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12:53 PM - Apr 30, 2011 #1

If you don't know what a TF is, it refers to a transformation sequence. You know, werewolves and whatnot?

This contest is to see who can come up with the best text sequence (no images). Preferably, you should have little intro story and little to no afterstory after the sequence has taken place. You also need a trigger. What causes him to transform? Potion, injection, full moon... the possibilities are almost endless. Just don't have him transforming out of the blue without a trigger. That is no fun.

Entries will run until May 4th, since time is needed to come up with text items. Good luck and may the best description win.

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3:10 PM - Apr 30, 2011 #2

I awake in my tent ,but I feel odd,I feel lower to the ground. Getting to my... four feet I walk out of the tent I fell asleep in hours ago, is this a dream? Walking to the near by I lake to see my reflection I feel odd but at the same time my hearing has changed, my ears are constantly picking up sounds of the moonlit night and my..tail is wagging behind me stating my mood. As I approach the reflective waters of the lake looking down into it's reflective surface looking into my eyes and jump back away from the lake waters, not believing what i saw I slowly return to look at my reflection again. My once green eyes are now red, I am covered in black fur with yellow glowing markings how could this have happened? I Changed into a Umbreon at the night of a full moon!

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3:31 PM - Apr 30, 2011 #3

"Please, let me go!" A man shouted, bound to a table by chains and leather harnesses. "there was no answer, only the little plicks of a strange liquid as it was fed into his blood stream. "Inject the contagion" A robotic voice said, a new whirring announcing yet another needle into him. The effect was instantaneous, visable changes rippling through his body.

THe smell of Necrotic flesh filled the once sterilized room. HIs skin turned dark brown, his skin bulging and tearing, once healthy flesh dyeing and shrinking into his bones. His Eyes BEcame black and beedy, his face gaunt and pale. he roared in pain, exposing two elongated canines. Black wings ripped throuh the outer layer of his skin, nearly desroying what was left of the skin that was there

With a Shriek he attempted to tare himself out of the restraints.

"Vampire Transformation sucessfull, begining phase two." Another Vial was injected, the effects once again instintanious.
Necrotic flesh grew, muscles rippling and filling the void the previous injection left. Hair, thick and black, grew, covering the distended and abused flesh. his face elongated, his teeth falling out, new ones tearing themselves out of his gums. Muscles broke and reset themselves, stronger than before. He grew, snapping the restraints and tearing the needles and vials out of his chest. The last thing the machine could utter before it was destroyed.

"Werepyre transformation. Sucessfull."

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(Sorry, mine's a bit long, but in any case I hope people enjoy reading it.)

I had traveled all the godforsaken deserts of the Middle East trying to find a place of respite and peace, but to no avail; I was a foreigner in these lands, and none would have me for very long before I was driven out. It seemed as if dogs were treated better than outsiders, better than strange women wandering the desert, as I was. They must have thought me a witch, as is so often thought of strongly independent members of my sex. Why couldn't I have been born a man? Or better yet, a god – a goddess even! I could not help the circumstances of my birth, and felt resentful that it would be held against me. If only I had the power to command respect, but one lone woman cannot stand against the prejudice of the mob.

Eventually, my travels led me to the outskirts of Egypt. Here the land was ruled by animal headed gods, and the people's reverence for them was great. They dared not cross the gods, lest they bring ruin. Even the most harmless looking animals could be the gods in disguise, and so great care was kept to treat them with respect. At least these people feared something, though whether I would receive any greater hospitality here remained to be seen.

During the night I came upon a dusky colored wild cat sitting in the middle of the road staring at me, as if questioning why I was there. I nealt to reach out to the creature, only to have it turn and trot off in the direction of the moon. I found it strange that it had not merely bolted, and as I focused on the horizon I noticed something – though what, I couldn't say. The cat was heading towards it, and something against all better judgment possessed me to follow it. Into view came an oasis, and so I decided to stop there and refresh my supplies of water from it. Upon reaching the water's edge, I noticed several cats sitting next to the palms that lined this place. They all looked at me intently with eyes glowing in the moonlight. I thought nothing of it and started to fill my skins with water.

Upon completing my task, I took a a few sips of water from the pool and looked beside me, the cat from earlier sitting there with the same look as before. I reached again to pet the creature, this time it did not retreat and in fact purred at my touch. When I went to withdraw my hand however the creature snapped and bit me. I held my wounded hand and hissed and stomped at the creature angrily, trying to make it run. It did not. I looked at the hand, several gashes bled crimson blood. I sucked at it and eyed the creature with contempt, though it seemed unmoved by my gaze. After a short time however I started to feel ill, and I broke my gaze to lay down and stare up at the disc of the full moon. There was a period of time where I felt disconnected and barely conscious, half asleep. I couldn't feel my body as the soft glow of the moon radiated down upon me. Then strangely I snapped back, feeling ill no longer.

