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Chapter 11

I climbed out of the tunnel, and saw that I was near the back entrance to the bottling plant. There was a loading dock, and at the far end of the beach where I was standing on now there was a landing pad for a ship, and a sewer pipe outlet.

I waited for the patrolling guards to pass as I hid behind the upturned motorboat, and then I ran down the beach, past the boat slips where two motorboats were tied up, and I ran for the landing pad. I entered the sewer under it, and ran through the sewers, and eventually made my way to an underground ladder.

I climbed up it, and made my way into the factory. I was in a locker room, where I found a white robe to change into, and then I made my way into a storage room, and found a Master Key on a hook on the wall, and I found a vial of poison. I headed back through the locker room as a crowd of cult members came pouring in. "There you are, c'mon! The ceremony is going to start!" the anthro cult members said, dragging me towards the main room of the factory.

I saw several Cornerian citizens that I recognized, famous and ordinary civilian. I was amazed at who the cult member were. The red vixen news reporter, several co stars of Lola's, and members of the CDF. I looked up to see a red vixen in a leotard, sweatband, tights and legwarmers shout "Okay everyone! Are you ready!?". The others cheered. She stood in front of a hologram projected screen as the Cuckoo Cola commercial played.

"Come along! You belong! Feel the fizz, of Cuckoo Cola! It's the cola for makin' you proud! Take another sip and you're one of the crowd! Fell the fizz, of Cuckoo Cola!"

As the song went on, everyone was being splashed with buckets, hoses, and water balloons full of the different colors of Cuckoo Cola. Orange, Grape, and Cherry. There were shower stalls set up, even, with the cult members bathing in the Orange, Grape, or Cherry flavors of cola. "What flavor?" someone asked me. "What!?" I asked. "What flavor do you want!?" he asked me. "Grape, please!" I said. He nodded, and I was pushed under a shower head, where grape Cuckoo Cola rained down on me, turning my robes, skin, and hair purple.

As we sang, danced, and partied, the celebration wore down, and as everyone left the room, I was stopped by two cult enforcer guards, who said "She'll see you upstairs, NOW!". I was dragged by an anthro bear and an anthro cougar in red robes up to the factory office suite at the top floor, and I saw the vixen who led the celebration earlier.

The thugs left the room, and the red vixen, Dr. Kitsu, was wiping her pretty face off with a towel before hanging it up. As she did this, I poisoned the glass of mineral water on her desk. She walked up to me and gave me a kiss. "Hello, Duke Schaeffer! I'm so glad to see you! It's an honor to have you as a member of the Cola Cult." said Dr. Kitsu.

"It's an honor to join you guys!" I said. She giggled, and said "We appreciate your generosity, and your devotion! We want to move you as far up into the cult as possible! In fact, we want benefactors like YOU to join our inner circle! Not everyone enjoys this privilege, you know!" she said.

She gestured to a large painting on the wall, showing a grumpy looking anthro cuckoo bird in a business suit, holding a feather quill pen. "Our sacred cola was created by the late 'J.P. Cuckoo', and his Cola is the best in the Lylat System! He didn't use 'high fructose corn syrup' and other toxic crap like they do on your planet, Duke! NO! He made soda the way you humans used to! He believed in quality! He loved cola as much as we do, and he respected it enough not to taint it in the name of 'profit'! Sadly, the cola company went under, and a year after that J.P. Cuckoo lost his life when he was hit by a train. BUT...his legacy lives on, through 'THE COLA CULT'! And because of donors like you!" Dr. Kitsu kissed me. "I'm so sorry our Master of Ceremonies and leader of the cult, Ignatius Chroma, the former business partner of J.P. Cuckoo, couldn't be here to see you today. He is undergoing surgery out there on Hospital Island. But he sends you his best wishes!" Dr. Kitsu said.

"Thanks you." I said.

"Of course! You know, you don't look like your description. I heard that you were 6 foot 5 inches, blonde hair, blue eyes...but you resemble this human I've heard of on Corneria, by the name of 'Julius Quasar', isn't that silly? As if we'd ever let that miscreant into our cult." Dr. Kitsu laughed, and took a drink of her mineral water. Suddenly, she gagged, dropped the glass, and convulsed. White foam drooled from her mouth as she fell to the floor. She crawled to her desk and reached for the panic button there, but couldn't reach it.

"You...sonafa...bitch!" she said to me, realizing what I had done. She dropped dead, gurgling. I smiled and picked her up, ready to head to the closet and hide her remains in there. I heard footsteps coming. Oh no! I headed into the exercise room next door, and hid in a towel closet.

I heard voices in the Doctor's office. "I'M Duke Schaeffer, you fools! I was late getting here because of a riot going on in your village!" a voice said. Uh oh! "Well then who was that we brought up to see the doctor!?" asked one of the cult guards who had brought me up earlier to the office. "There's nobody here!" said the other guard. The guards and Duke searches all of the upstairs rooms, and found nothing. They tried to enter the closet where I was hiding with the dead doctor, but I had used my master key to lock the door.

"You just wait in the private meditation room up here, we'll look around some more, Duke." said one of the guard. "Okay, fine, but let me know when you find her!" said Duke. The footsteps and the voices faded and all was quiet. I took the Doctor's corpse with me out of the towel closet, and headed through the upstairs office suites and to the designated hiding place Todd had described. It was a corner positioned closet, and I unlocked the door, placed the corpse in there, and closed the door. After locking the door, I pocketed the key, and left the place, heading down the stairs. I sneaked out to the beach, and got into one of the motorboats, and headed for the hospital island.

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Chapter 12

I arrived at the Hospital Island, still wearing the cult member robes....I parked near the boat pier, and sneaked onto the ground of the hospital. I entered through an open window, and made my way to the upper floor. I waited for the nurse to leave her workstation for a break, and helped myself to the keys from the desk drawer.

I unlocked the office door behind her workstation, and went into the doctor's private office. I found a package that had been left for me by Todd, seeing as it had the Star Fox logo on it. I opened the black carbon fiber box, and found a key, and a pair of night vision goggles. "Check weapons before entering hospital wards" a note in Todd's handwriting advised. I nodded, and used the key from the box on the other office door behind me.

As I unlocked that door, I entered another small office to find a Doctor's uniform there for me. I changed into it, and left my weapons in the room, keeping only my goggles. I then headed out of the offices, and to the elevator, avoiding the nurses and the guards as I headed to the elevator.

The elevator came up when I called for it, and I rode it to the basement, where the operation wards were, and the outpatient wards were. I headed down there, stopped at a security checkpoint where the hospital security guards searched me for weapons but found nothing.

After the security checkpoint, I entered the outpatient ward, and used the ring of keys from the nurse's desk to unlock the generator room, where I cut the power. I locked the room after exiting it, put on my night vision goggles, then sneaked into the Consultant's room, using the ring of keys to unlock that office, where I took a scalpel from the desk and then sneaked though the basement, entered the surgical ward, and looked for the cult leader. I checked three different rooms before I found him with his bodyguards standing there, looking around in the dark. The rest of the hospital staff was panicking over the power failure, or what they assumed was one.

