Paddy.......I Know You Lurk Here.....

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May 13 2018, 03:45 AM #1

....And because I know you lurk here, I hope you'll allow me to make a suggestion regarding one last money grab. We could codename it 'The Pension.'

We both know you have some time on your hands so here's what I want you to do: Remaster & reissue all the studio albums - one-by-one or as a box set - in LPCM 5.1 surround. I can't see you having the patience to do it as a box-set but I'm thinking you could crank out an album every two months. You could do it at home and let's face it, who better to curate this 5.1 project than the man who built the stuff in the first place. For guidance, see The Beatles (Sgt Pepper) or the recent XTC reissues, or any of the many many more by Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, REM etc etc etc

I'm thinking you could charge 30-quid-a-pop. Let's say you limit it to a worldwide run of 5000 for each album, at 30 quid = 150K-per-album x 10 studio albums = 1.5M.

OK, not a kings ransom, but a nice bit of extra for simply remixing your own masters.

Stew on it. I'll hang up and listen to your answer off air. 

Thanks for taking my call.