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Wearing the designated blue uniform, Damon checked himself once more in the mirror at his home on Decatur Street. The uniform fit him well; his pants were neatly ironed and trimmed to fit him just perfectly. It was Damon's opinion that he pretty much looked good in anything, but he found himself admiring the new uniform and the new title. He glanced at his shirt pocket and found the Mariet insignia for Sheriff. Damon smiled a little, then gave his mirror a little nod as he went on his way to work for the first time.

Damon knew that there could be some conflict in the beginning; D was no stranger to that. He had hoped that he would be given at least a semi-decent reception, but was prepared for battle. He didn't quite understand the circumstances of the previous Sheriff's departure, other than the mayor had told him that it just didn't work out. With a bit of confidence in his step, Damon made his way to his car and began on his journey towards the police station.

Another reason that Damon fear conflict was the fact that he really didn't have much experience in law enforcement persay; he had knowledge of procedures, knowledge of police administration, and of course knowledge of the law, but he hadn't been a police officer, nor had any street credit or street smarts. D was hoping that the seasoned personnel could give him the time, patience and understanding that he needed to learn the ropes; he was a quick learner and would learn everything pretty quick. Still, there was that underlying fear that Damon wouldn't be given the time of day because of his less-than-newbie experience in the field.

Finding a suitable parking space was easy; at least it was for Damon; all he had to do was look for the spot that was labelled "Sheriff" and that was it. Damon smiled inwardly as he glanced at his watch, then looked onward at the large grey building. He knew he had a hard job ahead of him; the job carried so much more than just the average police department; his title wasn't chief of police; it was Sheriff. Five minutes before the time for Roll Call and Damon stepped out of his car and walked up the steps; "Here we go" the man thought to himself and then slowly opened the door.

There weren't many... or any people that he knew. Slowly, Damon walked past a few of them; he nodded and smiled a little. He could tell that they all knew who he was, at least what he was; he was the new Sheriff in town. With confidence in his step and the determination to do his job well, Damon walked over to the podium where he assumed Roll Call was always given, then he step his belongings down and cleared his throat before announcing, "Roll Call!"

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“So let me get that story again…”

Mariela was at the tail end of her night shift and she was at Desk Officer duty. The man in front of her was 40, looking like somebody’s grimy Dad that had just thrown on a button up shirt, mustache, and something obscure on his face that was not quite honest. When the new Sheriff had entered, she had been in the midst of all this so she had not bothered to eye him passing by like the rest of the Officers had.

“My niece is stalking me.”
“And she’s 14…”
“Yes. And she is out of control. Me and her Step-Father are real scared of what she is going to do. She keeps following us to start these screaming matches. She starts taking off clothes. She tries to seduce us, takes off her clothes in the livingroom and then she starts the screaming matches.”

Mariela’s face was like stone, but her tone of voice was clearly not one of empathy. It also did not lack a serious amount of sarcasm.

“You gotta help us. She is going to do something crazy, she threatened to bring a knife out and to hit us. She said she would call her boys and really f-us up.”

You couldn’t make this shit up.

Mariela’s face had been completely blank during the time she had heard the story with the man escalated into a frenzy. And then it had been blank while the man told his story again after she de-escalated him. But then it had broken with one quirk of her brow that told of her entire disbelief in the Dude’s story. Because there were men who could be victimized. And then there was this Dude.

But all in all, Mariela was not going to be like some officers who would outright crack jokes in the man’s face. No. She was just going to professionally, courteously and officially let this man know that he was an absolute idiot without so much as mentioning that word. It helped that Mariela had bothered to get some education under her belt. She made sure that Criminal Justice degree was earned while being in the New Orleans force, and she did know about the law she could enforce or impart to the constituents she had to serve.

“Listen are not in the right place.” She shuffled around and picked up a few papers from the shelves behind the desk. Out came a few flyers with information, addresses and contact info. Including directions from the precinct. “The only thing you can do is call 911 if the young lady gets out of control, destroys property or assaults you and there is proof that the young lady committed these crimes. But if she is really out of control, her mother can go to the circuit court and fill out a PINS petition so that the judge orders the young lady to behave properly. That stands for Persons in Need of Supervision. That is, if she has done any of the offenses in the PINS petition. Understood?”

“I think so. But Officer, this is have to pick her up…”

She was going to do no such thing. But no use losing her cool with this man. Mariela kept that face of someone who can meticulously assess a situation to its most intricate detail and feel confident dismissing what was nothing.

“Do you have any questions about calling 911, or what I gave you here?” After that sentence her finger went tap, tap ,tap over the paper to bring his attention back to the basics of their interaction. Also to let him know that nothing outside of the scope of what she had said would be further engaged.

“Have a good night, Sir.”

The man tried to talk again. He opened his mouth to say something else but then Mariela swept her hand from side to side in the air in front of her neck in the universal message of cut it off with a shake of her head and a mock mimicking of his gaping mouth.

“Have a good night.”

And amazingly Mariela completed another turn of Front Desk duties with no one losing a limb in the process.

Just then she heard the voice calling roll call from the podium at the conference space of the precinct used for training and roll call. Weird ass timing. Just as she had been finishing that glorious last complaint of nonsense at the crack of dawn. She would need at least some tea to do roll call at that particular point. Hopefully Riley would have gotten her something. Anything. A Diet Coke, even caffeine free so she could fool her system.

But even at that particular point of slap happy fatigue she was well put together in her uniform. She looked as officially belonging in that space as anyone would. Always sharp and on point with her uniform. And these days, there were some details of Mariela’s appearance that were more prominently attractive. It seemed every day she would arrive with a new thing to subtlely flaunt herself around. It would be something as simple as wearing lip gloss, sporting a new shade nail polish on her fingers (which she never bothered to do so before), or coming out of the locker room with a tight top all made of black lace where her black bra showed, that is along with her usual jeans and boots. That particular piece of outfit inspired the cat calls of all the bisexual/heterosexual male officers who began to give her a hard time.

(“Ricardo is going on a hot Date tonight!”)
(“Looking good Ricardo!”)
(“Yeah, yeah...fuck off”)

Today there had been nothing visual present in her appearance that was new, girly, weird or attractive. But she had decided to wear a particular Victoria Secret perfume from the Angels collection that had wafted around enough so she had gotten a few looks while she walked around and of course comments.

(“Wow, that’s exactly what I bought my girlfriend for Christmas at the mall. You ok Ricardo?”)
(“Just because I don’t want to smell like a horses’ sweaty ass like the lot of you do half the time.”)

Thankfully this interaction had happened earlier in the shift, before the new Sheriff had arrived to the precinct. By roll call, all the sensation had pretty much died down and she was reporting. She had picked up her mini pad and a pen from the front desk, had entered the meeting space and had stood at her usual spot on the opposite side of the room away from the door.

“Officer Ricardo here Sir.” The words casual, the curiosity not very present on her face. Except for the fact that she had done something akin to a double take that was typical of a person who was seeing someone new in front of her. They had word of the new Sheriff and she had been one of those officers who had gotten used to the Old Sheriff and his quirky way of liking and respecting her, that a new Sheriff was not like a breath of fresh air. But she knew this job got to people in the wrong kind of ways. And rumors were, the old Sheriff had personal business in his life that took more precedent to his work. She could definitely understand that.

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New sheriff…. the thought rolled around in his head over and over, so much so that he needed something to take his mind off of things. So he worked on paperwork, doing anything that would keep his mind busy. He even took a few people off the officers that were working from their desk this shift. It worked wonders and kept the workaholic busy. After all the thought of the new sheriff was irritating at this point he figured the city might as well find a person that would actually stay instead of quit a few months later.

