J.L. Shedd's Zoo of Mariet

The Zoo is a new addition to Mariet and it's somewhat small. There is a reptile house that has various different snakes, a pair of Nile monitors and a pair of caimans. The remaining enclosures are outside. The animals include a Bengal tiger pair, a male and two female lions, a maned wolf pack, a heard of bongos, gazelles, giraffes, zebras, warthogs and gorillas. Eleven species isn't bad for only a few years up and running. Due to the relatively small size of the zoo, the landscaping and the overall care of the animals is wonderful. Scenic and clean, J.L. Shedd, the founder has done Mariet proud and even managed to bring a few desperate tourists in! There is even a small petting zoo and farm in the back for the younger children to interact with animals. Fun for the whole family!

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