The Renegade - January Update

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The Renegade - January 2014
Happy new year! The sky's the limit as the RIA pushes forward onto bigger and better things!
New Constitution Ratified, Great Houses Introduced
The newest constitution has reformed the RIA government. Instead of electing senators to the executive Grand Council, senators will be selected from the three Great Houses. As the houses grow and gain influence over the region they will earn more representatives and a stronger voice in the Senate. So far the Houses have been met with open arms by citizens of the regions.

With the approval of the Houses comes the RIA's first Senate. House of Sauropods has selected long time members Lichto as their representative, Oxihydronia is representing House of Kittens, and Tangaroan Islands will serve as the senator for the House of the Regal Hamster. The senators have started their term by discussing the intricacies of the House Influence system and are working to create a fair ranking process.
RIA Special Forces Continues to Grow

The RIASF is adding members and posting new missions. Our total mission count has raised to 30 missions. Sailor pins have been awarded to Tangaroan Islands, Tierra de Madre, and HumanSanity. Sailors of the RIASF are always working to push their limits and improve their skills in order to compete with the best of them. The RIASF still remains active primarily during minor update, but major activity is slowly on the rise.
Werewolves 2 Ends - Another Foreigner Wins Steam Raffle!
Werewolves 2 - Vault 48, was themed after the vaults from the Fallout video game series. As such, the winner of the WW raffle was given a choice between Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition or Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition. Congratulations to Controlitia of 10000 Islands for winning the raffle and selecting New Vegas.

Vault 48 was an interesting game that mixed new and old players in a new setting. Confusion set in pretty quickly, guiding the new players towards near destruction and causing much frustration from the seasoned veterans. Luckily, one of those veterans was Controlitia, who ended the threat by using his power to remove the last Infiltrator before more Vault Residents could be injure.

Our next Werewolves game is expected to start pretty soon. We'll be offering 2 prizes this time for a winner and a runner-up - Left 4 Dead + Left 4 Dead 2 and Portal 2! You're invited to come by and join in on the fun!
Population Report
After a dip to 150 nations, regional population has started to climb again. We have spent the last while hovering in the area of 190 nations, with a very slow climb upwards. The population increase is also resulting in new members on the forum.

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Many thanks, Tanga.

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