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aka "The Machine" or "The Rubber Ducky Defender"
Best Up-and-Coming Defender 2015
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Ex-Regional Assembly Representative
Member of the 12th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th, and 19th Regional Assembly Sessions
Ex-Ambassador to The Independent Order and Audax
Ex-Cornicen of the Spiritus Defense Force | The Ex-Knight (Deputy Minister) of the Shield (Defense)
Present for the removal of the last (Real) TBR tag, Oct 17th 2015
Previously the Deputy Minister of Integration
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Renegade Islands Alliance
Ex-Security Officer (March 2016-February 2016
Ex-Delegate (October 2016-December 2016)
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Service to Spiritus Medal
Green Heart Award
Exaltation of Spiritus
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Red Dusk said wrote:Outta my shower! Now where'd my rubber duckie go.... >_>

NationStates Moderators said wrote:Rubber duckies in the shower? Doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose of a rubber ducky? Now, a rubber ducky floating in a nice bubble bath, on the other hand...
wrote:<@Salaxalans> I hate potatoes