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Hi everyone, I've been thinking for a while to do this and I finally decided to write a journal :lol: , with this I'll try to keep a contact with all of you guys, it's almost sure that I if write something it will be in the weekends, 'cause from monday to friday i'm in college and it's dificult to my to find a computer (the college have computers but we can only use those computers to search information related to what we're studying ) but I have my ways to get a pc XD, also I don't like to surf the web on my cellphone, well first of everything, let me introduce myself...

My name is Carlos, i'm 20 years old, currently I'm in college and this consumes most of my time, only in the weekends I can do the things I like.
I'm not the kind of persons who will start a conversation, I'm really quiet and most of the times the others are the ones who start a convesation with me, I like to draw, listening music, and exoteric things.

I'm most online at the night... I just like the night 'cause is more quiet and peaceful.
Today I spent the afternoon listening era, and I'm still doing it, and besides that I searched the web for some romantic songs O_o, not for me a friend of mine ask if I can search the song for him and to be honest, I don't know why he did that, I'm not really into that kind of music :lol:, and this past friday I had this exam... it was really hard, and I'm just waiting for the results.

And from an image of a dragon and another of a wolf, an inspiration came to my mind a story, I maybe start to write it in the course of the week, I just hope I can do it. :animesweat:

Well, have a good night people. :smile: