Likes and Dislikes of SF Assault

Julius Quasar
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CDF General
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Solid game-play (for the most part)
Awesome graphics
Superb voice acting
Excellent Music
A pretty damn good story (it's very much written like an anime, which I like in particular)
Lengthy missions
Good multi-player (if you have people to play with)


A bit too short
Strafing isn't all that useful, and wasn't implemented very well
Not enough Arwing action
Team mates are incompetent. No, really. They're completely helpless and actually rely on you to save them when you're on foot when there's already someone else flying around as well. Plus, somersaulting is apparently rocket science to them. At least they give you a power up or bomb every so often if/when you save them while on a flying mission.
Again, there really isn't enough missions. There should have been at least five more.

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CDF Major General
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Good gameplay
graphics are okay in my opinion.
Music isn't bad
story is cool

multiplyer is fun

Too short multiplayer needs something more
health bars (Why not just have the same health?)
Allied Ai sucks. Nuff said
somthing is missin i'm not sure what but something is missing. Maybe some more info on Krystal or a vision she gets later about the aparoids I doubt she left the aparoid home world completely unscathed mentally.