I went to look at the cats once more, and to my horror all I saw were silhouettes of vaguely human shape and stature, and yet they had pointed ears upon their heads. Trying to yell in shock, only a yowl came forth from my mouth. I leapt up and looked all around me, surrounded by these creatures. I tried to speak again and only this time did I fully comprehend that my voice had changed. I looked down at the pool and saw only a cat staring back at me.

“You have your wish,” they all intoned in a singular telepathic voice.

“I... I do...”

And soon my reign as goddess would begin. I would at last be respected – and feared.[edit_reason]Added a small but necessary detail[/edit_reason]

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Sariko looks at him, and then the needle in his hands. She nods and takes it from him, injecting herself on her outer thigh. She pushes the top of the injector down, pumping the serum into her leg. She only got half of it in her before her strength failed, her body becoming limp. The serum, still half full, clatters to the floor, remaining in tact. Sariko spasms on the floor, unsure of whether the cure was working or if this was finally the end of her.

The human stops with her seizure, remaining on the floor for a few seconds. She sits up, her head becoming clear, newfound strength coming to her. She excitedly looks at Seto, "Brother, it worked, I feel so much stronger now!" She stands up. After taking a few steps she collapses again. "GAH....what's happening to me?" she asks as her eyes grow wide.

Her feet were tingling. She kicks off her shoes and stares in horror as claws extend from her toes, her feet changing, becoming less human and more feline. Golden brown fur starts to grow from them. Within seconds her feet are changed and the fur shoots up her body, her legs becoming golden brown with the fur spreading across them. She was growing out of her clothes, her new feline form somewhat bigger than her previous human form. Her thighs and hips change, becoming more suited to running than before. The base of her spine extends, forming a thin and short bobcat tail. The fur continues to crawl up her body, running across her chest and moving down her arms. They were becoming more powerful as well, her form was still small and lithe however. All that was left was her head, the fur creeps it's way up her neck and her face twists and contorts into a bobcat muzzle. "Brother, what's happening?" she cries out, her voice changing to something more smooth. Her hair changes from black to a sandy brown, the color starting at her scalp and moving down her body. Sariko's ears change positions and become more pointed, a small tuft of fur growing on the tips of them. Finally her eyes start to turn, remaining the same brown color the pupils narrow to slits. She lets out a roar as her transformation finishes, now as nude as the rest of the test subjects.

Her gaze runs up Seto's body and into his eyes, her own feline eyes showing confusion. "What was that?" she asks, pointing to the shot on the floor. The now bobcat girl stands up, a little bit of added muscles that bobcats naturally had, but her body was still somewhat petite. She looks at a nearby mirror, while she wasn't exactly certain how she felt about her new form, she had to admit that she looked adorable.

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6:14 PM - Apr 30, 2011 #6

(This one's based off of an old RP a friend of mine did with me. :3 )

A light-brown haired girl in a jacket and jeans ran down a dark hallway towards the light of a room, unconscious humanoid wolf-beasts left in her wake. A white headband floated behind her as she gathered an orb of energy in her hand. With a loud cry she broke down the door after flinging the orb at the door. She jumped in.

Cecilia stood in a room full of monitors and TV screens. After fighting her way through a whole redneck town of werewolves, she was finally here. The one that stood before her shocked her: a white furred anthropomorphic wolf, with brown hair that fell in front of his eyes and a very youthful look about him. He wasn't a savage like the ones she had been fighting.

"Not what you were expecting, Cecilia?" he asked. He knew her name..? "Your friend Kelly told me all about you. Young, still in what you humans call 'college'... bright and strong. Practitioner of an ancient martial art that draws from the user's fighting spirit." The white wolf boy smiled. "I am Lucien, the avatar of the werewolf god. If you want to save Kelly, I am your final opponent."

"Tch... I can take on a god. Especially for the good of my friend." The girl threw a few punches in the air before dashing at Lucien and punching him right in the snout. He just stepped back after getting hit, returning with a knee to the stomach. Cecilia countered with her own kick.

"You're strong. You'll be the perfect guardian for the new Queen of the werewolves that I have already appointed." He smiled warmly, pointing toward the back of the room. Cecilia could recognize the silhouette, and the slight red tinge of her friend's hair...

Kelly stepped forward. She too was an anthropomorphic white wolf like Lucien, clad in business attire, glasses on her muzzle. "Ce-Cecil... I didn't think you'd make it this far." She said with shock in her eyes.

Cecila narrowed her eyes. "You monster, you've already..."

