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(Fade into the scene of a ring)

Voice: You may not understand what I've done, or why I've done it. You may feel owed. You may feel as if this federation has sold out....

(Scene cuts to Ielahiah holding the Hive Title over her shoulder, standing in front of a mirror)

Voice: To big names that weren't hear in the beginning. But this is how we evolve. This is how everyone has done it before you, and how they will do it after you.

(Scene cuts to Brad Hathaway sitting on a bench with a towel over his head)

Voice: This fed has been the home to the broken, the forgotten, the beginners, the Veterans. So don't sit here high and mighty thinking that we should not evolve.

(The scene then cuts to "The Boss", Anthony Lane, who turns around and glares at the screen)

AL: Because if we don't, we will cease to exist.

Catch the Season 2 Premiere Dec. 4, 2017! More info to come!

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