Notice of Administrative Ban: Sam111

Joined: 10:17 PM - Feb 13, 2012

3:54 AM - Jan 28, 2018 #1

Notice of Administrative Ban
I regret to announce that the user Sam111 has been indefinitely banned from all Spiritus on-site and off-site entities.

A recent investigation in Europeia revealed an extensive amount of serial harassment by Sam111 towards another user, coupled with emotional abuse and manipulation. Taking this matter very seriously, I have reviewed the evidence that the Europeia Administrative Team took into account when making this decision and concur that it qualifies in every reason for an full Administrative Ban.

The health and safety of this community is paramount, and the removal of Sam111 ensures that similar behavior is not able to happen here.

Sam111 is welcome to directly message me on Discord with any sort of appeal, should he wish to do so.

Thank You.