In an instant, Lucien was right in front of her, sinking his fangs in her arm. Cecilia cried out, then struck the wolf in the solar plexus to let him go. Already, white fur was starting to sprout around the bite wound. "You won't be a savage like my followers are. You will be the Queen's royal guard for eternity."

"C-Cecil!!" Kelly cried out.

Cecilia shook her head. "I'll... I'll..." The pain she was feeling was incredible, but she wasn't going to let her body quit on her. She clenched her fists, growing claws accidentally cutting her palms. That pain allowed her to focus...

She ran at Lucien again just as she felt an incredible pain go up and down her spine as a white-furred extension of her spine tore out from her pants. "Take THIIIIIIIS!!!"

With a mighty punch, she sent the werewolf god into the wall of monitors, shattering them easily. "Yes. Let your anger fill you. Your anger for your friend's fate. You have to protect you, don't you? She treasures you..."

He was cut off as the transforming girl started to punch him rapidly. "Shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!"

Her own voice felt louder to her as her ears pointed out and got bigger, moving up to the top of her head. She relented as she held her head in pain, mouth and nose pushing out into a canine muzzle. Lucien made no move to take advantage of her vulnerability.

Kelly remained where she was. "I-I can't believe it... when I went through this, I was completely helpless. How can she still fight?"

The fighter looked up to the god, the same burning eyes in her now canine face, fur travelling all down her body now. Her tail swished around as she let out a monstrous howl of rage, her bones still readjusting to her new form. Her feet burst out into footpaws, making her lose balance.

She fell onto the ground on her rear. "You.. you bastard..." she said, slowly getting up despite the pain. "I'll... I'll..."

"Cecilia, don't..." Kelly said, running over to her friend, hugging her tightly. "This... this is a gift. For both of us..."

During this distraction, Lucien, satisfied with his work, teleported away. He left the two royal werewolves alone to talk about their new lot in life.

And that's all, folks!

For those curious, after this final fight, Cecilia and Kelly left the werewolf town, got a nice place together and lived happily ever after. :3

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6:33 PM - Apr 30, 2011 #7

That was just epicly awesome Keiko. :D

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(Here's my post, sorry it's so long, please don't let that turn you off, I'm really quite proud of it)

Journal entry 1: I just woke up on the transport. My head hurts, and I just want to check into the hotel and go to sleep. It has been a very long flight to Fortuna, I'll explore the ruin tomorrow.

Journal entry 2: It's a new day, and I am ready to go out to the ruins, I will leave town shortly, and write about my trek later when I get back.
I have returned, and made the most peculiar discovery, it's a type of stone, with several markings on it, obviously an ancient religious relic, I will study it, and return it to it's rightful place upon discovering exactly how old it is, and who may have used it.
Several studies and searches have confirmed this stone to be a "wishing stone," the natives to this planet used them in rituals perhaps 3,000 years ago. They would put it up on a pedestal, and chant certain incantations, conditioning the stone so it could be ready to wish upon. The shaman would then glaze the stone over with a certain polish made from rat's blood and amber, giving it a reddish polished tinge. A remarkable discovery.

Journal entry 3: I have returned from another trek to the ruins, I haven't found anything else however. There was a woman there, she seemed like she had attachments to the ruins, or the people that lived there several hundred generations ago. She asked me what I was doing there with my team, and I replied that we were searching for artifacts, and I assured her that we would return everything we took undamaged back to their original places. She didn't seem to believe me, she called me several tribal names and cursed my name. I never told her my name, it's very unclear how she knew it. We got into an argument not too long after, she had told me that all men were alike and believed in superiority and that the females don't have rights. All this over me taking a stone... I wish I understood women...

As I closed the journal, I noticed something strange, the stone was gone! Gone!? It couldn't be. Did the woman steal it? Impossible, she doesn't know where I am staying, she couldn't have gotten in without me noticing anyway. No... Something else... I went around looking for it, under the bed, around beside the nightstand, inside several drawers, the refrigerator, but alas, no stone was to be found. But there were bigger things I should have been worried about. The roof seemed to be a bit higher than it was before. What was this? And then, a sharp pain, down in my waist, my body seemed to be changing its shape, a new figure, what's happening!? I felt my chest heaving as I fell over onto my bed, lying on my back, I watched as I witnessed my chest developing, pushing out, it was then that I knew what was happening. As unbelievable as it was, I was becoming female! It must have been the wish I made! These thoughts became garbled as I felt another convulsion, I writhed a few times, closing my eyes tightly, my hips were beginning to take shape, I cried out, but my voice was no longer MY voice, it became more feminine, higher pitched. When I opened my eyes again, the pain subsiding for the moment, I felt my face, the stubble from having not shaven in a week or two was gone, my face was smooth, I rolled up the left leg of my pants and felt my leg, smooth as well. I stood up, I didn't believe any of this, although I felt much different, I had to see it to believe it. Upon entering the bathroom, I immediately looked into the mirror, taken aback by my new appearance. I had a more angular face, much smoother, and my hair was longer than it had been. Previously, I had a marine corps buzz cut, nearly bald, but now, my hair was shoulder length, jet black, and very soft. I looked down, I was in my clothes from when I was male, my clothes fit loosely, more so than before, I was not as tall as I was, and my figure wasn't as full anymore. I pulled up my shirt to my midriff, examining my now hourglass figure, this was too much to take in, what was going to happen now? What was I to do? I stopped looking into the mirror, stepping out of the bathroom and going to the main room where my journal lay, right on the desk where I left it. I needed to record this.