The cult leader was an old parrot, he lay there asleep on the hospital gurney....I used the scalpel and cut into him, botching his pacemaker surgery. After I finished the deed, I placed the scalpel on the nearby table, and then I sneaked out of there. I unlocked the stairwell door, and sneaked back upstairs in the dark. I went to the doctor's office, and changed back into my clothes, gathered up my weapons, and put the night vision goggles back in their box, before taking it with me. I left the office key from the box, and the stolen ring of keys on the desk, and I sneaked out of the hospital as the lights came back on.

An alarm sounded, and the security gates slammed shut. They found the dead cult member! I fled, and barely escaped being locked in the grounds as the heavy armored gates slammed shut behind me as I ran to the pier. Whew! A gunshot rang out, and I took cover. A human was shooting at me, the same human who I saw on the hijacking video aiming at me!

The human fired until he ran out of ammo, and ran from me, but I drew my weapon and fired on him, killing him. I stood over him and noticed something strange about him. He wasn't a human! He was wearing a mask! I pulled off his human mask, and saw an anthro coyote lying dead there.

After I shook me head, I went for my boat, when Todd puled up in the cargo ship. "I got the ship, and the warheads, Julius! I'm gonna fly this home, you can escort me in your Arwing!" he called out. I nodded and climbed aboard. Todd gave me a ride back to my Arwing, and we flew back to Corneria together, and there was Mr. Phoenix, with Fara at the headquarters for Phoenix Shipping Industries...

They congratulated us, and Silas joined in on the celebration, having emerged from resting in the break room. We were paid our money, quite a sizable amount for all of us, and then we headed our separate ways. I got my utilities turned on,,and got some groceries. Things were looking up!

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Chapter 13

I took several job opportunities that I could around the Lylat System, lots of small stuff. It seemed that once I got hired for a few jobs, the opportunities started flowing out like water from a pipe. I also entered flying races, flying through the holographic coronas marking the race course in the skies and in space. Lola's family was forbidden from hiring me again, as per Don Foxglove's order's. That was a shame, considering Lola's family paid really well, despite the dangerous nature of the work.

I was called for another mission; to infiltrate the penthouse of a notorious arms dealer and smuggler, Cyrus Versrey. This guy was selling old weapons seized from Andross' old military bases and secret bunkers, then selling them to criminals. I was hired by General Hare (Peppy) to go to Vesrey's place on Corneria, and take him down.

I headed to the large building where he lived, over in the city of Pelt. I made my way to the penthouse area of the building, where a large courtyard on the roof of the building was surrounded by the penthouse suite. There was the first level of the penthouse, surrounding the courtyard (which I had to enter via a wide staircase with a side wheelchair ramp) and consisting of staff quarters, a storage room below part of the penthouse (occupying one eighth of the top floor of the building), a vault (occupying one eighth of the second from the top floor of the building), and there was the second floor of the penthouse, consisting of a gym and rec room area, the third floor housed the security monitoring stations, there was a residential floor over that on the fourth floor, the fifth floor was the lower half of the master room of the penthouse, and the sixth floor was the upper half of the master room of the penthouse, where Mr. Vesrey lived.

I made my way into the main building, which was 10 stories high and consisted of offices, stores, restaurants, cafe`s, bars, and other businesses, as well as some condo suites. I disguised myself as the building's security team. Mr. Vesrey himself had his own security team in the penthouse, and sneaking past them wouldn't be easy. I climbed up the stairs, and made my way to the courtyard. The guards were milling about, and I saw a large spaceship parked there, as well as a pool and a hot tub.

I sneaked into one of the rooms on the first floor and changed into a security uniform, consisting of a jumpsuit, boots, and a red beret (the building security consisted of a Sheriff Barney style uniform). I then stole an electronic keycard, and walked over to the stairway that led to the storage room access stairs. I swiped the keycard through the terminal, and the laser barrier deactivated. I walked through the doorway, and headed down to the storage room, where I then walked through it to the other stairway, and walked into the vault, swiping the keycard and opening the steel reinforced door. I stole an IPBM Missile Guidance System, then I left the room with it tucked in my jumpsuit.

I went back up through the storage room , then through the first floor, then up the stairs to the second floor, where I crossed the gym and the rec rooms to another stairway, past a watching guard. I walked though the security area on the third level. As I wen tot he fourth level, something drew me to one of the bedrooms of the fourth level. I found a nice bedroom, that was well decorated, with tapestries, poufs, fancy ornate old furniture like a four poster bed, armoire, and a fainting couch. But I found what looked like a stained glass casket, locked shut and laying back on the floor. I walked over and unsnapped all of the latches.

I found a large leather sack with leather straps and metal buckles holding it closed. I removed the straps, and took off the leather sack, to find a spandex zippered cocoon inside. I unzipped the cocoon, and found a wrapped up gauze mummified female inside of that. I unwrapped the gauze wrappings, to find Misty inside! She was wearing a sequined thong leotard.

She woke up, and yawned as I held her in my arms. "Misty? What are you doing here!?" I asked her. "Julius!?" she said, looking shocked. "Were you kidnapped? Sold into sex slavery?" I asked her. Misty shook her head, and got to her feet. "I...moved in with Cyrus after he saw one of the shows I was performing in with Lola and Madame Vulpine. The tour ended, and I began dating Cyrus, moved in with him, and...you found me...all encased like this in multiple layers as part of a kinky game he likes to play with me." She said, looking shyly away from me.

"We did stuff like that." I said sadly. "I know." Misty replied. "Why are YOU here." she looked at me suspiciously. I quickly and quietly explained to her. "Sorry to cost you a meal ticket." I added. "Don't be. He's just another rich jerk, and I'm bored with him." Misty said.

"I've got to kill Cyrus now. Good luck to you." I said. "How do you plan to even get to him?" asked Misty. I showed her my keycard. "I'll use this to access the master room of the penthouse." I said. Misty shook her head. "That card is useless beyond the fourth level. You need a special keycard. You take me with you after killing Cyrus, and I'll give you the keycard...assuming you also have something to leave with me that will force you to come back for me." Misty said, tapping the bulge in my jumpsuit where the missile guidance system was hidden. I nodded, and handed her the device, and said "Pack your things, and this device with it, and then wait by the stairs for me." I said.

"I'll let you in through a fourth floor window. After you kill Cyrus, climb out the window, and shimmy down to the fourth floor ledge-don't fall-and I'll let you in through the window two levels below his window. Good luck!" she said, handing me the special keycard. "Thanks." I said.

I took the keycard, and went back to the stairs, where I climbed to the fifth level and swiped the special keycard through the terminal, and unlocked the steel doors, then entered the lower level of the penthouse. The guards there looked at me, shocked. "What are you doing here!?" they asked me.

I walked past them, and climbed the stairs to the sixth level, where Cyrus, a snow fox, was staring out the window. He heard me and turned around, one green eye and one blue eye staring at me intently. "What are you doing here!? You're not part of the security staff!" he said. I said nothing, and fired several shots from my laser pistol, which I drew at lightning fast speed. He had his pistol in his hand, having drawn it a split second after I drew mine and fired. He fell to the floor, dead. At the same time I had drawn and fired my gun, I tossed a smoke grenade over my shoulder, releasing a dark, noxious cloud. I heard coughing and gagging behind me, as the guards from the fifth floor choked on the smoke. They had followed me up the stairs, and were about to shoot me in the back before I could kill Cyrus, but they failed. It all happened so fast....

