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Name: Azumarill
Pokémon Number: 184
Generation: 2nd
Pokémon Attack: Bubble Beam
Attack Style: Projectile
Chance of Appearance: Uncommon

Brief Info on Pokémon: Azumarill is an Aqua Rabbit Pokémon, as well as a dual-type of Water and Fairy. Evolved from Marill at Level 18, as well as the final form of the Azurill family, Azumarill have better hearing, acting like sensors, to hear long distance noises, even in underwater, also, when still and closely listening, the Aqua Rabbit Pokémon can hear what’s by a fast-moving river going wild. When in water, Azumarill can camouflage due to its blue colour around the body, as well as rolling up its ears, so it can’t be wet.

Description of the Pokémon's Attack: When the Pokéball is thrown and show Azumarill, it’ll do it Pokémon speech and start releasing its Bubble Beam attack. This move allows Azumarill to release a very fast, powerful bubbles to the opponents, dealing 9% damage each attack. After 10 seconds, Azumarill stop using the Bubble Beam move and disappear.

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