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January 20th, 2011, 7:15 am #1

As you may of may not know, I and some friends of mine are working on a film for Star Fox...

Currently, it's all on hold possibly scrapped, for many reasons, but here's what we got had so far:

Live action. Actors, in costume. We don't wear the heads, we put makeup and prosthetics with stage adhesives onto our faces, wear wigs with ears sewn on, and wear fursuits, skin tight fursuits, or we wear the clothes the Star Fox Team wears, with furry, feathery, or scaly (Leon) tails sticking out.

We would cosplay as the Star Fox team, we even added

Miyu Lynx

Fay Spaniel

Fara Phoenix (we had her go with Bill for a romantic relationship in our movie)

Fox McCloud (played by "Fats", Nina's boyfriend)
Falco Lomabardi (Russel)
Krystal Buranetto (Nina, Russel's sister)
Katt Monroe (Russel's girlfriend)
Bill Grey (Dexter)
Peppy Hare (Joe)
Slippy Toad (Stevie)

Wolf O' Donnel: (Big Moe)
Leon Powalski (J.J.)
Panther Caroso (me)

Fara Phoenix (Dex's new girlfriend)
Miyu: (Gina)
Fay (Sarah)

unfortunately, we had script problems, ego problems, squabbling...

our special effects were awesome, thanks to J.J., and we had a stage...(one of Russel's BIG warehouses...)
the sets were ok, still partly under construction (The Great Fox Bridge turned out GREAT)

but acting, performance, fighting...ugh.

J.J. would do the planets, special effects, aircraft/vessel miniatures
(nothing with crummy strings tied to 'em in front of a piece of black cardboard with holes
poked in it and a flashlight shined through)

We got a huge Blue Screen canvas, and some Arwing and Wolfen and Wolfen 2 "vessels" we placed in front of the blue screen in some "wing rider" scenes

Plot: TBA

Villains: Star Wolf, TBA


We finished all the miniature vessels, the Arwings, Wolfen, Wolfen 2, Sargasso Station, all space bases, The Great Fox, The Catspaw, Bill's ship, all CDF Aircraft and vessels (like boats and tanks)

...I wanted to be Falco, but I'm not tall enough
Fox was taken by Nina's BF, plus he, along with Russel and Big Moe, had the $$$ to finance our endeavor

Dex took Bill because his GF was playing as Fara, and she dates Bill in our movie

Russel farted and messed up an important scene (haha)
...we never got that scene right again

Unfortunately, with Russell [still] currently incarcerated, we have to delay most of the project...we're still set building (in our spare time), and prop/costume's still kinda difficult, because of conflicting schedules.

Russell's verdict was handed down last week 2 years ago, he was only found guilty of tax evasion, he was going to serve 3-5 years, but his lawyer struck a deal, and he'll be out in 6 months to a year, but he has to pay back taxes...

Now, we MAY get to distribute this movie commercially, if Russell's, J.J.'s, Fats' and Moe's lawyers can get permission from Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Dylan Cuthbert, and anyone else who holds the rights to Star Fox...the movie would not be A-List, but...if successful, we might make a sequel. :D

Even if we don't get it commercially distributed, it'll still be made available for the fans (no promises, though, sorry!)

I'll try to fill everyone in on the details and new business regarding the film, but for now, it's all "TBA" or up in the air...


I hope one day I can reclaim this dream.