When a guy came in and started walking down the row, he was busy doing some work on a case and he took a moment to look at the guy; thinking that he was here to see Ricardo or another officer on desk duty. What he didn’t expect the guy to have on was the sheriff badge making him take another moment to see was he was working with. His assessment made him want to take a smoking break, not liking what he saw, but instead he went back to work. It seemed the city had put a pretty boy as their sheriff… at least the bloke seemed to know he was in charge. Course he would have to prove it to this detective anyway.

Roll Call! The command made him want to be a little hard on the guy and not get up to do the roll. Something in his head though told him that it not only would go against one of his rules, it would also tell this guy that maybe he didn’t like doing his job. That wasn’t true for one second so he sighed and got up to stand in front of the guy with the standard blue uniform on. Detective Archer. Sir. Coming in and standing by Officer Ricardo.

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Virginia's day had started off on the wrong foot her breakfast had been interrupted by some buffoon who had knocked over her coffee all over her white blouse. This set off a chain that saw her seeing red now the man sat in the holding cells for assaulting an officer and that added to her mountain of paperwork. “God damn it, stupid man. “ She cursed storming into the squad room and over to her desk. Opening the left hand draw she took out a clean cream tee-shirt and just took off her dirty one, she had her bra on and to her that was as good enough as a bikini top and she quickly changed her shirt. Dropping the dirty one into the draw of her desk to take back and wash that night. She didn't care about any one else but did catch a glimpse of Mariela out the corner of her eye. She could tell she was some what perturbed by the comments from the men in the locker room.

Virginia didn't pay them any attention in fact she had cornered one or two and told them to cool it around both of them or she would lay them on there ass and not think twice about it. Slipping on the cotton tee shirt and began to go threw the files on her desk each stacked in an order only known to her. She took down the first one and then flipped it closed as she watched as a man who she thought of as a biker walked past her desk and smile at her, she just followed him with her eyes. She then heard the dulcet tones of a male calling roll call from across the squad room. She watched as several of the others walked over all wearing there dress uniform and her with out one. Standing she walked over and stood her arms crossed now across her chest. Jeans tee-shirt and her usual black boots were her calling as she never wore blues as she saw the others wearing.

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"First off, good morning. I understand a lot of you are here to begin your shift and so take a moment to get yourself a cup of coffee, settle down with a donut, or however you start your mornings. There's a lot to cover before we get underway with our day." Standing in front of everyone, Damon couldn't help but sense there was a mixture of emotions and feelings at seeing a new Sheriff; it wasn't something that many could get used to that quickly, but he wasn't going to let a mixed bag of emotions in the department affect his ability to do his job effectively.

"Secondly, for those who don't know, I'm the new Sheriff; Damon Zerga. I know I don't know many of you, but I hope that changes very quickly and I get to know you, as well as you get to know me. I'm fairly structured and like things neat and tidy, but otherwise I'm sure you'll see I can also be very understanding. I'm no teddy bear though." Damon chuckled softly, mostly to himself as he said that; it was a bit of a white lie because he could definitely be a teddy bear, but just not in the workplace, and certainly not in any police department. He was going to be strict, structure and professional all the way with his duties and responsibilities as the new Sheriff.

"I have a lot of damage control to do, so we'll see how things fair, but I'm here for the long-haul. I don't know the circumstances of your old Sheriff's departure and I needn't know. I'm here now and it's time to get this department in shape." The mayor had been very vague with Damon about the circumstances of the previous Sheriff's departure, so it was unclear exactly the extent of the damage control which he'd need to tend to, but he was sure that he'd find out as quickly as he could, and it probably wouldn't take long before he came to his first challenge in this position.

"With the introductions concluded, let's begin with the roll..." Damon started to spout out names of officers and detectives due to begin their shift; some of which were there and others were not. He made a mental note for those that weren't so that he could investigate why and possibly retrieve their jackets in order to make the necessary filings. "Officer Ricardo, good...Detective Archer, okay..." He continued until he reached to Detective Benson. "Detective Benson, Virginia Benson?" and then waited for some sort of response before continuing.

