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Site Rules

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Site Rules

- Be respectful. We are all here to have fun together with cooperative writing, not to get insulted or mistreated. Jokes between friends are all well and good, but make sure to never take it too far. Read the mood and know the person you're joking with.
Insults, slurs, insensitive jokes and general lack of respect based on nationality, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, etc. will not be tolerated under any circumstances; major offences to this will lead to an immediate ban.
This applies to the forums, chatbox and other messaging services as long as related to the board.

- Heed the rating. This board is rated 2-2-2. That means highly explicit language, explicit sexual content and extreme, detailed violence are all prohibited. This extends to the chatbox as well. For more detailed information, follow this [Link] to

- One account per member. You can have multiple characters, but keep them all on one account.

- Staff has the final say, period. We're open to discussion on things like characters, plots and the application of some rules, but a definite no means no. Pushing it further will lead to a warning.


- No god-modding, power-play or meta-gaming. No one is invincible and that includes any character on this board.
To take control of others' characters without permission, also known as power-playing, is also not allowed.
To use knowledge that you have, but your character doesn't, is known as meta-gaming. It's not always easy to avoid, but do so to the greatest extent possible.

- Keep Out of Character (OOC) talk out of In-Character (IC) posts. There is a chatbox, and General Chat and Planning subforums for OOC talk, please use those. A sentence at the bottom of the post is fine.

- Do not kill others' characters without permission. Never injure, maim or kill another's character without their stated permission. That does not mean you can perform obviously foolhardy acts without repercussions, and the staff will take action in such cases.

- Respect topic tags. Do not join topics marked as [Closed] or [PM for invite] without permission. If a topic marked as [Open] has already been joined by another person, it is preferable that you ask before joining.

- Stick to the setting. Star Wars is a space-opera with a very distinct style and feel. Though everyone has different opinions on what the exact elements of these things are, some things are pretty clearly not appropriate, both in terms of characters and stories.

- The staff reserves the right to deny the use of certain canon elements on the board. This is to prevent game-breaking occurrences, keep things balanced and ensure that the roleplay isn't hindered.

Warnings & Bans

If you do not adhere to the board and chatbox rules, you will initially be warned. On your third offence, you will be banned. Note that major transgressions will result in an immediate ban.
Staff will judge what is seen as a major transgression and is not.

Please observe that the rules may be edited and/or updated by staff when and if necessary. In such a case, an announcement will be made in this subforum.
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