Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Issue

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Here's what it is:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fukushima_ ... ower_Plant

What happened in 2011:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fukushima_ ... r_disaster

....and a summary courtesy of youtube of what happened and what could have prevented it:


In my opinion, this second generation Nuclear Power Plant was staffed with unqualified individuals, hired on nepotist standings, the senior supervisors at the plant "showed up the day that it opened", fresh out of school, maybe a few guys have the proper college diplomas and/or certifications, but the bulk of them are just worker bees.

They didn't run the Isolation Condensers in 40 YEARS of the plant's existence, and didn't even know how they worked or what they were for...

The plant itself was built with what is now considered obsolete/outdated features and designs. There was a tsunami flood wall that was waaaaay under 40 meters, which is inexcusable. Also, what idiot decided it was okay to place the backup power in the damn basement!?

They should have had the back up generators, and batteries, on high ground, along with mobile generators mounted on vehicles. If they couldn't mount the backup power sources on high ground due to costs, and rewiring, then they should have built water tight airlocks and chambers for the generators and backup batteries to be safely housed in the event of a tsunami flood.

General Electric designed this power plant and many others like it in the 60's and early 70's. But in all these years, the plant's owner's didn't put any effort into updating them for safety.

No manual controls, no dedicated water line for emergencies to feed directly into the reactors, the pump outside of the steam condensers didn't even have a backup/independent power source of its own...

In a high risk tsunami area why would you put emergency equipment in basement or on lower levels. why didn't the reactors have tanks on or above roof to be run by gravity with a hand operated valve in case of power failures. wasn't there any training for emergency situation in a high risk earthquake tsunami zone. Also, why was it built on the pacific side of the ocean instead of the other side where tsunami risk is likely less or to be less severe what is the point of the earthquake proof building anyway if no vital equipment is stored there and a crew still needed in control rooms elsewhere.

Einstein said that nuclear power is a "Hell of a way to boil water", even when it was done right. Corporations like TEPCO, combined with nuclear power and a sketchy government like that of Japan can only end in disaster. The innocent victims of this unbridled greed and incompetence are the Japanese people and people of the Northern Hemisphere, along with the creatures in the dying Pacific Ocean. The people of this planet are becoming fed up with the greed and corruption of the few destroying the lives of the many....

The Japanese government has made it illegal to talk about the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, it's an arrestable offense to try to even figure out what happened (this video is most likely blocked in Japan)...there's nothing that they can do to stop the radiation contamination.

Feel free to add any additional info or comments on this...