second time (no bonuses this time)

Damage is done as follows:

Strength-Defense (melee)
Aim-Defense (ranged)

Once combat is finished, both parties get a PM explaining what happened and what the current hit points lie at.

Experience is done in a somewhat confusing way, so I'll explain it as best I can.

If you are higher level than the one you attacked (say, you are four and he is two) his level is subtracted from yours, and the result gets multiplied by two (so, 4-2=2 times 2 equals 4).

If you are a lower level (you are two and he is four) the two levels get added together, then multiplied by two (4+2 equals 6 times two equals 12)

Defeating the person you attacked multiplies the result by five.
Well, I think that covers the bare minimum for right now. PM me if you have any questions regarding the game or if I forgot something (or post them here) and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Have fun, be safe, no cheating, and let's make this game enjoyable for all![edit_reason]Add stat bonus rules[/edit_reason]