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Decided to post Drake's profile since I am regularly using him.

///Drake Indari\\\

Name: Drake Indari

Age: 14 (Looks like he's 18, a direct result of his creation; see Background)

Race: Cerinian/Dragon-shifter

Sex: Male

Parents: Kyle Indari (father), Mother unknown

Height/Weight: 6' 4", 190 lbs

Eye Color: Sapphire-blue, like his father's

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Blue Fur

Vocal Description: Like that of any 18-year-old

Weapons/Equipment: Twin Lightsabers that seem to change colors depending on his mood (red when angry, blue when calm), Model 30 Kadgeron Disruptor Pistol, HK G39M2 Assault Rifle

Attire/Appearance: Dragonarian MASRA (Multi-Adaptive, Self-Regenerating, Ablative) SOPIS (Special Operations Powered Infiltration and Sabotage) Battle-armor when on-duty, grey jedi robes or otherwise grey clothes when off-duty (see "affiliation")

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: Linkin Park - Lost in the Echo

Birthplace: Unknown genetic lab with the logo "WY".

Current Location/Residence: Dragon'taan

Training/Specialties/Skills: Jedi/Sith training (courtesy of his Father), Force-Sensitive, well-versed in the ways of the Thu'um.

Special Markings: Looks almost a spitting image of his father

Affiliation: Dragon'taan Marauder Corps

Personality: Silent and calculating on the battlefield, funny and outgoing when off the battlefield

Background: As the Weyland-Yutani Corporation had intended, Drake Indari is a living weapon - a practitioner of Jar'Kai, the art of dual lightsaber combat, well-versed in the ways of the Thu'um, and with a temper to match, Drake Indari is capable of easily dispatching his enemies. However, contrary with what Weyland-Yutani had intended, Drake couldn't be used as a weapon.

Drake's story starts with his birth, as all warriors' stories do - using DNA stolen from Kyle Indari and an unknown woman, Drake was created and trained by WY instructors on the various arts of war and battle, in addition to typical schooling. Drake mastered these arts, but was never told of who his father was, nor his mother. The corporation decided that his mother was irrelevant; it was Kyle Indari they were after. WY had created Drake to be the perfect weapon to use against the High General of the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps. Drake had repeatedly, time and time again, shown his mastery of war and his incredible intelligence.

To further enhance his combat capabilities, Drake had been artificially augmented with a variety of augmentations inspired by the Spartan-II Project of Universe 04-Alpha. He was artificially made to look 18 years of age, with muscles and capabilities to match. By the time he reached 14, he was already a seasoned warrior.

However, the day they were going to send Drake after his own father, Drake discovered, entirely by accident, who his father was. In that moment, he realized the extent to which he was being manipulated and controlled, how he was going to be a tool, manipulated into killing his own father. On that day, his father's powers, passed on inadvertently and unknowingly from father to son, were unleashed on the Weyland-Yutani genetic lab on LV-3255. The entire facility was destroyed, no survivors being reported.

Angry and afraid, Drake took his ship - a modified JX70 Advanced Assault Fighter - and vanished. He would resurface in one place or another, only long enough to gather information on who he sought - his father. It was a chance meeting on Corneria that united father and son in the midst of an Imperial attack on the supercomplex there. Drake helped his father and his faction defeat the imperials, and destroy their ships in orbit, after which, father and son reconciled.

After Drake found his father, he and Kyle began searching for who Drake's mother was. It is largely unknown, and already proven that Kyle's old friend, Keesha, was not Drake's mother. To this day, they still search, hoping to complete the family and achieve some peace of mind...

Physique: Slim, but powerful.

Strengths: Strong in the Force, ambidexterous, various augmentations

Weaknesses: Easy to anger from time to time

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(Some new ones for ya.)

///Tuz'iin Do'Vokun\\\

Name: Tuz'iin Do'Vokun (Translation: Blade Master of Shadow)

Age: 28

Race/Species: Cornerian Fox

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 6' 7", 165 lbs

Eye Color: Blue

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Pale brown fur, a result of too much time spent in armor

Vocal Description: Thick Russian Accent

Weapons: Modified M41A Pulse Rifle, DL44 Blaster Pistol Modded to fire Type-3 Kadgeron Disruptor Pulses, twin Diamond-blade Katanas crafted to be immune to the acid blood of Xenomorphs

Equipment/Attire: Camouflage clothes, Personal Auto-Matertializing/Dematerializing MASRA SOPIS Battleplate armor suit

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: Rob Dougan – Chateau

Birthplace: LV-3297

Current Location/Residence: Unknown

Training/Specialties/Skills: Extensive Military training

Special Markings: None

Abilities: None that need be noted (May develop some abilities later)

Affiliation:Dragon’taan Marauder Corps

Occupation: DMC Marauder Operative

Personality: Typically keeps to himself, though he does tend to start conversations from time to time when he has reason to. Sometimes randomly says words or phrases in Russian from time to time.

