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Episode Three: “Getting Closer”

The episode starts with a shot of the thick woods at Silver Lake. The mid-day sun is beating down as Malcom West and Officer Hendricks make their way through the thick plant growth along with several other park rangers and sheriff deputies. They’re all in a straight-line shoulder to shoulder with a few feet between each member of the search party. Everyone is carefully looking around for any type of clue telling where the missing campers might have ended up at.

Hendricks: Great job West, we lost valuable time with that little stunt you pulled. Getting us to go back to the ranger station…

Malcom looks over to his right where Hendricks is separated by three people.

Malcom: Sorry I wanted to form an actual plan to keep everyone safe while we try and find these people.

Hendricks: Oh right, we’ve got to be on the look out for your boogeyman or whatever you think it is out here. I swear your years of drinking has warped that brain of yours.

Hendricks shakes his head as he grabs his radio and starts checking in with other units searching. The other deputies and rangers give Malcom odd looks after the boogeyman comment from Hendricks. A young park ranger on the left side of Malcom, with black hair slicked back, steps a little closer to him.

Park Ranger: He’s kind of a dick isn’t he?

Malcom: Eh, he’s just under a lot of stress. I don’t let it get to me.

PR: So, um, about that boogeyman comment-

Malcom: Don’t worry about, kid. Just him trying to get on my nerves.

PR: I know that’s not it. I heard you talking to him and Ranger Forestier outside the ranger station. You really think there’s…monsters out here?

Malcom: Not monsters exactly. Just, I don’t know how to explain. Think of it more like a really strange undiscovered dangerous species. Species of what though, I don’t know. Don’t wrap your mind around it too much, just remember to be observant and stay safe.

PR: It’ll be hard to ignore that but all right. So, I’ve heard you also go by Hawkeye, what do you have great vision or something?

Malcom reaches out and stops the young park ranger from taking another step and motions for him to look down. They catch the last glimpse of a rattlesnake slipping into the bushes and disappearing.

Malcom: I just notice everything everyone else is too busy to pay attention to. Keep your eyes open.

Malcom pats the young ranger on the shoulder and starts walking again. After a few careful steps through the thick vegetation he looks over to see the young park ranger staring at the ground taking careful and nervous steps. After a few more seconds the radio on Hendricks crackles and a voice reports to him that the officers searching in a boat on the lake itself haven’t found any signs of the missing campers. Malcom looks at Hendricks who rolls his eyes and grabs the radio.

Hendricks: Roger that, also remember what our expert advisor had to say. Be careful of little boogeymen out there.

Radio Voice: Sir?

Hendricks: Nothing, just keep searching.

RV: 10-4.

Hendricks can mock all he wants but what I told him and Karen was the truth. I wish it wasn’t though because I knew that either I’d be mocked or at the very least humored. Sometimes I wish I was just crazy and what I know was really me just imagining things but that’s not the case. I don’t doubt Karen back at the ranger station believes what I said and believes what campers and hikers have told her in the past but Hendricks is going above and beyond to show he doesn’t. Hopefully those campers will be found and Hendricks can remain ignorant and an ass.

As the group continues their search they emerge from the woods into a large clearing that has six cabins located around it. They look old and like they haven’t been maintained in years with one of them looking like it was almost burnt down and two more of them overgrown with vines and other plants looking like they’re ready to collapse on themselves at any minute. Malcom looks around studying the dirt and looking up at the trees and towards the other side of the clearing past the cabins. The deputies and forest rangers spread out searching for any signs of the missing campers. Hendricks then walks up to Malcom.

Hendricks: Well, Hawkeye, see anything?

Malcom: Actually…

He then slowly walks towards one of the more intact cabins while staring intently at the ground. As Malcom gets closer to the cabin he takes off his red bag and carefully puts it on the ground. The whole time Hendricks follows behind with a look of doubt on his face. Malcom walks up the small steps leading to the porch of the cabin and studies parts of the wooden railing. He notices a few long slashes on some parts and makes a grunting noise. Malcom then turns his attention to the cabin door and tries to open it. It takes a few shoves from him but it finally flings open with his last attempt. Inside the cabin it’s dusty and cobwebs are practically everywhere.

Hendricks: Good job Malcom, you opened an abandoned cabin.

Malcom: Look.

Malcom points over to a corner of the room where there is a table on its side and a few chairs scattered around. Malcom walks over to the area and crouches down. In front of him there’s trash littered around. Serval trail mix bags and what appears to be the recent ash from a small fire.

Malcom: I think we just got one step closer, Hendricks.

Hendricks: All right, so we know that they probably ended up here recently but now what?

Malcom: I don’t think they both were here.

Hendricks: Again with this thinking they split up? Why the hell would they do that?

Malcom: Like I said at the campsite, I don’t think they did it on purpose. It’s clear something scared them and they wanted to get out as quickly as possible. My guess is they went for their truck but something stopped them from doing that. Maybe they saw whatever scared them over there so they took off into the woods thinking they could escape that way. Then later as they got closer to here something happened and they got split up. Maybe one of them tripped and the other didn’t realize it or since it was dark their paths simply split while they thought they were still right beside each other. All I know is that everything I see tells me only one of them were here.

Just as Malcom finishes talking the young park ranger he was talking to earlier walks in seeming to be out of breath. Malcom and Hendricks look at him slightly confused.

PR: Guys, I think you’re going to want to see this.

The three of them walks out of the cabin and walk over to one of the cabins that looks like it’s about to collapse on itself. Outside the cabin the members from this part of the search party are all standing around looking confused and a little horrified. Malcom and Hendricks step past them making their way to the door of the cabin. As they get closer Malcom and Hendricks notice that the walls and door are covered in long deep slashes. Once they enter the inside is littered with bones of various animals. Small bones from squirrels or raccoons all the way up to bones of deer are randomly scattered around with some in piles.

Hendricks: What the hell? It almost looks like…a nesting area. But…

Malcom: All right, we need to get out of here and check out that spring area.

Hendricks: What would do this?

Malcom: Hendricks! We need to go.

Hendricks: Huh? Right.

The two exit the cabin and Hendricks rounds up the men and women of the search party. Malcom goes to grab his bag and puts it back on but as he’s walking back to the group he stops and looks down at the ground studying some old tracks. He motions to the young ranger who was watching Malcom to come to him.

PR: Yeah?

Malcom: What’s off that way?

PR: Not too far from here is an old fire watch tower, why?

Malcom: I want to go check that out.

PR: What about the spring?

Malcom: I’ll let Hendricks take care of that. Want to join me?

PR: Sure, I’ll just radio this in. You go tell Hendricks what’s going on while I do that.

Malcom nods then walks over to Hendricks. Hendricks looks annoyed as Malcom explains the situation but then seems to calm down and accept the new plan. Malcom rejoins the young park ranger just as he finishes radioing in the new plan to his superior. Hendricks and the rest of the deputies and park rangers walk past Malcom and the young park ranger as they head down to the spring area. Malcom motions for them to start their walk and they head down the trail that’ll eventually lead to the old tower.

PR: So, what the hell was that back there? I’ve never seen anything like that but you obviously know something.

Malcom: Kid, I hope that’s all you see of what I think this is. Let’s just leave it at we really need to find those two before too long.

The park ranger looks uneasy but remains quiet as they walk down the trail. The episode ends and the credits roll.

Ripley as Malcom “Hawkeye” West
Kyle Henderson as Officer Hendricks