I holstered my gun, and climbed out the window, as per Misty's instructions. I climbed down to the fourth level, and climbed into the window as Misty helped me climb in. "Thanks babe, I got him! Let's get outta here!" I said. "Yeah!" Misty replied. She was back in her regular outfit again.

We ran down the stairs, Misty with her suitcase in hand. We ran past the security as they ran up the stairs. As we exited the penthouse, and entered the courtyard, the building security came up the stairs, guns held high, as the alarms sounded. They fired at me. "Come on!" Misty shouted, pulling me towards the space craft. I helped Misty into it, loaded her suitcase into it, then climbed in and slammed the door behind me, locking it.

Misty activated the controls, and we flew away to safety...

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Chapter 14

We landed back at CDF Headquarters, and Misty gave me the Missile Guidance System, to give to Peppy as per his request. He was glad to have it back. "Great job, Julius! Mr. Phoenix said I could count on you!" he wheezed. "Thank you! I couldn't have done it without Misty's help." I said. I collected the reward, and offered to split it with Misty.

"It's okay, Julius. You need it more than I do." she said. I told her that I was doing better, and that it was only fair that she take some of the money, or half of it. She politely took one third of it, and she, Peppy, and I got caught up on what we were all doing.

After the chit chat, Peppy said "Well, I have to get this device to the vault, and keep it safe. Julius, Misty, great to see you both again. I hope one day the team can come back.". "Same to you, and I agree about the team." I said. "Ditto." said Misty. We bade him goodbye, and then we left. Misty flew back to my mansion, and then as we parked in the driveway, she said "I'll keep this spaceship for a while, then sell it." she told me as we stood together in the driveway. I hugged and kissed her, but she pushed me gently away. "What!?" I asked in shock. "Sorry Julius, but we're not back together." she said.

"Why not!?" I asked.

"It's just over. It was fun, what we did together back there, but I'm sorry to say, we aren't back together. We might get back together one day, or maybe we'll each find someone else and be happy. But for now, we can't go back. But I hope the future is kind to you." Misty said. She hugged me, got back into the ship, and flew away.

"Well that sucks!" I said, walking back into my home.


After a very long bender on Zoness, drinking my money away and getting trashed on a long vacation, I passed out at the bar of one of the casino lounges. Someone sat on the stool to my right. "You look like you've seen better days, Julius!" said a familiar deep voice. I looked up, and turned to my right. "P-panther!?" I said. "None other!" said Panther Carosoe. He wore a red formal shirt, black suit pants, black blazer, and black loafers.

Leon sat down on my left, clutching a large margarita glass with a long straw protruding from it. He put his right hand on my shoulder, and sipped from the glass in his right hand. After hiccuping, he said "Hey-a Julsie!" as he spun drunkenly on the stool. He wore jean shorts and a brightly colored floral shirt.

Wolf walked in, wearing blue slacks, a white short sleeve button up shirt, and sandals. "There you are! We've been looking for you, Julius!" he said to me. "What do you three want?" I asked. "It's about what YOU want, Julius! How would you like a steady cash flow, and plenty of opportunities for fun, adventure, and the chance to make some new contacts!?" asked Wolf.

"I'm listening." I said. "We've seen you in action. We think you have potential, and we are restarting Star Wolf....but we could use a new pilot and mercenary! Interested?" Wolf said to me.

I thought about it...about joining Star Wolf, about how Team Star Fox was over, how I felt that they often treated me more like a servant than a team member, about how I was always getting hung out to dry (aka fired), the way that they had acted towards me in the last days, Misty not wanting to get back together with me...I could only take so much, especially since I thought that I might not get any more opportunities to make any money for a long time. I had to think about the future.

"I'll do it!" I said. The guys cheered. "Welcome to Star Wolf, Julius!" said Wolf. "Great to have you!" said Panther. "Nice to have some new blood, worthy of Star Wolf!" said Leon.

The next few weeks went by in a blur. I learned how to fly a Wolfen, got assigned Pigma's old Wolfen, and I even got a tattoo of Star Wolf's logo on my arm. We all worked together, doing secret and dangerous new missions all over the Lylat System and in other places, like Papetoon, and Kew.

Without Team Star Fox, I felt that my only other alternative to return to my old life was with Team Star Wolf. What a fool I was.

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Chapter 15

"....an explosion occurred at the armory section of the CDF Military Outpost in the City of Lostendamned Harbor! The suspects got away with multiple crated of weapons, explosives, and ammunition. The security footage was unable to record the identities of the suspects, but witnesses believe this to be the work of the infamous space pirates known as STAR WOLF. They are rumored to have taken on a fourth pilot, from planet Earth though this has yet to be confirmed...stay tuned for further details!" said the red news reporter vixen.

Wolf, Leon, Panther, and I cheered as we raised our mugs of beer in triumph. We were in the Dented Keg pub, a watering hole for criminals and scum alike. The whole place reeked of piss and stale alcohol. The beat up old tv monitor, outdated by Lylatian Standards, but still ahead of the curve by Earth standards showed the reporter, the damage done at the scene of the crime, and messed up security footage (that was courtesy of Leon and his laptop he used to hack into the surveillance server).

"We got a cargo ship to raid next. Some good stuff coming from Cerinia!" said Wolf. "They got everything from weapons, to technology, and valuable goods like precious stones and metals." said Leon. "Not to mention some of the finest fashion designs Cerinia has to offer in the line of exports!" purred Panther.

"They also got fine wines, cheeses, chocolates..." I said, fighting the urge to drool. "Oh yeah, I forgot about that!" said Panther. "Well what're we waitin' for!? Let's go!" I said, imitating Pigma's voice. "Don't imitate Pigma, Julius!" warned Wolf...

An hour or so later, we waited for the Cerinian cargo ship to pass our hiding spot near Sector Z. "There they are!" I said, seeing the cargo ship. We flew towards the ships, weapons blazing. It took a bit of getting used to with the Wolfen. It as definitely a pretty awesome fighter ship. Being built around the engine and around the gun, it allowed for better weapons accuracy, and more speed and maneuverability.

The dual twin lasers, superb g-diffusers, and handling made dog fighting exceptionally fun. My main problem was with the weaker shield than the Arwing, and the higher maintenance required for the Wolfen, not to mention the more expensive and more complicated engines and other workings of the Wolfens. Plus the Arwing had better pickup and more flexible maneuverability than the Wolfen. Oh well.

As we advanced on the Cargo ship, it suddenly stopped, and the front opened up. Fighter ships began pouring out of it.

"An ambush! Scramble and take 'em down, draw them into the wreckage and debris fields! Let's show 'em what Star Wolf is made of!" said Wolf. We did just that, splitting up and drawing the Cerinian Royal Guard forces into the debris fields, the mess of Sector Z providing excellent cover, yet a hazardous combat environment.

As we traded laser fire with the royal guard forces, We managed to take out a few guard ships, they fled back to the cargo ship. "This was a sting operation! They knew someone would try to raid the ship!" I said. "Well duuuh!" said Panther, taking out a royal guard fighter that was on my tail. "Wish we'd known it sooner!" grumbled Leon as he took out two royal guard fighters with a bomb.

