Just Another Day

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"Yo, Nicky boy, where you off to?"

Nick turned slowly, his scowl deepening as he saw the mischievous look in the other boy's eyes. It takes a trouble maker to know one... And Nick knew this boy was looking for trouble. Well, he'd found it.

"Well I was just about to go to class." Nick drawled, causally pulling his hands out of his pockets just in case things got physical. "Isn't that where you should be?"

"Nah, class is fer pansies." The other boy said with a wave of his hand. "Anyways, there ain't no way an idiot like you could learn anything, even if'n you did go ta class. Your brains've been bashed in by too many soccer balls." The boy laughed and tapped his head, making a face for his two cronies benefit.

Nick resisted the temptation to roll his eyes but it was difficult. Really if you put these three knuckle heads together you probably wouldn't even come up with half a brain. He considered saying as much, but he really did need to get to class. He couldn't afford to play hooky again, and getting in a fight here would not do much to convince the principle to not kick him out. He was already walking on thin ice as it was.

Instead he smiled at the boys, his eyes hard and lifted up a hand to run it through his hair. The smile was that of a shark's and the raised arm allowed his biceps to stand out under the thin material of his long sleeve shirt. "You may be right there..." He said slowly, giving himself time to stare into each boy's eyes one at a time. The look said, You don't want to climb this tree. "But I guess I should go try what I can huh boys? You should probably do the same. Oh, hey, is that Mr. Wilder?"

Nick allowed himself a small grin of satisfaction as the boys blustered some excuses and hurried off as quickly as they could. That was easier then he thought. He kept forgetting how gullible the kids in this school were. He blinked and looked around, hoping no one had been around to witness his little performance.