Background: Tuz'iin Do'Vokun is a character shrouded in mystery. Though he is definitely Cornerian in origin, it is unknown why his name is in Dragonarian, which translates to “Blade Master of Shadows.” Indeed, like his name suggests, Tuz’iin is a master of blades, fighting with twin diamond-blade katanas. Tiz’iin, as a practitioner of Jar’Kai, combined with his military training and his skills as a Marauder Operative of the Marauder Corps, is a deadly character in combat.

The story of Tuz’iin’s life starts with his early life on LV-3297, a world that, at that time, was controlled by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Tuz’iin was a warrior even in childhood, spending much of his time on his own in the holodecks provided by the Merchant fleets of Drragon’taan. His holodeck times were split between combat combat sims, flight sims and other training in various aspects. He hoped that, one day, he would be allowed to become one of the mysterious Marauder Operatives. This interest in that particular career caught the attention of Weyland-Yutani Governor Dash Lydecker, who – for reasons unknown – saw the boy as a threat.

Such as it was, fate interceded before Lydecker could take care of Tuz’iin, and a Xenomorph hive was discovered on LV-3297. Days later, the outbreak began, and the Xenomorphs attacked the colony. After a three-day fight, the Xenomorphs overtook the colony. It took another four days for the Dragon’taan Marauder Corps to send a military fleet to see what happened, and when the troops landed, they only found Tuz’iin, the sole survivor to the Xenomorph outbreak.

Already traumatized by what he had seen happen to his home, family and friends, Tuz’iin stole a runabout craft from the DMC fleet and escaped LV-3297. However, fate again interceded, and a rogue comet knocked Tuz’iin’s craft out of the stars and onto an uncharted world. There, he survived against an already-present Xenomorph hive, and learned much from a local, alien-friendly Yaut’ja tribe. With their help, he crafted the katanas he now carries, and proved his worth to the tribe when he single-handedly killed a Xenomorph queen.

Thus calmed after his ordeal, Tuz’iin decided it time to become that which he wanted to be, and he took a ship from an abandoned outpost – a modified Defender-class Light Corvette – and drifted from one end of the Galaxy to the other, acquiring and modifying an M41A Pulse Rifle and a DL44 Blaster Pistol, and finally getting a Model 4 TDIG Rift Generator to travel to Dragon’taan. On his eighteenth birthday, he arrived on Dragon’taan, and one of the ships among the Marauder Corps fleet recognized him. He was taken into the Marauder Operative academy with open arms.

The next six years of Tuz’iin’s life were drowned in training and simulated operations as a Marauder Operative. He graduated at the top of his classes, receiving an Infiltrator-grade Personal Cloaking Device integrated in a MASRA SOPIS Armor Suit. In the four years afterward, Tuz’iin more than earned the nickname “Shadow Blade” as he completed more than thirty operations successfully. During one of those operations, however, his ship was shot down by an Imperial Dominator-class Star Destroyer over Mu-Gamma IV, a world in the grip of a zombie apocalypse. He and his AI, Ricca, survived the crash, and he met his current companion, Leigh. Together with another Marauder Operative, Zuko, they and a band of survivors fought their way to an abandoned airstrip in the heart of infested territory, liberated a helicopter, and headed to a facility beyond a mountain range, wherein it was discovered that the zombie uprising was, by far, not an accident, but an Imperial event.

For reasons unknown to Tuz'iin, the Galactic Empire of Universe 02-Gamma - a faction under the control of one General Zariin - had taken a keen interest in Mu-Gamma IV. It is still unclear why this was, but whatever it was they were after, they wanted no one knowing they got it. Whatever the case, Tuz'iin, Leigh, Zuko and the survivors fought their way through imperial forces that had overrun the facility, downloaded all the tactical data they could, and took the ship Tuz'iin currently flies - an XG2M2 Star Wing Assault Corvette. The team blasted off of Mu-Gamma IV, boarded the Dominator Star Destroyer that was in orbit, and disabled it, thus allowing them to escape to Dragon'taan.

