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Name: Chao Garden
Location: Chao World
Origin: Sonic Adventure
Earliest Release Date of Origin: December 23, 1998
Works: [Sonic Adventure | SEGA Dreamcast | December 23, 1998]
[Sonic Adventure 2 | SEGA Dreamcast | June 23, 2001]
[Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood | Nintendo DS | September 25, 2008]
Home Stage of: Sonic the Hedgehog
Availability: Downloadable
Size: Medium
Difficulty: Easy
Brief Info on Stage: The Chao Garden is the home place of the Chao in the Sonic series. Home to an A-life creature known as Chao, the garden is shown to be a place full of trees and grass, making this a calm and peaceful place to certain characters. In Sonic Adventure and its remake, there are three Chao Gardens around the game, the gardens are in Station Square, Mystic Ruins and near the Egg Carrier. In Sonic Adventure 2 and its remake, as well as the Neutral Garden, there are also the Hero Chao Garden and the Dark Chao Garden for each side, which is only unlocked when one Hero Chao and One Dark Chao is hatched and in the players possession.

Layout of the Stage: The stage takes place on the neutral Chao Garden area with two palm trees and a waterfall on the background of the stage. The right side of the stage shows a tunnel which can result to a side KO with the left side has an edge area which can result to a KO to the bottom to the screen.

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Hazard 2 Name:
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Submitter: James007

Song Title 1: Neutral Chao Garden
Origin: Sonic Adventure 2
Composer(s): Fumie Kumatani

Song Title 2: Chao Garden
Origin: Sonic Adventure DX
Composer(s): Fumie Kumatani

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