Merry Christmas & Thanks

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December 25th, 2014, 6:43 pm #1

I wanted to say Merry Christmas to all and Thanks for allowing me "as a potential customer" to post here in the customer forum.
I am a serious potential customer because as a machinist myself talks my language. Seeing the shop it happens in is excitement for me.

I'll most likely go dormant after this post unless there are replies to answer or a rifle I want is posted up.

So before I lay back and wait I want to report I switched back to the .177 bbl today on my R9 clone and think its my real preference.

I previously posted pics here of my little front porch "stay in shape" range out to 70yds. After a couple weeks of lobbing .22's down range I really enjoyed it. Going back to .177 yesterday I could really experience the contrast in the trajectory and hold overs required between the two.

I can only speak for my Tuned R9 Clone but with a 17 yard Zero, where I was holding over @70yds by 3-dots on a mill dot reticle in .22, I was holding over with a smidge over 1-dot in .177. That excited me.
It just got better as I went for the closer targets. I guess I am a .177 man. Actually I am a dual gun guy be cause I enjoyed the .22 a bunch. But if I had both calibers on hand the .177 would get the most attention. As I stand now that is.

I do some Crow pest control when I can and read a review post the other day how a person bragged about taking out a Crow @25 yards. Hmmmm..... if you can get at-or-within 25 yards of a Crow around here without a blind you are doing something. And once the blind reveals its purpose you may as well take it down. I use a call, I vary how and where I use it, and its lots of fun trying to convince smart crows to drop guard.

If there are no .177 offerings in my price range, I will request to send in a new R9 in .177 unless otherwise suggested to find a good used one.
And if I need to get that place in line going soon "Please" let me know.

In closing - Once More- Exactly where will you announce new merchandise? On a new forum post? On the main Webb-site home page? Heh, email?

Thank You, And Merry Christmas All

P.S. I'm sitting here posting on a forum on Christmas morning because I am dog sick with the cold/flu stuff going around the country and instructed Family to avoid at all costs.


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December 26th, 2014, 1:22 pm #2

I know its the holiday weekend so I dare not call. So when you read this .............?

I'm posting here to ask you to email me when I can call you for a 5 minute consultation when you open for business again.
Or you can just reply here to the email below with the skinny. I have a temp email 20202 at Your words on the matter or a message telling me when to call?

I have a birthday next month and my significant has been observing all my research. She wants get my face out of the PC by gifting me into getting a new current version HW95 in .177 now.
She wants to sit here and watch me order it from AOA.

I can only say, the iron is hot! For her to gift funds and wait months to see my joy takes the smile off her face. When I ran this by her she says "So you don't want one then?".
I need to catch the mood while its still swinging in this direction.

I would not want to purchase it and then hear you say if I had used one of your actions it would have been less costly, faster, etc.

Buy inspect and shoot until notified to ship to you?
Buy inspect and test fire and ship to you?

An ADV tune for optimum speed & trajectory as you see fit to balance it out as you do. Certainly no DE-tuning.
No cosmetic extras unless they are a standard part of the tune. We can always talk this over. I love a sleeper.
I would not want to tread on your artistic standards.


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December 27th, 2014, 12:36 am #3

You should probably go ahead and order yourself a rifle from AOA now if time is a factor. I'll be some time getting one done in the configuration you want. You can always send it in later when I catch up on my backlog.


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December 27th, 2014, 5:32 pm #4

Thanks Paul, I have a HW95 tracking number.

I have seen the subject title quote scenario in action may a time in my life. I heard that quote from a very wise friend in 1986 and have learned to recognize it since.

So, I have this very generous significant other, and she can be as finicky as generous she is about it. If she detects a lack of enthusiasm she will pull the rug on it so fast you will forget it ever happened.

So.......... I'm researching R9's and HW95's and get behind one evening in preparing for a dinner outing with friends with my face in the PC.
Because its Christmas I guess she says "Darn it man! Just pick one! I'll make it a Christmas gift if you will just do it and get ready!" "Here is my card, lets go, Chop-Chop".

Now...... I try to explain "What if Paul has a .177 action already and I can just get in line and wait, can I get the rain check?" Wrong....I get the "How long?". I shrug and say , no telling, he is in high demand, she says "Well if don't want it forget it, get dressed please".

Now I can see the confusion and feel the money (she buys rifle, I buy tune) slipping from my grasp and in a stroke of genius I remark, "Thank you my dearest, of course I want it, Lets talk about at dinner, we are late.

At dinner your message came through suggesting the go ahead. Perfect! I give her thanks and tell her we will call AOA this morning.
After a long hold time because of Saturday low staff its done.

The young man on the phone was nice and I asked him to make sure I get a recent build and he agreed, and I teased him about sifting through the inventory and pick out the best look wood.
Heh! I said sure, right, I'm good with the lottery pick, he says no sir, I'll look them over, and we crony check to make sure its functioning correctly with proper velocity and tolerable variances.

Mercy. Pinch me!?

I'll post her pics and my numbers soon. I hope we have similar tastes. Thanks Paul.