"We have the numbers for those in booking this morning? I have the ones for the jail; any reports worth mentioning?" Damon continued with business as usual, going down the list of everything which he felt was important. He could tell that a few were beginning to get antsy and perhaps hadn't been involved in such a lengthy roll call, but since this was the first he felt as though it was important to go through all the details; maybe the ones after wouldn't be as extensive.

"Special assignments and under-covers are to be disclosed in person, in my office after roll. By the way, my door is always open, unless I am in the middle of a conference, interrogation or the mayor's calling, then you can pretty much come on in. Unless there's any questions, then have a good day and stay safe everyone." With everything said, Damon tucked his notes away, then glanced around the room for a moment before firmly saying, "Dismissed."

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That specific drop that happened after a graveyard shift with more than a decent amount of coffee was taking over at the forefront of Mariela's head. All she wante was to grab a Coke as soon as roll call was over. She nodded a greeting to agent Archer when he stood next to her. Her attention danced back and forth from the Sheriff to the newcomers to the room. One in particular got noticed more, and that was agent Benson. She had to brief her on what she had entered tonight about her last evening under-cover. She nodded a second greeting to het that evening, since they had already passed each other. Agent Benson was grouchy lately, but she acted real decent to Mariela. She had even stood up against some of the bantering she received earlier. Women always needed to have each others back inside of Precincts in a real solid way. It didn't always happen come promotion time, but there were always women who looked passed that interest over offering support. It was nice to see Benson was one of those women. Even if both women had stand off natures that would not permit them to express that easily.

After everyone was in, her focus turned to the new Sheriff. His words were more eye opening and confusing than he would realize. Mariela was a woman who usually preferred to keep her expressions solidly hidden. Her eyes always seem to be glaring at others, unless she was flirting. Of course, that's what people thought until they were unfortunate enough to be provided with one of her real glares. His insights about the situation with the old Sheriff were bizarre to her. Really, after having to work the NOLA PD, Mariet seemed like rink a dink town.

When she was loopy, it was not the time to try and analyze new insight. These were the moments when she realized she needed a day off to do a few drawings, cruise in her Mustang and have a good beer waiting at home.

And she still had to brief Benson. But then she was informed in a round about way that she didn't have just an Agent to brief, the new Sheriff wanted a brief now too. Great. Her body language usually erect, slumped shoulders by a noticeable milliliter with an exhausted yet hardly audible sight.

When they were released Mariela took a few steps over towards Virginia and paused. What she wanted to express was (wow, did that guy just 'get off' dismissing us?). But she didn't say that. That was a joke to share with Riley later on. What she did say was:

"I had to brief you about the last undercover shift anyways. Should I go with you to see the Sheriff?" Arms crossed in front of her chest in Mariela's usually guarded pose.

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Virginia watched the man walk in front of them as if they were back on parade when he stopped and looked at her she smiled for a moment then leaned back from him “That's my name..Sir. “ she said and scowled at him as he passed by her she saw Mariela and shook her head, sighing as she reached into her pocket. She walked over to Mariela and placed a can of cola in her hand. “ Here, picked it up on my way in, don't need you falling asleep on me now.” she said to her as she passed her by patting her shoulder. Virginia walked to the new..Sheriff’s office and stood looking at him “Well here I am, go ahead...sheriff” she added the last word like it was venom.

She had applied for sheriffs position but been turned down having been told to gain more experience first this bit at her like stepping on a bed of nails. Though at the time she had understood there thoughts now she did not and was hating that she had been walked over and this...Man had walked in and taken the job out from under her. “ We have an embezzlement case that's on going, two drunks sleeping it off and a possible suicide, but all in all very quiet.” she told him and waited for Mariela to join them both. In her mind all she could think of was of walking out and just to tell him to leave her alone to do her job. She hated all this pomp and ceremony that he was obviously into.

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