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Name: Nue Houjuu
Quality Picture:

Works: [Undefined Fantastic Object | PC | August 15, 2009]
[Double Spoiler | PC | March 14, 2010]
[Ten Desire | PC | August 13, 2011]
Origin: Undefined Fantastic Object
Release Date of Origin: August 15, 2009

Info on Boss: A nue with the ability to make objects unidentifiable. She first appears as the boss of the extra stage in Undefined Fantastic Object and later reappears as a midboss of the extra stage in Ten Desires. Once sealed underground, after the events of Subterranean Animism she was freed from her underground prison only to wound up in Gensokyo. During the events of Undefined Fantastic Object, Nue decided to have a little "fun" by trying to prevent the revival of the Buddhist nun Byakuren Hijiri by putting Seeds of Unknown Form, objects that can disguise themselves as anything, in the fragments of Tobikura, one of the key elements needed to revive the Buddhist. Despite this, Byakuren was successfully revived in the end and had even allowed Nue to live in the Myouren Temple due to her kindness towards youkai, even after what Nue had done. Nue is best described as being very mischievous and she often enjoyed scaring people or playing very malicious pranks on them. However, after seeing how kind Byakuren's followers were towards youkai, she did feel a little guilty over her past actions. Nue's current appearance, which is that of a young girl's, is actually a facade, and she often uses this appearance to hide her "true form". No one knows what her true form even looks like.

Voice Actor/Actress: N/A
Health: 200HP (Easy) / 250HP (Medium) / 300 (Hard) / 350HP (Very Hard) / 400 (Intense)
Details of Boss Fight: The fight takes place on a single floating platform out in the middle of a dark forest at night. Nue is seen floating the distance of five stage builder blocks from the center of the platform. Once every ten seconds, she will shift slowly to either the left or the right side of the stage. After another ten seconds pass she will then shift back to the center again. Nue relies on her spell cards as well as danmaku for all of her attacks. Her danmaku's shape and type varies, from appearing as round bullets to sharp lasers to even multicolored UFOs. Nue attacks every five seconds, and as such she is invincible from any attacks she receives from players until her spell card attack ends. Each spell card lasts around seven seconds or so. Considering the height Nue is from the player, her length of time for her attacks to begin and end, and the fact that she can only be attacked when she isn't attacking, this fight can be rather long and diffucult.

Attack #1: Heian Dark Clouds(Easy-Intense): Nue summons eighteen to twenty yellow orbs of energy which are located on random sections of the stage. After a second passes, each energy orb turns into a pair of two yellow lasers, which travel across the screen diagonally or vertically from each other. While the orbs do not cause damage, the lasers certainly do. A single laser does around 5-8% damage.

Attack #2: Red UFO Invasion of Rage(Easy-Intense): Nue summons eight red UFOs that circle around the stage. The UFOs will then shoot multiple red circular bullets that travel in the direction of the player from any side of the stage. Each bullet does around 4-6% damage. The UFOs can be destroyed. Each individual UFO has 10HP.

Attack #3: Blue UFO Invasion of Grief(Easy-Intense): Nue will only use this attack when she reaches up to 150HP on Easy. On Medium-Intense, however, she can use it any time she wants. Nue summons eight blue UFOs at a time that circle the stage in a spiral pattern, beginning from her to the outer edges of the stage. The UFOs would then begin to fire three to five blue lasers in the direction the player is in from any side of the stage. Each laser can do around 6-10% damage. The blue UFOs can be destroyed just like the red UFOs. Each UFO has 15HP.

Attack #4: Green UFO Invasion of Loyalty(Hard-Intense): Nue summons eight green UFOs that travel horizontally across the space above her. As they travel, they eventually come to a halt. Once paused, each UFO then fires a large green laser beam that travels vertically down the stage. The beams remain on the stage before dispersing after seven seconds. As the large beams are fired, the UFOs will also fire small green curvy lasers that travel vertically towards the stage and multiple green circular bullets that travel in multiple directions. The beam does 15-20% damage, curvy lasers 4-8% damage, and ceach circular bullet does 3-6% damage. Unlike the red and blue UFOs, the Green UFOs cannot be destroyed.

Attack #5: The Bow of Genzanmi Yorimasa(Very Hard-Intense): Nue fires off multiple white lasers that at first travel offscreen from above. A second later the lasers will then come raining down either diagonally or vertically from above. However, midway through their descent, each laser then transforms into many bullets which travel travel in the direction the laser was going. Each Laser deals out 6-12% damage, while each bullet deals out 5-10% damage. The number of lasers and bullets increases when Nue loses health, so the lower the health, the more lasers and bullets the attack spawns.

Boss Battle Music
Song Title: Heian Alien
Origin: Undefined Fantastic Object
Composer(s): ZUN