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Welcome to Spiritus! If you’re reading this you already know about NationStates, and now you want to get involved with this region. If you already have citizenship and just want to know where everything is on these forums, scroll down until you see the “Guide to the Forums” section. If not, keep reading:

The first thing you need to do is register for the forums and gain citizenship, to do this simply follow the instructions found here: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Spiritus/topi ... 018/1/#new Once your application is accepted, you will officially be a Citizen of Spiritus, also known as an Adan (the plural of which is Edain). Being an Adan allows you to take advantage of all the rights that they have, such as voting or running in elections, and being able to participate in every activity without having to worry about being locked out of something or not having your voice heard. Once you have done that, I also highly recommend joining our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/0f1TfJ6meJVxpVuL This is where Spiritans go to hang out and chat with each other, along with visitors from other regions. This is the best way to get to know your new Regionmates.
Guide to the Forums

Now that you’re all set, you probably want to know what all of these subforums mean. As you can see on the main page of the Forums they are split up into seven main sections:
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At the very bottom of the page are The Barrow-Downs, which are where all of the archived forum threads from the past are kept. Above that is Rohan, where suggestions or technical problems with the forums themselves can be brought up to the Forum’s administrators.

The five other realms are where the real meat of these forums are, however, so most of our time will be spent discussing these. The first three Realms each serve one specific function, and so each of their sections are split into two subforums: one is for carrying out whatever the function of that realm is, and the other is for the members of that realm to discuss the business of that Realm and how to better achieve its purpose. So, without further ado, here are the first three realms, starting from the top:
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The first Realm is called the Vales of Anduin, where people come to gain citizenship and become an Edain, as well as where new Edain come to learn about NationStates and Spiritus. Members of the realm are called Beornings and with their elected leader, the Great Chief, they are in charge of bringing new members onto the forums and mentoring them.
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Next is Arnor, where the cultural needs of Spiritus are met. “Culture” is a blanket term that covers a bunch of activities, from Roleplays and Forums Games to organizing Steam Game tournaments or Flash Game challenges, all of these things are organized or taken care of in this realm. The members of Arnor are the Dúnedain and they are led by the Chieftain.
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Bree-land is the Realm that keeps all of Spiritus' records. It is led by the Innkeeper. The other members of Bree-land are called the Bree-landers who help the innkeeper collect information on Spiritus to put in the record books. They also help to establish the mighty history of Spiritus, as well as crafting guides and announcements or news articles to distribute information to the region.
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The Fourth Realm, Dale, is slightly different from the first three is that it has two primary functions. The first, which happens in The Toy-Market section, is running roleplays specifically about running and being in a Government (ex. a Roleplay where everyone is a member of a Senate and discusses issues that a fictional country might face). The second function of the realm is the discussing and drafting of World Assembly proposals, and working with the Delegate of Spiritus to that effect. Members of this Realm are known as Bardings, and their leader is called the Master.
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These four main realms are fairly similar, they all serve a specific function and any citizen may join them to help out the region and these realms also all elect a leader to guide the realm. The fifth realm from the top of the forums, and the last one we need to cover in this guide, is Gondor. This realm is quite different in a few ways, most notably of course in its amount of subforum, but the differences run deeper. Gondor is the seat of Spiritus’ Government, and as such is where the different parts of the Government meet. Starting from the top we have the Osgiliath, which is where the Adûnaic League (the Legislature) meets. This is also where the laws of the Region can be found. Next is Minas Tirith, where the Executive Branch, led by the Steward and the Regent, can be found. After that is Cair Andros, where the White Council (the Judiciary) of the council meets, followed by Dol Amroth where the Military, known as the Allied Militias, is located. Finally there is The Great Guest-House where our Embassies from other Region are located. (More information on the different parts of the Government can be found in the soon to be written Government Guide).

That should give you a good overview of the Forums and assist with navigating the various subforums so you can find exactly what you need. Now that you know all this, you can learn more by reading the other guides in this subforums as well as simply exploring these forums and chatting with your region mates. I hope this has helped to answer any questions you may have had, and once again: welcome to Spiritus!
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