"This isn't gonna be that easy!" said Wolf. "Whadd'ya mean!?" asked Leon. "Because Star Vixen set this up!" Wolf replied.

"Right you are, WOLF!" said Tigress over the comm channel, firing a bomb at Wolf. He pulled away as Tigress had said what she did, narrowly missing being blasted. "Playtime is over, STAR WOLF!" said Kylie. "You guys are space dust!" said Akasha, her Lightning Paw seeming to come out of nowhere. "We'll teach you to take on a Cerinian ship!" said Krystal. "Let's do this!" said Leon. "It'll be a pleasure!" said Panther.

"Akasha, Kylie, Tigress, and Krystal! Long time, no see!" I said, imitating Pigma's voice. "Julius!? What have I told you about that!?" said Wolf, angrily. "JULIUS!? You joined STAR WOLF!? You dick!" said Akaska. "You'll pay for that!" said Kylie. "Don't think we'll go easy on you, given our history!" said Krystal. "We'll kick your butt even harder for this!" said Tigress. "Bring it on!" I said.

The battle was about to begin...

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Chapter 16

The battle began with me alternating between attacking Krystal and Kylie, attempting to whittle down their shield energies. In the meantime, I tried and failed repeatedly to shoot Akasha, and avoided Tigress as best I could, as she was constantly on my tail, depleting my shield energy.

"C'mon little man! Shoot me!" I said in Pigma's voice. Leon and Panther laughed, as Wolf said "Damn it, Julius, shut up!". Akasha, Tigress, Krystal, and Kylie laughed at this. "I'll do you fast, Krystal old pal!" I said in my Pigma voice again. "I'm gonna shoot you down myself if you don't stop with the Pigma impressions!" Wolf warned.

Akasha fired a bomb near me, and I lost one third of my energy shield. I tried to pursue her, but she was too fast, and Tigress was right behind me. A trap! Akasha meant to distract me so Tigress could line me up in her sights! I flew into the wreckage and debris clusters to lose Tigress. "Stick to the closet, kitty!" I taunted Akasha as I fired at her. Akasha did a loop and escaped my attack, and I did a barrel roll to deflect Kylie's shots.

Finally, Krystal ambushed me out of nowhere and reduced my shield to half capacity. "Quit screwing around, Julius!" Wolf said. "Oh yeah, and a fine job you're doing, Wolfy! How many of them did YOU shoot down!?" I said in Pigma's voice. I traded shots with Akasha, barely scraping the wing of her ship. Tigress ambushed me and unloaded repeatedly into my canopy, and now I was down to one eighth of shield energy.

Kylie and Krystal came at me, and as I fired on Kylie, depleting some of his shield energy, Kylie hit me with a bomb. "This can't be happening!" I said in my Pigma voice as my ship disengaged.

"There's Julius down!" said Akasha, as she shot down Leon. "Me!? ME!?" said Leon. Krystal took down Panther. "Well, at least I lost to you my dear!" he said to her. "You idiots! Do I have to do everything myself!?" Wolf reprimanded us. Tigress shot Wolf down as he scolded us. "You lose, Star Wolf!" she said proudly.

As we, team Star Wolf sat there, Kylie said "Next time, leave our cargo ships alone, go it!?". "This isn't over! Star Wolf, pull out!" said Wolf. We flew away, heading for Corneria. We were empty handed. Upon our arrival at our hideout at an old abandoned warehouse, Wolf had us gather for a meeting. "We lost on this one, and we all can agree as to why! Julius, this was clearly your fault, and you're suspended from the team!" he said.

"Are you serious!?" I said. "That's bullcrap!" said Panther. "What the hell!?" asked Leon. "Shut up, all of you. None of you took this raid seriously, and Julius, your Pigma impressions are distracting and annoying. I can't put up with them anymore, and you're becoming a liability to Star Wolf."

"It wasn't just Julius' fault, we all share the blame!" said Leon. "Yeah, ever since Julius joined, you always blame him when something goes wrong!" said Panther, jumping to my defense. "Not to mention you never credit me when I succeed!" I said. "You're entitled to your opinions, but my orders still stand. Get out, Julius!" said Wolf. "But Wolf.....!" I said. "Your 'butt' is what I'm gonna kick if you don't shape up, Julius! And that goes for the rest of you as well! Let this be a lesson to you!" Wolf warned Leon and Panther. I left, and it wasn't until later I realized that I had gotten off on the wrong bus, and was in the suburbs of Northern Corneria City.

This area looked familiar...

"HALT, evildoer!" came a female voice. Uh oh...

Übervixen jumped out from behind a tall hedge and tackled me to the ground, as we rolled on the grass of the nearby pocket park. She sat on my back as I lay face down on the grass, and she slammed my face repeatedly into the grass. "Eat grass, evildoer! THIS will teach you to join Team Star Wolf! Not to mention, raid cargo ships!"

"Ow-ow-ow-ow-oooowww! STOP! I'm suspended...from...the...team!" I said. Übervixen paused for a moment, and I explained to her all that was going on in my life. "So...you're no longer on Star Wolf?" she asked. "As of this afternoon, I'm suspended!" I wheezed. "Well, okay then, I think you've learned your lesson for now, but you must promise to quit Star Wolf. PROMISE!!!" Übervixen ordered.

"Okay, okay!" I said. She helped me up. "I'm sorry I got so carried away, Julius! Allow me to make it up to you...." Übervixen said, but I broke into a run and shouted "Get away from me you menace!". Übervixen used her psionic bullwhip to trip me up, and as I fell to the ground, she used stun shackles on my arms, torso, and legs. She then put a ball gag in my mouth, and slung me over her shoulders, saying "I'm not giving you the option of 'No', Julius!" she said, carrying me off to her house, as I replied with "Mmmph! MMMmmmpphhh! Mm-Mmmph-MMMpphh!".

She released me as soon as we got to her house. Then she smiled at me and took off her mask. "You're very beautiful. Like Misty, but in a different way." I said. "Am I as good in bed as she is!?" asked Übervixen. "I dunno..." I said. "Answer that again in an hour!" said Übervixen as she got undressed right in front of me. I removed my own clothes, and we got under the covers of her bed together...

After an hour, I was passed out asleep. I woke up to Übervixen, aka Angela Reginhard, as she was getting out of the bathroom, and wearing a bathrobe. "I saved some hot water for you if you wanna shower, Julius." she said. Thanks." I replied. After I showered off, I took a towel from Übervixen's servant droid, A.L.F.R.E.D. "Thank you." I said, wrapping myself in the towel. "You're welcome master Julius. Now, if you'll wait just forty five minutes, I shall have your clothes cleaned and dried for you to wear again. I dare say they were a real fright when you came in." he said. "I live an interesting life." I replied with weak laughter. "Very good, sir!" said A.L.F.R.E.D.

I watched TV as Übervixen got dressed, and then later A.L.F.R.E.D. brought out my clothes, all cleaned. I thanked him and got dressed. When I was done, Übervixen offered me a ride home, but I said "No thanks, I'll walk." and kissed her. As she walked me to the door, I said "If you're not doing anything later..." but Übervixen placed her hand over my mouth and said "Sorry Julius, this was just a one time thing.