Beneath the exterior of a warrior, however, lies the scarred mind of a man. Tuz’iin did not emerge from his ordeals unscathed. He seldom slept, and the few times he did manage to sleep, he awakened hours later, having dreamed of the monsters that destroyed his home and murdered his family.

Physique: Slim, but looks bulky in his armor.

Strengths: Extensive military training, survival instincts

Weaknesses: Severely traumatized by his ordeal on LV-3297.

///Leigh Hudson\\\

Name: Leigh Hudson

Age: 28

Race/Species: Cornerian Fox

Sex: Female

Height/Weight: 6' 7", 165 lbs

Eye Color: Green

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Crimson Fur with grey stripes down her back.

Vocal Description: American Accent

Weapons: HK G39M2 Assault/Disruptor Rifle, twin Glock 17 9mm pistols w/ silencers, diamond-blade Katana given to her by Tuz’iin as a gift.

Equipment/Attire: Red Flight Suit when flying the ship, MASRA SOPIS armor when aiding Tuz’iin in his operations.

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: Nickelback – This Means War

Birthplace: Mu-Gamma IV

Current Location/Residence: Resides with Tuz’iin on their XG2M2, the Insurrection Alpha

Training/Specialties/Skills: Military training, Survival instincts, Piloting skills.

Special Markings: Aforementioned grey streaks in her fur. Has a tattoo in her fur of the Marauder Corps Marauder Operatives’ logo on her back.

Abilities: None that can be noted

Affiliation: Dragon’taan Marauder Corps

Occupation: DMC Marauder Operative

Personality: Very sweet woman, tends to laugh and joke more often than her companion, Tuz’iin.

Background: Leigh Hudson is a survivalist, a marauder in a woman’s body. Unlike Tuz’iin, she never dreamed of becoming a Marauder Operative. When she was old enough, she joined the Mu-Gamma IV Military Defense Force, and served well until one fateful day.

On Leigh’s Twenty-second birthday, the ship of a DMC Marauder Operative crash-landed on Mu-Gamma IV. Coincidentally, Leigh happened to be in that area when the ship crashed. She pulled a badly-wounded Sangheili – Zuko ‘Mortumee – out of the wreckage before the ship exploded. Zuko awoke days later in Leigh’s bed with no recollection of how he crashed. The day Leigh met Zuko was the day that set in motion the events that would render Mu-Gamma IV a Class-three Hazard Zone.

Just a week later, the government lost contact with a facility beyond the mountain range outside of the capitol of Mu-Gamma IV. The Military sent a strike team to investigate, but they never reported back. Three days later, a viral outbreak occurred, and the military found themselves fighting against a virus unlike anything ever encountered on Mu-Gamma IV. The virus spread through contact, and as more and more people became infected, the military became ineffective at stemming the tide of the walking dead. They tried to call Dragon’taan for help, but the only FTL comm array capable of contacting Dragon’taan was in the facility. The military sent three strike teams to access the array, but none returned. As the military’s numbers dwindled, the undead horde’s numbers grew until they overran the military base, and the few survivors took up bands of civilian survivors in an effort to wage guerrilla warfare on the undead. Over the next three years, the number of surviving bands fell.

It was then that Zuko remembered what happened, though he didn’t understand the nature of the enemy they faced. He pulled Leigh aside one day, told her that the day he crashed, his ship had been pulled out of light speed by a starship mounting an unknown device that affected ships passing through the system at light speed. Leigh could not identify the device nor the enemy, and it wasn’t until she met Tuz’iin that new light was shed.

Leigh met Tuz’iin when his ship crashed on Mu-Gamma IV in the same event that Zuko’s ship did. Tuz’iin was, strangely enough, unharmed by the crash, and made it to the city on his own, where he happened across Leigh, Zuko, and the band they kept together. When Tuz’iin was told of what happened, both to Mu-Gamma IV and Zuko’s ship, he recognized it as the work of the Imperial Military of Universe 02-Gamma, a ‘verse ruled by the Galactic Empire and their Militant Leader, General Zariin, who had - through means no one understood - eradicated both Jedi and Sith from that 'verse. He surmised after examining the logs of what was left of Zuko’s ship and his own that the ship that pulled them out of light speed was an Imperial Dominator-class Star Destroyer.

