S1E1: A Dark Match

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ENTER: A sheet of paper sits on a desk with some stat data on it.

VOICE: Brad R. Hathaway, 1882 Arlington Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37929, 5 feet 9 inches 185 pounds….Not bad. What you been doing lately?

(Camera is facing Brad…)

BR: Working at a grocery store…you know, making ends meet. I’ve been trying to get into the business but never had the opportunity. Figured I’d come and make my case you know, since you’re in town.

VOICE: You’re ready to roll with us now? I mean, we’re about to hit the road. You’d start at the bottom, but you got the build for it…looks like you have some wrestling experience with Hive Wrestling. I know that guy….be ready to roll in the morning

(Brad smiles as he shake hands with Owner Thomas Dillard.)

(Fade to black)


[---SCENE: The Lockeroom. World Gym, Fayetteville Arkansas. The morning after the Hive has it’s best showing in months, the guys are cleaning out the area and prepping to hit the road.---]

[Brandon Hohn and Edward Jenkins are cleaning out their lockers when Brandon walks in. Both men stop as other wrestlers walk in to do the same.]

Brad: Sup

(Brandon and Edward look at each other and keep packing)

Brad: Apparently I’m on board – the new guy. Soooooo is this how it goes back here? No talky talky?

(Edward rises up and stares Brad in the eyes)

Edward: Sorry for the rudeness. Ed Jenkins. That guy, he’s Brandon Hohn. We’re what’s left of the first round of hires around here. Seems like they come and go a lot so we don’t try to make a lot of friends. I was wrong bud, and I’m sorry.

Brad: Oh I get it. I mean, here I am another new guy. I’m sure that’s comforting for job security right?

Brandon: The only thing that’s comforting is standing in that ring, making people cheer, getting the check. Nice to meet you.

Brad: You too. (looks around) So, the boss said I was riding with you guys to the next spot?

Edward: Yeah.

“After discovering the third body it’s clear that what we have is a series of connected murders, so we’ll be addressing this as a serial killer on the loose in our community. It’s important that if anyone saw anything, they need to report it. We’re asking for any information leading to the capture of this monster. All three persons were strangled and hung for their families to see. This person is a horrible human being, and must be stopped.”

Brad: Wow

Edward: Looks like you’re leaving at the perfect time

Brad: As it would seem.
[Back from commercial, the three men are in a car riding]

Brandon: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center University Health Club. 1000 N Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City…Where does he find these places???
Edward: As long as we can pack it out, we’ll do fine tonight. Hey new guy, he gave you a gimmick yet?

Brad: (thinks for a second) Ummm, no. He didn’t give me anything. Oh wow I have no gimmick.

Brandon: Don’t worry we’ll figure out something.

Edward: You got to make an impact man. That’s the big thing about starting out. They got to remember you, follow you on Twitter and shit. You get your following, you keep your job. They’ll love you and hate you at times, but they’ll always pay the ticket price to see you.

(Brad shakes his head understanding…)
Brad: Ooook, looks like I have a lot to think about. I’m the early card so I gotta think fast. But for now, I’m taking a nap.

(Fade Out)
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center University Health Club
(As everyone is getting ready for the card the following night Edward and Brandon are signing autographs and stuff. The crowd then goes crazy as they get a glimpse of “The Black Bird” as he walks into the arena

Edward: One of our best Face wrestlers, he’s good

Brandon: How did Brad luck up to work with a guy like that?

Edward: (signing autographs) Apparently the guy has some experience. It should be interesting. Where is he anyway?

Brandon: Said he was going into town for a bite to eat.

(Brad walks in exhausted.)

Edward: Dude, (walks over to him) where you been?

Brad: Oh, getting some grub

Edward: Ok, long as you’re good to go – you’re facing the Black Bird tonight. Set it off man! (pats him on the back).

Brad: Yep, that’s what I plan to do.

(Edward and Brandon are watching back stage on a TV as the announcer preps to announce)

Ring Announcer: And now, coming in from parts uknown in Mexico? The Lucha Hero! The Black…..Bird!!!!!!!!