I normally don't do that, but I've had some pent up energy that needed a release, and since you and Misty aren't together, and I've never had a human before, well..." she stopped there. "So you're just gonna use me and then throw me away!?" I asked. "Pretty much, but I'll call you if I'm in the mood again as long as you're single, and I know you won't be able to say 'no'." she said to me.

"How do you know?" I asked. "Because you're a male." she smiled, before slamming her front door in my face. I rolled my eyes, and walked down the street, and made my way back to my neighborhood, to my home. It was a lovely spring afternoon. Hard to believe it had been that long since this whole beginning of events...

As I arrived home, I found a message on my answering machine. "Julius!? It's Wolf! Your suspension form the team is itself, 'suspended', we need you back! Report for duty as soon as you get this message!".

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Chapter 17

I got ready to go...I was really behind on my payments...I still owed money for debts on my credit cards, there were medical bills, insurance bills....I had no choice but to go back to Star Wolf.

I headed back to the hideout and Wolf tossed me a bag filled with supplies. "We're going to Venom! There's still some old lab files by Dr. Andross there, and there are folks with lots of money who will pay top dollar for them, especially on Julius' planet, Earth!" Wolf declared to us.

"So why am I here again?" I asked Wolf. "I've cancelled your suspension. Temporarily. You'll make a lot of money on this, as will we all, and you need the money, Julsie." he replied. "Thanks." I said. As we got into our Wolfens, Panther stopped me and whispered "I got a bad feeling about this, Julius. I think Wolf has some sinister ulterior motive in mind for you." he warned. "I think so too." I replied.

"Just watch your back." he said.

We flew out towards Venom. When we arrived, we flew towards the burned remains of the entrance of Andross' Palace. "We're going in!" said Wolf. As we flew into the dark, complex corridors of the palace, we headed towards the area that housed the laboratories, in this vast honeycomb of a headquarters.

"I remember it being around here. Look sharp everyone! Word has it that other mercs and gangs want this stuff too. Plus the CDF is offering rewards for turning in these valuables caches of information to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. But we'll sell to the highest bidders." said Wolf.

"We just gotta beat the others to the breakfast table." said Leon.

"I can just imagine how great it will be to write our ticket with anyone over these!" said Panther.

"I hope this will be a milk run, but that might be asking for too much." I said.

"We have to strike now, and fast! Others are on their way, and we can't fail!" said Wolf.

We finally found the lab, and we landed. We put on our oxygen tanks and masks, and got out to find and gather the information, be they files on paper and in folders, or computer drives, both portable and hard...blueprints...we worked to gather up what we could. Wolf loaded the stuff into the Wolfens. For some reason he didn't load mine.

"There's not enough to fill all four of the Wolfens." he told me. My ass.

"That's all we can find, we better get outta here!" said Leon. "That should do quite nicely." said Panther. I joined the others, and we flew out of there. My Wolfen wasn't responding very well. Wolf didn't do such a great job repairing this thing.

"Keep up, Julius!" said Leon. "I'm trying, my controls aren't working very well." I complained. I swore I heard Wolf chuckling. "What's so funny?" I asked Wolf. "I'm not laughing. Just coughing. This Venomian air is lousy." he replied.

"We're gonna be rich once we secure these files." I said.

"Can't let you do that, STAR WOLF!" said Fox.

Star Fox appeared, with Star Vixen. Everyone from the old team was back, and flying toward us. "Gives us the files!" said Falco. "You're the wrong hands we don't want them to fall into you creeps!" said Slippy. "This will not stand!" said Krystal.

"You can't stop us! Star Wolf, pull out!" said Wolf.

The three Wolfens pulled away, but my Wolfen didn't respond to hyper drive. "Hey! I'm stuck!" I said. Wolf appeared on the monitor. "I've hijacked the controls to your Wolfen, Julius. Also, your Wolfen is packed with explosives. I'm turning your Wolfen into a guided missile. You're going to crash into the Galatae and explode, taking down Star Fox's flagship and provided us the ultimate escape. You have to to take one for the team, ONE LAST TIME! Cheerio!" Wolf smirked.

I tried to eject, but that feature didn't respond. I stared in horror as my Wolfen turned and flew upwards towards the Galatae up above.

"Shoot Julius down! We can't let him reach the Galatae!" said Tigress. "Isn't that a little harsh?" asked Fara, sticking up for me. "We have no choice. Sorry Julius." Todd said sadly. The others joined in and shot my Wolfen. "It's nothing personal Julius!" said Falco. "I understand." I said. My ship exploded, and tumbled to the surface....

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Chapter 18

I lay in the wreckage of my Wolfen. I looked out, and saw a red fox in sunglasses walk up to me. "Take my hand Julius." said James McCloud. I reached for his hand. "I can't reach!" I said. "Don't ever give up, Julius!" James told me. "You can overcome all of this, Julius. I believe in you." he said.

"I can't..." I said. "No such word." said James. "I've screwed up my life so badly." I said. "But it's not over. You don't want to fall any further. Time to climb up and out." said James. I finally reached out, and took his hand. He pulled, and I slid out of the cockpit remains. I fell to the ground, and watched as my Wolfen burned.

James smiled at me and said "I knew you could do it. Just like you can fix your life. Won't happen all at once, but time heals all wounds." he said, before fading away. I crawled away from my burning Wolfen, but stopped after dragging myself ten feet, the best that I could do. Small explosions went off in my wrecked fighter.

I then saw a wolf head for me. "Woooolllfff?" I said weakly. The wolf stood over me and said "Julius?" as he leaned close to my face. "Edge?" I said. "Yeah it's me. How did you get out of that!?" he asked, pointing to my wrecked and burning Wolfen. "James helped me." I said. "I dunno about that, but it's time to go." Edge scooped me up and shouted "I got him!" as I blacked out...

I woke up in the recovery room of the Galatae. Glad this ship was in tact. It probably would have withstood the attack anyway, but I was furious with Wolf. He used me as a sacrificial lamb, to stop Star Fox. Tigress checked up on me, and explained to me what had happened.

The caught Panther and recovered some files, but he wasn't talking, Wolf and Leon split up and got away. I was to stay in the recovery room, until we got back to Corneria. I would be transferred to a hospital, and possibly face criminal charges and a CDF Military Tribunal.

"I'm sorry it came to this, Julius." Tigress said, patting me.

I had a broken arm, a broken leg, several major lacerations, some compound fractures of the ankle. I had also lost a lot of blood. As I lay there in pain, Fay came in and gave me some painkillers. "Uuuugggghhhh!" I said.

"Relax, Julius, you'll be fine." she said.

"I wanna see him!" said Misty from outside the door. "No Misty, only Fox, Fay, or I see him!" Tigress said, presumably blocking the doors. "I don't care, I wanna tell him..." Misty's voice trailed off. "You can talk to him when we land! For now he needs his rest!" said Tigress. The two of them argued for several minutes, and Fay rolled her eyes and left the room.

