"Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon", I have it!

Julius Quasar
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12:23 AM - Mar 25, 2013 #1

It's soooo AWESOME! I just bought it from Gamestop TODAY! I'll fill you guys in on the details later, but so far:

Luigi is back, this time to help Professor E. Gadd, who, for a while, was co-existing peacefully with the ghosts of Evershade Valley at Gloomy Manor. But then one night, King Boo stole the "Dark Moon", a talisman gem that hovered over the valley, and kept the local ghosts peaceful. With the absence of the Dark Moon, a huge, mysterious fog covered the valley, all the local ghosts turned mean, and waged war on Professor Gadd, who escaped to his secret bunker just in time.

As Luigi was resting peacefully in his new, er, house...apparently....he was watching TV when Prof. Gadd contacted him via the TV, and then transported him, in a TRON-style teleportation through the TV and into the secret bunker, where he appealed to Luigi for help. Gadd saved a piece of the Dark Moon talisman, and restored its power, resulting in part of the giant fog lifting from part of the valley (over Prof. Gadd's bunker). He needs the other pieces found, and restored if he ever wants to save Evershade Valley...Luigi reluctantly agreed.

Just one problem....the Poltergust 5,000, the newest version of the Poltergust Ghost Sucker Weapons, is STILL INSIDE GLOOMY MANOR! Luigi has to get it out of there, in order to fight the ghosts there! Uh-oh! Good luck Luigi! After clearing out Gloomy Manor, you still have several other places to visit, in order to find the pieces of the Dark Moon! Happy Haunting, er, Hunting!