Now knowing that this was an Imperial operation, Leigh came to the conclusion that the viral outbreak wasn’t an accident – the Imperials wanted something that was there on Mu-Gamma IV. After a harrowing escape from the city on a helicopter, Tuz’iin, Leigh, Zuko, and what few survivors that had made it to the airstrip containing the helicopter, headed for the facility beyond the mountains. Once there, it was confirmed that the Imperials were searching for something. What that something was didn’t matter – the team ensured the Imperials didn’t live to find it. They stole an Imperial XG2M2 Star Wing Mk 3 Assault Corvette, blasted off-world, and disabled the Dominator, making it easy prey for the Marauder Corps retaliation. When the stolen imperial starship – the Insurrection Alpha – arrived on Dragon’taan, the survivors scattered, and neither Tuz’iin, Leigh nor Zuko heard from them again.

In recognition to her valorous service in the aid of Tuz’iin, Leigh was made a Marauder Operative and assigned to work with Tuz’iin. Over the coming years to present day, she developed a close relationship with Tuz’iin. She is the only woman to openly call him Tuz’iin, where as most others simply call him Shadow. It is said that she is the one and only woman who has seen the memories that plague Tuz’iin’s mind, and that she is the only woman he trusts implicitly. Whether or not either is true is knowledge only they hold.

Though they typically live in their ship, they do have a home on Dragon’taan, where they house Zuko, retired from the Marauder Corps. The aging Sangheili even has a wife and a child on the way, all housed in a large home in the eastern part of the residential district of Dragon’taan’s Capitol. Why they house Zuko and his family in their home is unknown – it is suspected that Zuko played the father figure to Leigh when Mu-Gamma IV fell, and Leigh wanted to honor that bond.

All in all, Leigh is a sweet and kind woman with a strong tie to Tuz’iin – Wherever he goes, she follows, even if he tells her he must go alone.

Physique: Slim and curvy body, extremely flexible.

Strengths: Knows how to survive in the worst possible conditions, very skilled pilot.

Weaknesses: Tends to be a little defensive of Tuz’iin.

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///General K'torr\\\

Name: K'torr


Sex: Male

Height: 6'2"

Species: Cornerian Feline/Cyborg

Home World: Unknown

Physique: Looks Average, but is stronger than he looks

Attire: MASRA SOPIS Mk IX Battleplate Armor

Occupation: Mercanary, Commander of the Draconis Crusader mercenary faction on board the DMCS Iron Regent


RX Hybrid H7M1

Dual Black Diamond-Blade Katanas

Strengths: Cybernetic Enhancements, Ambidextrous, deadly shot with his rifle, master in Dual-blade fighting

Weaknesses: Certain elements of his Cybernetic Enhancements require him to be on constant medication every six hours. Prolonged periods without medication can possibly be fatal, depending on current situation.

Personality: Cunning, Calculating, and Clever in combat (both starship engagements and planetary/personal combat), funny, outgoing, and good-to-know out of combat.

Background: General K'torr is a figure if increasing controversy. He is the commander of the small mercenary faction called the Draconis Crusaders - a faction that has been around since before the rise of the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps - and has been for years. Conjecture arose regarding how old K'torr really is; it is public knowlede that K'torr is the man who founded the Draconis Crusaders, but the age of his faction would seem to suggest that he is quite old - but, despite this, he manages to remain young-looking. How he does it is unknown, but it is speculated that he uses stolen Necromyan technology to stay alive, but it has never been proven. It is also rumored that General K'torr has a soft spot for someone, a woman who he willingly shared his technology with, but no one knows who she is.

General K'ttorr and his ship, the DMCS Iron Regent, served with the DMC during the Marauder War. It was (and is) unknown why the DMC commissioned a ship for him and his followers, but one thing was certain: They, and the ship they got, did their job well. After the war ended, General K'torr and his ship found work with Andross and his forces when they started their war against the Cornerians. After taking a few worlds, however, Andross decided he wanted K'torr's ship, as he viewed it as a ship that was too powerful to risk falling into the hands of the Cornerians. General K'torr and his mercenaries were caught completely off-guard, but quickly fended off the boarding action. When the boarding action was unsuccessful, Andross ordered the Iron Regent destroyed; after a tense battle that lasted days, K'torr's ship was nearly destroyed, but managed to escape.