I heard Tigress roar "DAMN IT, MISTY!" as Misty ran into the room. "She pushed right past me!" Fay said from outside the room. "I know, I'll get her!" said Tigress. Misty ran up to my bed, hugging and kissing me. "I'm so sorry Julius! I'm so sorry for everything! Please, please be all right! Please don't hate me!" she said, sobbing, tears streaming down her eyes. "I..." I tried to moan, but I passed out from the painkillers as I saw Tigress drag Misty out of the room, as she kicked and screamed.

I awoke, and waited for us to land as we entered Cornerian airspace. Panther was transferred off to prison, the files were submitted as evidence, and I was transferred to a hospital where I was treated for my injuries. The next few days went by in a blur. I was taken, in a wheelchair, into the CDF headquarters. My teammates spoke in my defense, and General Pepper presided over the whole thing. "I should have known it would be you in trouble again, Julius." he wheezed.

After all of the arguments, the plea bargains, the offer to use my freedom in exchange for files taken from Panther, I was released on a pardon. I was still on the hook financially, and I had to have my stuff taken from my Mansion. Todd, Edge, Falco, and Tigress moved my stuff into Todd's loft, as I watched the cops, and my creditors lock the gates to my mansion, and place "No trespassing" signs on the walls and on the gates. I sat in my wheelchair, looking sadly at the end of another chapter of my life.

My mansion looked forlorn, now that my creditors had seized it. My car, my Arwing, seized to pay some of my debts. I still owed a lot of money. About $140,000 credits. I was going to live at Todd's loft in the city. I would have to eventually file for bankruptcy. I was really depressed.

Misty spent the days comforting me. She did come back to me, and we were boyfriend and girlfriend again. Fox and the others said that would help me if they had the money, but they were all having many financial problems of their own. Todd and Lola barely made ends meet. Madame Vulpine was struggling to save her theater cafe. Conrad was helping her as best he could by working dangerous missions for the Corneria Intelligence Agency...

Misty couldn't find work anywhere and was living where she could, with whoever would take her in, usually a rich sugar daddy. But she had had enough of that life. Babs and Edge were living on and working at Fichina...Babs worked as a security consultant and private detective for the labor camps, Edge worked at those same labor camps, doing the grunt work.

Akasha, Tigress, Krystal, and Kylie were dealing with economic problems on Cerinia, and they were doing their best to prevent the collapse of their economy. Pal wasn't able to find work, and he told me how he used to have financial problems like mine. Silas was also losing out in the arms dealing, as there were tons of illegal smuggling out to Earth from the Lylat system, and the competition was too much for Silas.

Fara was out of a job again, Fay was working the free clinic and constantly overwhelmed, but it got so bad that the clinic closed due to budget cuts. Miyu lost her job, as did Tigress when the dealership closed. Katt was out of work...Fox and Falco were losing too many races, and Slippy was losing jobs as the factories closed. Even Krystal and her psychic readings business failed, due to lack of customers.

So it was agreed, we would form Team Star Fox again and stick together, while still trying to find work on the sides. But no more drifting apart, especially after what happened to me. Übervixen even paid us a visit, and wished e well. She said that her finances took a hit as well. Corneria and the Lylat System's economy was sinking, infected by Earth's rotten global economy. The team swore to each other out as best they could.

"You really been through a lot, Julius, sorry that you lost your home." said Todd. I nodded, as I looked out the window to the rows of lights from the passing vehicles in the streets, the highways, and the air traffic vectors chartered by the hovering markers.

"Need anything?" Todd asked me. "I'm fine, thanks." I said. Misty snoozed on my bed peacefully, as I sat in my wheelchair, to which I would be confined for several weeks, if not months. Todd left, and I wondered what lay in store for me next. I'd be missing several field operations with Star Fox, due to my injuries. But after my physical and financial recoveries, maybe then could my life get better after that.

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Chapter 19

After a long and painful recuperation, it was late spring. Summer would be on us soon, so I wanted to be ready for action. I got a visit from Lola one morning. "Hi Julius!" she said, strutting up to me and giving me a kiss. "You recovering okay?" she asked me. "I'm good to go, barely." I said. "Great! Listen...my brothers bought your car and your Arwing from the repo company, BUT...they need a favor from you." she said.

"What might that be?" I asked.

"They need you to infiltrate Don Marco Anathema's compound. He has a friend of our family held hostage in the basement. His name is Michael Mayes. Here's a bio on him." Lola explained, as she punched up a file on my computer.

Name: Michael Myes
Nickname: Mike
Age: 29
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 179 lbs
Eye Color: Crystal blue
Alignment: True Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: Arctic Fox
Fur color: White with blue markings, specifically around the ears and muzzle.

Personality: Michael's doesn't usually have a sense of humor, but when it shows, it shows. He maintains a grim demeanor and does not like to talk to people unless it's absolutely vital.

Home: Michael lives in his personal ship he acquired in a poker game. He takes it from contract to contract.

Family: Mother and Father killed as a child. Sister was mentioned to him, but never seen.

Weapons: He keeps two longswords strapped to his back as well as an Ultralight holstered on his belt.

Powers: He doesn't have any special powers.

History: Michael grew up with a difficult childhood, his parents have been killed when he was five years old right in front of him one night when a grizzled rat thief broke into their home. His parents were brutally slashed to death as they tried to stop the attacker. The thief fled into the night before Michael could do anything. Since he has grown up, he trained to become a bounty hunter, in hopes of one day finding that rat and enacting his revenge. There he met his best friend, Fox McCloud, who had taken some time to personally train him in the finer arts of hand-to-hand combat. They parted ways when they graduated the academy, in hopes of crossing paths again soon.

"He's being kept as a hostage in the basement of The Don, who has the only key to that basement holding room. He's a capo of an old, powerful, and dangerous mafia family. We don't want to get any f the Foxglove family hands dirty, nor do we want to risk any of our family on something like this. But fortunately, we have you, and an incentive to send you into this fracas.

You have to kill the Don, steal the key to the prisoner's room in the basement, and escape with the prisoner, both of you need to get out alive. Security there isn't exactly what you'd call 'lax', but the Don runs a tight ship, and if he's alarmed he might kill the hostage and attempt an escape. He has a high performance sports car in his garage, but his brother has the keys to it, so be careful if you choose to use the car as your means of escape. You may have to kill the Don's brother as well."

Lola showed me a map of the Don's compound, all floors, all areas inside and outside, pictures of the family, their staff, the car, and surveillance footage of the place from satellite view. The Don was a large tuxedo cat...with a mean, psychotic face. He was practicing golf swings with a titanium nine iron, on the balcony outside of his bedroom.

"People visit the mansion to pay their respects, bribes, or ransoms. We don't pay for ransoms, we collect on them! The Anathema Family is gonna answer for kidnapping our friend. Get him back for us!" Lola said. "You got it!" I said. Lola took me in Todd's Malestrom to a pizza restaurant that belonged to her family, a front.

I headed to the back, and Lola gave me a pizza delivery boy uniform to change into. She giggled at my uniform. "You look like a dork!" she laughed. "Oh, 'ha-ha', it's your family's restaurant that uses this uniform!" I replied to her as I handed her my old clothes. "It's a franchise, the corporates designed it." Lola replied. Danny pulled up in the limo. "Hey, you get Julius yet!?" he asked his sister Lola. He looked at me and laughed. "Okay Julius, get the pizza from the counter in the kitchen, it's already paid for, and heading for the Anathema Family's compound. Don't take weapons in from the outside, they will search you. But you can find a gun in the back study of that place, just don't get caught beyond the front foyer. Hope you memorized the map of the place!" he warned. I nodded.

