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Name: Kirbies
Works: [Kirby Super Star | Super Nintendo Entertainment System | March 21, 1996]
[Kirby & the Amazing Mirror | Gameboy Advance | April 15, 2004]
[Kirby Mass Attack | Nintendo DS | August 4, 2011]
Origin: Kirby’s Dream Land
Release Date: April 27, 1992
Voice Actor/Actress: Makiko Omoto
Assistance Style: Physical
Chance of Appearance: Rare
Availability: Unlockable

Brief Info on Assist Trophy: Kirby is the main character from the Kirby series, but in some Kirby games, Kirby can get split into many different versions of himself. One big example is in Kirby Mass Attack. In the game Kirby was travelling to the Popopo Island, which is in the south of Popstar until he get zapped by the main antagonist of the game, Necrodues, the leader of the group called the Skull Gang, into 10 little, weaker, Kirbies. Each of them disappeared until one little Kirby until his heroic heart appear which helps him to restore to his normal self and stop the Skull Gang

Description of the Assistance Method: When coming out of the Assist Trophy 1-to-10 little versions of Kirby appears with different fruit appearing, but however, the players can’t grab or use the fruit for healing damage. While release, the little Kirbys can run to the opponents as a gang up, dealing 4% Damage each attack with the opponent can’t move around. Most of the time some Kirbies can walk to the fruit which can add another Kirby to the battle. After 15 seconds, the Kirbies disappear.