The Renegade - March/April Update

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The Renegade - March/April 2014

Sorry for the late update! March was a busy month for the Renegade Islands!

Great House Report

The Great House have held their internal elections. 4 senators will be representing the Great Houses for the next 3 month term. The houses have also met to produce more activities for the region and each house has seen a general increase in activity.

House Hamster has elected Scepez as its representative in the Senate. Captain Gutt, leader of House Hamster, has been name the Chairman of the Commerce Committee. He is working to develop a full-blown economic system for the RIA.

The Hamsters have not experienced much in terms of house population growth, but the internal activities as well as hosted activities within the region have been increasing.

Saint Kitten, founding member and king of House Kittens, has left NationStates. His departure has left a hole in Kittens leadership, which appears to have been filled by Acronius after an internal house Prime Minister election.

In other news, Senator Oxihydronia has gone inactive, vacating her senate seat. The Kittens have agreed to select Aetaris to replace Oxi for the remainder of the term.

"The Literary Art Thread" has become the hot spot for House Kittens. Everybody is welcome to post writing, quotes, or pictures to share with members of the house.

House of the Sauropods has been working hard to provide an environment of learning and education. There are a number of projects currently underway, and more planned for the near future. Things to keep an eye out for include:

- The revamp of the Library of Treason and Plot
- Alliance Tutoring, your real life studying service. Comes with its own chat room for real time homework assistance.
- The Lecture Hall, an up and coming project designed to provide access to great quality lectures from different areas of life.
- Becoming More Than A Spammer. Written by our very own Timothia, this will give new members an idea of how to get involved in the region
- The Creative Corner, a space for members to post poetry, stories, and other brilliant mind-creations.

Aside from that, the Sauropodians are hard at work learning about archery, making friends in Lichto's Lounge, and loving dinosaurs. Come and sit around the campfire with us sometime.

The Senate Report

The Second Senate of the RIA took office on March 15th, and immediately got to work. After proposing and discussing several bills they realized that the senate needed rules and organization, which has become the current focus of the legislative body. This senate term has been a busy one so far!

Senate Operations Act - The Senate Operations Act is designed to lay down the foundation for the senate's ability to govern itself in the future. Rather than push all internal rule changes through an internal vote, as well as a Grand Council vote, this act will only require the approval of the founder. The hope is that rule changes can be made more efficiently. The act was passed, with 3 votes in favor and 1 senator not voting. The act is currently being considered by the Grand Council.

Regional Holidays Act - This act seeks to legislate the observance of significant regional events, such as the anniversary of the region's creation or the advent of the Great House system. This proposal was later complemented by the introduction of the Holiday Operations Act, which explains the meanings of different types of holidays and how they might be observed.

Monetary Actions - Discussions started regarding the construction of the regional economy and how to best utilize our forum's money systems. Discussions were brief, however, and the senate has decided to wait until Captian Gutt introduces his design for the region's economy.

RIASF Update

RIASF sailors are staying busy, and our numbers continue to increase. Shizensky has been awarded the 50 Successful Missions ribbon, Tangaroan Islands has been awarded his 40 Missions ribbon, and the 10 Missions ribbon has been awarded to Scepez and Acronius. The increased activity has also led to promotions. The old GrottoBay, Kzaria, Acronius, and Scepez have all been promoted from Trainee to Sailor. Additionally, Tangaroan Islands has been submitted for consideration for promotion from Midhsipman to Commander, the second highest command rank in the RIASF.

Join us for our 10th Anniversary!

10 years ago, the Renegade Islands Alliance was originally founded as the Rogue Islands Alliance. While we may have changed names and government styles, several members of the first region became the founding members of the Renegade Islands. In order to celebrate our history we have decided to hold our 10 anniversary celebrations to coincide with the creation of our first home, the Rogue Islands Alliance.

The celebrations will include games, awards, prizes, and lots of spam! We will be hosting a Mafia/Werewolves game which will include real prizes, such as Bioshock Infinite! We're really looking forward to this and we'll be inviting all of our friends from across NationStates to join us! We'll make sure to post another announcement when we have a date set!

Population Report

The RIA continues to grow. Our population has passed 310, with few signs of slowing down. At our last count, 95 of these nations are members of the World Assembly and 60 of them are endorsing our delegate. These numbers do not count deployed RIASF sailors. The population increase has also translated quite nicely into activity; our daily average of logged in forum users is consistently above 30, and conversations are always carrying on in the NationStates RMB.

Our mentors and welcoming committees deserve a huge round of applause for all of the work they've been doing. They have put a lot of effort towards keeping new members engaged, which has immensely contributed to our increased activity. Thank you!

Thanks for reading! I know you guys get these reports all of the time, but we appreciate you taking the time to read it!

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Thanks for the update! Looks good :)

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Bioshock is so mine. :P

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