After nearly losing his ship, K'torr was never the same. He viewed Andross as an over-ambitious, greedy, deceitful and self-serving bastard, and vowed to destroy him. After arriving at Dragon'taan, K'torr spent years repairing, then refitting and refurbishing his ship while re-building his mercenary faction. He then honed their skills and tested the new refits of his ship, and after many years, he felt the Iron Regent had been refitted enough, and decided it time to return to Lylat, join the Cornerians, and take his vengeance against Andross for his transgression.

///DMCS Iron Regent\\\


Predator-class Battlecruiser/Battle Carrier

DMCS Iron Regent

x20 Kadgeron Gauss Plasma Pulse Cannon Turrets (x10 Port/x10 Starboard)
x12 Kadgeron Heavy Disruptor Cannon Turrets (x6 Port/x6 Starboard)
x12 Kadgeron Plasma Torpedo Turrets (x6 Port/x6 Starboard)
x4 Kadgeron Heavy Gauss Cannon Turrets (x2 Port/x2 Starboard)
x2 Kadgeron Antimatter Missile Launchers (Forward-facing)
x4 Kadgeron Anti-Starship Long-Range Missile (ASLRM) Launchers (Forward-Facing)
x4 Kadgeron Mass Driver Turrets (x2 Dorsal-Aft/x2 Ventral-Aft)
x1400 Kadgeron Disruptor Cannons (x700 Port/x700 Starboard)
x12 Kadgeron High-Explosive Short-Range Missile (HESRM) Launchers (x6 Port/x6 Starboard)
x32 Multi-Craft Hangar Bays (x16 Dorsal-Bow/x16 Ventral-Bow)
x1 Marauder Drone Storage/Hangar Bay (Center Ventral)

8,150 Meters


HAILSTORM Point Defense System
DERAILER Missile/Torpedo Guidance System Jammer
PHANTOM Stealth Comm Decoy System
HARLEQUIN Decoy Launcher
TOWER Anti-Cloaking Device Nullifier
Emergency Thrusters
Dragon'taan Cloaking Device


PAVE HOUND Active Electronically Scanned Array RADAR
PAVE SAW Radio Telescope
SAFEGUARD Electromagnetic Array
REARGUARD Electromagnetic Array
SNIPER Optical Telescope
PREDATOR Infra-red Telescope
HUNTER Sensor Network

Overlapping Class-IX Anti-Kadgeron Energy/Class-IX Anti-Kadgeron Particle shields

Modified MASRA Battleplate Armor Plating

Plasma Fusion Drive

Not to be confused with the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps Carrier of the same name, the Predator-class Battlecruiser is a warship designed by the Draconis Crusaders using various design ideas and inspirations, and built by the Crusaders in collaboration with the DMC. The DMCS "Iron Regent" was the first of it's kind, and reflected the ship's Sith origins while representing the pride of the Crusader fleet. Equipped with a cloaking device like any other DMC vessel, it is capable of making devastating surprise attacks on it's own. However, this Predator has a slightly larger hangar capacity than the DMC Predator (thanks to it's design), and despite being smaller than the DMC Predator, it is more heavily armed than it's DMC counterpart. The Predator also houses numerous Orbital Drop Pods for surface engagements. Equipped with the latest advances in Dragon-Shifter sensor, countermeasure, and shield technology, and plated with a Modified version of MASRA Battleplate Armor Plating, the Predator is a fearsome foe. It also comes standard with DMC-issue Engines, allowing it superior maneuverability compared to older Sith designs. Because of all this armament, defense and all other technologies packed onto this ship, it fills many roles, ranging from Assault ship to Battle Carrier. It's primary weakness is the location of the Shield Generators: Like the all Sith designs, the three shield generators generating the shields on the ship are located on the external surfaces of the ship; two atop the Bridge structure, and one behind the Hangar Bay that stores the Marauder Drones. Also of note on the Predator is the fact that it carries a compliment of DMC Marauder Drones - starfighter-sized, AI or remote controlled drones that use a polymorphic generator combined with advanced materialization projection emitters to literally become varying kind of warships, everything ranging from a corvette to a dreadnought. This allows the Predator to deploy a sizeable fleet in seconds at little cost to time and no cost to resources.