(The only sounds that can be heard are the sounds of crows all through the stadium as the Black Bird comes down flapping his wings all crazy…He hugs the kids and other fans and slides into the ring

Ring Announcer: His opponent…. “The Silent Stalker” Brad….Hathaway!!!!

(Brad comes out to the ring with a dufflebag. He’s wearing some black wrestling trunks and no top. He slides into the ring adjusting his gloves)

(The Black Bird looks at him as Brad just glares from the other corner. The bell goes off and BB goes charging at him but Brad collapses into a drop toe hold on the favorite. He turns it into a leg lock immediately and the crowd is booing)

K McBryde: Looks like Someone here isn’t getting the crowd love tonight. Brad is a new guy here at the Hive and He’s hating life because he’s beating the Black Bird!
Ringo Mathis: Look, the kid has got some skill!

(As the BB finally reverses the leg lock, he kicks Brad forward. He rolls out the ring as Brad gathers himself for a minute and looks around. He catches the BB coming from the corner outside the ring. He runs and springboards over the top!)


K: This guy is a risk taker!

(Brad gets the BB back on his feet and rolls him back into the ring. Brad walks around outside the ring as the BB gathers himself and tries to get to his feet. Brad slides back in quietly behind him…)



----[WHILE THEY’RE DOWN….BB: Dude…I’m supposed to WIN. Brad:….not tonight…changes…BB: give your siggy now….]-------

(Brad gets him onto his back and locks his arms under his knees as he climbs on top of him. He simulates holding a knife and pounds on his chest)

Ringo: I’ve…I’ve never seen that before!

K: It appears to be his simulating stabbing the Black Bird with a knife! This is…..well, just bizarre!

(The Black Bird is motionless as the crowd is now on their feet. Brad gets up and goes to the top rope and dives, landing it perfectly. He covers and gets the pin. He rolls out and grabs his bag and pulls out some zip ties and duck tape. He duct tapes the BB’s mouth and zip ties his hands and feet.)

Brandon: This is some dark stuff

Edward: I thought the Bird was supposed to win tonight…

K: He has him like he’s his hostage or something….

(Brad then laughs as the crowd boos him and he walks out the ring)

Edward: He’s just going to leave him out there…that’s humiliating.

(The two watch as Brad walks back up the ramp heading backstage. Brandon catches up wit him in the hallway getting water)

Brandon: What the hell man? The Bird was supposed to win that’s what the scripts said.

Brad: Oh, not tonight. Last minute changes by the boss. The people totally bought my gimmick didn’t

Brandon: Yeah, very dark don’t you think?

Brad: Oh, you haven’t seen dark but you will my friend. You will. Next week I face you….

(Brad walks off as Brandon watches)

(The camera cannot see the guy’s face)

Boss: Yeah I saw it – Let it ride. The hero must fall every now and then. Very interesting gimmick. I’m not sure yet what I saw there but I’ll talk to the writers and see if that’s a direction they want to go. Until then, let the guys wrestled. (hangs up phone).

------THE NEXT DAY-----
(Brad walks into the lockeroom and starts emptying his stuff into a bag. The Black Bird walks in…)

BB: Not bad man. A little dark but –

Brad: Everyone is saying that. Do you want to be great or just entertaining?

BB: Just saying man, we got kids out there.

Brad: I know….I don’t care they paid to see something. They saw it. But I’ll try to fit in a little better.

BB: Yeah….you do that….

(The Black Bird leaves as Brad walks out behind him to the bus. As he preps to get on the bus, cop cars come flying by with EMS behind them)

Woman at the Bus Stop: The news said they found a woman hanging with her hands cut off

Brad: Wow, that sucks. World gets crazier and crazier everyday. Hey, this bus is going to Texas right?

Woman: Yeah, didn’t you wrestle last night?

Brad: Yeah, I was the creepy one.

Woman: (Snaps fingers) YEAHHHHH….. We were talking about you…not bad, I liked it. It was different.

Brad: Well, I’m a different guy.

(She smiles as they get on the bus as more EMS drive by….)