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Ahh, 2006. Way back before the majority of the hype for Brawl... Man, I remember being amazed by this video back in the day, and I recently found it again. It was so good and the music was so well selected and placed.

It was really fun to watch this again, and remembering my reaction from seeing this video for the first time, four whole years ago.

Maybe you've seen it too; SuperDoodleMan's "Adventure" video from Melee. A demonstration of his "Perfect Control" hacking, featuring a Very Hard mode No Damage clear speedrun of Melee's Adventure Mode. Amazingly enough, the video is still on YouTube. Shocks me to this day.

If you've seen it, let's hear your thoughts on the video. If not, give 'er a watch. Definitely worth seeing. ^_^

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Omg, that guy is good. Good ol' Melee.