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Character Information
Name: Ethan Mars
Info: Ethan Mars is the central character and one of the three main protagonist in Heavy Rain. Once a normal family man, Ethan’s life soon turned to worse when he was too late after the death of one of his sons, Jason Mars, as well resulting him to be in a six months’ coma after a car crash which ran both him and Jason over. Six months later, Ethan begin to feel guilt for the loss of one of his sons as well getting agoraphobia, the intense fear of crowds.

Then his life turns even darker when his second son, Shaun Mars, gets kidnapped by the Origami Killer, a mysterious person which only shows his/her eyes, and has Shaun captive. The Origami Killer also send Ethan some trials in order to get his son back.

Works: [Heavy Rain | PlayStation 3 | 18 February, 2010]

Offense: 5.5-10
Defence: 7-10
Projectile: 4-10
Height: 7.5-10
Weight: 5-10
Speed: 4.5-10
Attack Speed: 5-10
Recovery: 5-10
Throwing: 4-10
Final Smash: 8-10

General Info
Origin: Heavy Rain
Release Date: 18 February, 2010
Home Stage: The Mall
Voice Actor/Actress: Pascal Langdale
Taunt Up: Many thoughts appear around Ethan’s head before he shakes them away
Taunt Down: Ethan looks around calling out either “Jason!” or “Shaun!”
Taunt Side: Ethan grabs a toy sword out and points it to the opponents while grinning and saying “Surrender weakling, say your prayers!” before putting the toy sword away
Entrance: Ethan runs to the stage, looking for either Jason or Shaun
Platform: Ethan Mars’ platform is a selection of thoughts which acts like a platform
Kirby Hat: Kirby will receive Ethan Mars’ hair and beard

Special Traits
Ethan Mars can crawl, but not glide, wall cling or wall jump
Ethan has two alternate attires, one has him wearing a light blue shirt while the other has him wear a blue V-top

Basic Moveset
Combo (1st): Left Punch (6%) Ethan first swing his left hand
Combo (2nd): Right Punch (6%) Then Ethan swing his right hand
Combo (3rd): N/A
Combo (Rapid): N/A
Dash Attack: Tackle (5%) Ethan tackles his opponent to the ground
Side Tilt: Butcher Knife (7%) Ethan swings a butcher knife to the left side
Up Tilt: Uppercut (3%) Ethan swings his right arm upwards in an uppercut move
Down Tilt: Diplomatic Incident (5%) Ethan kicks downwards to the ground
Side Smash: Sword Fight (7%) Ethan grabs a toy sword and swing it twice before putting it away
Up Smash: Strong Dad (9%) Ethan swing both of his arms in an uppercut move, allowing him to cover both sides
Down Smash: I Want My Kids Back! (11%) Ethan gets on his knees and brings his right arm to the ground before he gets back up and wipe the tears from his eyes
Neutral Aerial: Air Kick (4%) Ethan swings his right leg while in the air
Forward Aerial: Hatchet (10%) Ethan swings a hatchet downward
Backward Aerial: Back Swing (7%) Ethan swing his right arm behind him
Upward Aerial: Saw (10%) Ethan swing a saw above him
Downward Aerial: Gun Shot (7%) Ethan brings his gun out and shoots it downwards
Grab Tactic: Standard Grab (0%) Ethan standardly grab his opponent
Pummel: Right Punch (3%) Ethan swings his right hand to his grabbed opponent
Forward Throw: Electric Condensers (4%-13%) Ethan pushes his grabbed opponent in front of them, which an electric condenser appears and shock the opponent. After three shocks, the condenser disappeared
Backward Throw: The Helicopter (6%) Ethan swings his grabbed opponent around before releases them behind him, making him a bit dizzy
Upward Throw: See Saw (9%) A see saw appears and Ethan pushes his side downward, launching his grabbed opponent upwards
Downward Throw: I’m a Father too… (10%) Ethan brings his grabbed opponent down and shoots them while looking away saying “I’m a father too… But I had no choice…”

Special Moves
Standard Special: Gun Shot (7%) Ethan brings his gun out and shoots it which deal little to mild damage before putting it away
Side Special: Item Throw (4%-11%) Ethan throws either a guitar, some books, a clothes rank or a chair to his opponent, each item deal different damage, with the book deals less damage to the clothes rank dealing the most damage
Up Special: Escalator (7%) Ethan runs up an escalator which goes two Bowsers up. If anyone is in Ethan’s way while he’s in the escalator, he just pushed them out if the way. When he reaches the top, the escalator disappeared
Down Special: Whisky (0%) Ethan drinks a little bottle of whisky which upgrade his defence for 10 seconds. If he uses this move three more time, he’ll become dizzy which lowers his defence.
Final Smash: Lexington Station (?%) The stage begins to change into Lexington Station, shown in dark blue, surrounding with a large crowd with the opponents have a red balloon on them. If the Final Smash is used in Team Battle, Ethan’s team mates have one of the Trials logo above their heads. After 15 seconds, the Final Smash ended with the Station change back to the stage and the balloons disappeared with the Trials logo as well

Theme Music
Song Title: Ethan Mars’ Main Theme
Origin: Heavy Rain
Composer(s): Normand Corbeil

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