"Joey! Drop Julius off with the pizza!" Danny said into the limo. "Lola, you go home, and thank you for getting Julius!" he said. Lola nodded, and said to me "Break a leg hon', I'll drop off your clothes with Misty, she's at our house now, and she'll give you them when you're done." she said. "Thanks!" I said.

I went into the pizza place, and got the pizza, then I headed back out to the alley, where Lola and Danny were gone, as were the limo and the Malestrom. But Joey was there, with a pizza delivery truck. He laughed at me when he saw my uniform. "I'd beat you up for wearing that, but you gotta do a job for us!" he chuckled moronically. "That makes two of us!" I said, looking at my ugly pizza delivery boy uniform.

I got into the truck, and Joey took me to the Anathema Family Compound, a lovely seaside Mediterranean Villa. Joey dropped me off and sped away, and I headed to the front gates.

"Hold it right there!" one of the guards said. He searched me for weapons, and made me open the pizza box. "Okay, go ahead." the guard said as he let me in. I took the pizza to the front doors of the mansion, and another guard stopped me. "Pizza delivery for..." I said, but the guard took the pizza, and the other guards on the porch and by the garage followed him inside. I caught the door before it shut and sneaked in as the maid followed the guards from the foyer, into the dining room. Two master stairs snaked up the sides of the foyer, up to a landing on the second floor, with a set of doors leading beyond...

All of these guards were tuxedo cats, like the Don. The maid was a tortoiseshell cat.

I sneaked in, took a left, and headed through a small sitting room, made my way though a library, a parlor and media room with a back staircase leading to the second floor. I went into the room beyond, and there was the study. I found a laser pistol on the desk, and extra power cells for it, which I pocketed with the gun. There was a back door leading outside, but I headed back to the media room, and up the back staircase. The Don waddled past me, towards his bedroom at the top of the stairs to my right, but I pulled out my gun and fired on him, killing him instantly. I also shot the nearby guard, killing him.

I ran over, took the Don's gun and the key to the basement room from him. I put my gun away, and held the Don's gun as I put the key in my pocket. I heard footsteps towards me. I ran to a set of doors opposite the Don't bedroom entrance, and passed a guard on my left. "HEY!" he shouted, but I shot him in the head, and ran to the set of doors farthest from me, across the room and slightly on my right.

I ran through a hallway, the doors to the foyer staircase landing on my right, and headed through another set of doors to an upstairs parlor and dining room. I made a left, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. I ran through the kitchen, and down the stairs to the basement.

I ran through the basement, and found a locked steel door. I unlocked the door, and found an arctic fox sitting in a chair in the room. "Who are you!?" he asked. "I'm here to help you!" I said, handing him the Don's gun.

Michael took the gun. "Thanks!" he said. "No prob'! Let's get outta here!" I said. As I turned to leave the room, I came face to face with the Don's brother, another mean looking tuxedo cat. "AAAAHHH!" we both said, as I fired my gun at him, killing him. I grabbed the keys from his belt. Michael fired several shots and killed the Don's son as he appeared out of nowhere and took aim with his gun. "Thanks!" I told Michael. "No problem!" he said, as he and I escaped out the back door of the basement. We made our way to the garage, got into the Don's car and drove away as the guards converged on the garage. I nearly ran over several of them.

I drove us out the gates, and to safety...

Hours later, we were at the meeting place (an old warehouse belonging to the Foxgloves)..."Here he is!" I said, helping Michael out of the car. "Good goin', kid!" said Danny. "You can keep the car, too. My gift to you!" I said. "Thanks." Danny replied, smiling. Michael handed me the Don's gun, but I gave it back to him, saying "Keep it, for your safety." I said. "Thanks." said Michael. "And thanks for rescuing me!" he said. "No problem!" I said.

"Yeah, thanks kid! Misty's gonna pick you up, and you two can drop off that pizza uniform at the pizza place. She has your car, and Todd dropped off your Arwing at McCloud Ranch." he told me. "Thanks Danny." I said. "No problem, kid. Joey's gonna take the Don's car to be chopped up for parts. You did good, kid. Take care!" he said, as he and Michael got into the limo, and it left the warehouse. Joey took the sports car, and Misty showed up and gave me my clothes to change back into. We kissed, then I drove us to the pizza place, dropped off the uniform, and we headed to McCloud Ranch. I saw my purple Arwing back in the hangar.

"Sweet!" I said, touching it gently. "That was nice of them to do this for me...giving me the opportunity to get this and my car back." I said. "Yeah, and I checked it out, did some maintenance, it's fine." said Miyu, wiping the grease from her hands. "Thank you!" I said, hugging her. "No problem!" she said, hugging me back. "It's good to have you back, Julius." Fox said to me. "Great to be back." I said.

Fox let me and Misty stay at McCloud Ranch. Todd's loft place was okay and all, but I needed to practice my flying again, and to be close by and ready for our next team missions.

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Chapter 20

I was filling out the bankruptcy papers...As I was finishing up and contacting the lawyer, I looked out at the runway of the airstrip that was part of McCloud Ranch. I saw Fara and Silas walking together, hand-in-hand. They were back together as a couple. I smiled at this, and reflected on how I got Misty back. Sometimes it took dire situations for things to work out, though not always.

I put away the paperwork after finishing it, and put the important stuff that my lawyer needed in the mailing envelope, then I put the addresses on it, and used the postage scale to determine the amount, and sent it. Even with Corneria's advanced society you still needed physical paperwork for legal procedures.

Fox came in after I returned from the mailbox. He had armloads of paperwork. "What'cha doin', Fox?" I asked. "Filing for bankruptcy. '80 year mortgage' my ass! I can't pay that!" he said with disgust. "So that means the team is gone?" I asked. "No, it just gives us debt relief. We owe way to much on the Great Fox, and we haven't the money to pay it. Considering our piss poor revenue generation, I'm going to protect the Great Fox and this Base from bank foreclosure." Fox sighed.

"Need some help?" I asked. "Not now I don't, but I'll call you and any other team member whose help I need, when I need it." Fox replied. "Okay. I just finished MY bankruptcy. I'm gonna go for a walk." I said. "Don't go far." Fox said. "I won't." I replied, heading out.

"THINK FAST!" Todd shouted, hitting me with Tricky's ball. I fell on my butt as the ball bounced and squeaked off of my face. Lola laughed, and Todd said "Sorry Julius." as the ball bounced and squeaked harmlessly away from me. Misty picked up the ball and threw it at Lola, who blocked it and scooped it up off of the ground.

We were throwing it around for a bit, and bouncing it until Fox called us in to help out with individual sections of the bankruptcy paperwork. The whole team took turns pitching in. Pal got out of the pool, wearing that iridescent cobalt blue one piece swimsuit and matching swim cap strutting into the room to help Fox. Fay, Tigress, and Slippy cleaned the machinery fluid from their hands before going in to help Fox...Silas and Fara walked in there, hand-in-hand still...