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1:49 AM - May 05, 2011 #9

Contest extended to Saturday. After what happened this weekend, I couldn't put my entry in and I don't feel comfortable putting up something with my roommate here.

You have the time to edit your entries if you have some polishing to do.

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[offtopic]Well this is a full story I was planning to make somtime ago, but now that I have the chance to... Why not use it? : b[/offtopic]

Black Cossack liked so much the party Deckér & Interlocke had done before that he decided to do his own, and invite everyone to his home.
This idea gained support quickly for two reasons: First, no-one had ever seen Black Cossack's home (and even wondered if he had suck at all); and second, many were curious at how the misteryous being could make a party.

"How we will even get there? The dude not even told us where he lives!" Complained Deckér to Interlocke.

"Knowing him, he will have-"

A portal opened in front of the two friends. "Come in, my guests!" said Black Cossack's voice.

And so, with a miriad of different expectations, the two entered to the party, and one by one, more guests came to Black Cossack's party, pretty much in the same way as Deckér & Interlocke. The guests were surprised: The walls, the floor, everything had a distinct mystic felt. Nobody could tell why or how; but put simply, everything that remained static had a psychodelic colouring pattern, save for the floor and celining which allways maintained a single color pattern (but still shifted hues every now and then).

As everyone wondered at the colors, Deckér decided to give up on figuring it and instead enjoy the party. Others followed, and when Black Cossack noticed this, he made an announcement:

"Does anyone desire a drink?"

Someone lowly replied "yes", and with a clap of his hands, Black Cossack had a puff of smoke appear: and there was a table with drinks on it. The guests aproached it and noticed each drink was labelled each with a name, and the already confused guests did not bother to examine it very much. All agreed it had a funny, but delicious taste alltogheter.

Suddenly Black Cossack made another announcement: "Dance time! and then a song played. It was perfect for dancing, and Deckér, like hypnotized, started to dance like he had never done before.

During a few moments, Deckér did not notice time pass as he closed his eyes and danced; nor anyone noticed Black Cossack going away with a puff of smoke.

But Deckér started to feel something about his body. Was it the music? Was it what he had drank? It did not matter; in fact it felt good. His body started to become lighter; his silhouette as well as his hands started to become more delicate. His chest for some reason started to become bulkier and heavier. His clothes also changed, shrinking in some parts, pronouncing his new body in others.

All of a sudden, the music stopped. Deckér opened his eyes, only to find a full-black vixen standing in front of him saying: "Deckér?"

"What is it... Interlocke?" Deckér inmediately noticed how his voice was now much more femenine, and how Interlocke was now fully black; and locked down only to comfirm the fact.

"What in the world...?!" To this, Black Cossack appeared again in a puff of smoke.

YOU!!! All the voices in the room echoed the word at Black Cossack.

"Yes, ME!" He candidly replied.

"Let me explain, my guests. You all have complained at some point about some little detail that did not really matter, as had happened in our last party. To teach you a lesson -- and to have a little bit of fun too *quick laughter* I decided to 'fix' your issues so you could not complain about it."

Everyone was confused but each one started to understand why they had turned into what they were. Commander and Zenith had complained about each other being the party; so they were now invisible and they could not complain about it, since they could no longer see each other. Interlocke had complained how her red fur did not helped her stealth; so now she was entirely black, a perfect stealth night color, for examlpe, or Black Soviet had complained about the lack of extremities, and was now a really big centipede.

Deckér in particular had complained that he could not dance, because 'that was for girls' and he did not accept being called the "king of the party". Well, he could not complain about that now because she could not be 'king' of the party anymore!

Before anyone had chance to ask; Black Cossack promised everyone the effect would last only for the rest of the day.

Slowly the party took life again, and even through Deckér would not admit it, that was the best dancing time he ever had... or she.

Morale of the story: Do not complain about things if there is no real reason too.