Falco and Katt rode their bikes up to the building and helped out, Krystal went in next, then Conrad rappelled off the roof of the building and headed in. Akasha rode on Kylie's shoulders as the went in next. Madame Vulpine headed in there, and then Edge, followed by Babs, went in next. Fay went in there to contribute to helping out, and finally as the sun set, Fox finished up the paperwork. We had it packaged, sealed, and I sent it out with my paperwork.

"Thanks team, we did a great job there today. I'm sorry it's under less fortunate circumstances, but it's the best way to protect from financial debt and ruin. We just have one more score to settle." Fox said.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Star Wolf..." Fox replied.


We got our ships prepped and ready. "Word on the street has it that Star Wolf is hiding out on Zoness. We'll get 'em for sure this time!" said Falco. The Galatae took us over to Zoness, where we flew down over the oceans. As we flew over the rebuilt hotels, resorts, casinos, and our secret headquarters there, I looked for the island that Fox showed us on the computer.

"It was an old depot of Andross', but it's been empty for quite a while now." Fox told us. "It's supposedly the last place there were seen." Krystal said over the comm channel. "I knew that was one of our hangouts when I was on Star Wolf." I said. "You ever been there?" asked Katt. "Once." I said.

"They got any traps or alarms we should know about?" Falco asked me. "Yeah, there are some of those alarm beacons, like the ones Andross used, to detect intruders. I'll shoot them out, and we can proceed along the back of the island." I said.

"We'll cover you in case of an ambush!" said Slippy. "It's just Wolf and Leon..." Todd said. "They might have backup, ruffians are a dime a dozen." warned Lola. "Don't underestimate our enemy, Todd darling." warned Madame Vulpine.

"Hopefully this won't be too difficult. Who knows, we might even catch them eating breakfast?" said Fara. We all laughed. "This is for Julius!" said Akasha. "And for trying to destroy our ship, using him to do so!" said Kylie. "We're gonna wreck them good!" said Tigress. "I'm gonna enjoy this, as will we all!" Misty said.

"I see the base!" said Fay. "And I see the beacons!" said Pal, firing. He took out one of them. "Great job, Pal!" said Miyu. She fired at another one and destroyed it. "Okay, I've opened up a path for us, but we should still try to take out as many as we can. You remember how many beacons there are, Julius?" she asked me.

"Probably more than there used to be, and if Star Wolf IS hiding here, they have upgraded security for sure!" I said. "Some of us should patrol the airspace, so those Star Wolf morons don't escape!" said Conrad. "Some of us should also go down there, to scout the island and maybe even flush them out!" said Edge. "Julius should lead the ground scouting expedition, he's been here before." suggested Babs.

"I'll go with Julius!" Misty said.

"Me too!" said Todd.

"Me as well!" said Conrad.

"And me!" said Fara.

"I'll go too!" said Babs.

"As will I!" said Kylie.

"Okay then, it's settled. We clear out the beacons, and then the scouting team can land!" said Fox. "Right!" the rest of us replied. We cleared out the beacon buoys, and then I landed with the scout team, our weapons readied. I lead them to a landing point at the rear of the island, behind the thick foliage.

"This way!" I said, leading us to a rock wall. I tapped around and then kicked through the fake rock face, and broke through to a hole. "The tunnel is the safest bet. We didn't use it because we always used the service bridge walkway, but that's monitored by cameras." I explained. The others nodded. We walked down the tunnel, and although it was a longer route, we made it to the old shipping depot main building unseen.

I quietly led the team to the covered outside stairs, and we made our way to the third floor, where I quietly opened the door, then led the team into the building, and down the fire stairs on the other side of the building and into the broken window on the second floor. "Alarms." I whispered, explaining.

We crept through the second floor, and we heard Leon and Wolf.

"I don't think it was right...the whole thing with Julius, and then Panther!" said Leon. "HEY! They made their decisions, they knew the risks!" said Wolf. "Panther was one thing, we had nothing to do with him gettin' caught. But JULIUS...even I find that wrong!" said Leon. "We knew his friends would shoot him down. Besides, his Wolfen wasn't really rigged with explosives, or Julius would be dead from that explosion. It was all a ploy to distract his friends while we got away." Wolf said. Leon and Wolf chuckled at this.

I was really mad!

We stormed into the room with our weapons held high. "Hold it right there jerks!" I said. Leon reached for his blaster but I shot him in the tail, and he yelped in pain. I then shot Wolf in the prosthetic eye, damaging it. "RRgh!" Wolf shouted, holding his hand over the damaged prosthetic eye. "You know how EXPENSIVE these are!?" he shouted to me. "You have the extended warranty and insurance!" said Leon, holding his hurt tail. "Shut up!" Wolf snapped at him.

"We're taking you into custody!" said Fara. "There's no reward out for us anymore!" said Leon. "We're not doing this for the reward! It's revenge!" I said. "And shooting out my eye and injuring Leon wasn't enough!?" Wolf complained. "Nope." I smirked. Leon pressed a button on the table, and then he and Wolf ran to a corner of the room. Misty, Todd, Babs, Kylie, Fara, Conrad, and I fired at them but the disappeared down a trapdoor in the floor, which snapped shut and locked behind them. Misty stamped on it, trying to reopen it. "It's locked!" Kylie said. "It won't reopen for at least three hours, it's a timed lock. C'mon, I know a better way!" I said. I led the team to the first floor via the covered stairs, and we went into the loading bay. "In here!" I pointed to a large mine-cart on tracks. "Now you're talkin'!" said Todd. We piled in, and we rode down the tracks, through the jungle, under the service bridge, and to the boat docks near the back of the island. I shot the track switch to make the lever move and take us to the docks at the back rather than at the front of the island, and we got out of the card when it stopped.

I led us to the beach where we first landed, only to see Fox and the rest of the team shoot down Wolf and Leon's Wolfen fighters. They landed near us and out ships, and we took out our weapons again. "Raise 'em!" said Babs. Leon and Wolf climbed out of their crashed ships, arms raised.

"I've got two words for you: 'LO-SER'!" I said to Star Wolf in my Pigma voice.

We used the stun cuffs, and dropped them off at the nearest CDF outpost. General Pepper contacted us and congratulated us on such a fine job. He also expressed his sympathies for our filing for bankruptcy. "I am glad to hear, however, that it is NOT the end of Star Fox." he commented. "Not as long as we're a team, together, and strong!" said Fox.

After all of that was done, we headed home.

"Guys, you did great, and I'm proud of you all. I'm so sorry that it came to this. But as long as we remain united, and we work together, we'll always be a team, even without 'a headquarters', or 'fighter spacecraft', or even our own motherships...what makes a team is MEMBERS, and great ones like all of us at that!" Fox said.

"Right on, Fox!" said Falco. "Hear, hear!" said Slippy! "Quite right, Fox!" said Krystal.

He was right. So what if we didn't have 'missions'? So what if we didn't make the money that we used to? Even if we lost the Great Fox, McCloud Ranch, or even McCloud Hall, the Galatae, and the Saucerer 2, along with all of our ships (though that would NEVER happen), as long as Team Star Fox had members, each of them with their own unique abilities and characteristics to bring to the table, and to contribute to that team, because THAT was what made Team Star Fox so awesome.


Thanks for reading!