Blade Icewood Killed In Detroit Rap War?

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Blade Icewood Killed In Detroit Rap War?

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SOHH Exclusive: Blade Icewood Killed In Detroit Rap War?
Thursday - April 28, 2005
by Carl Chery

Seven months after being paralyzed by gunshots, Detroit rapper Blade Icewood was recently fatally gunned down in the city's west side in an apparent rap war.

Blade Icewood aka Darnell Lyndsey, 27, was paralyzed from the chest down after being shot this past September. On Tuesday night, Icewood was sitting in a wheelchair aboard his silver Range Rover when an unidentified gunman pulled up next to the vehicle and opened fire into the truck. The incident took place at West 7 Mile Road and Faust. The driver of the Range exited the vehicle as shots rang out. Icewood was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have no suspect in the murder. Detroit sources have revealed that Icewood of the Street Lordz Chedda Boyz and Wipeout aka Antonio Caddell of the East Side Chedda Boyz were feuding over the "Chedda Boyz" name. Both men were aspiring rappers and leaders of their respective rap crews. Wipeout was reportedly killed outside of a Detroit club last September. Sources say Icewood was blamed for the murder and shot and paralyzed two days later. Just last week, Blade released a song targeting the deceased Wipeout. Blade was killed this Tuesday.

The two murders appear to be the latest acts of violence in an ongoing Detroit rap war. Detroit police said that they were probing a potential link between Wipeout's murder and a feud between the East Side Chedda Boyz and the Street Lordz Chedda Boyz.

"Now people in the hood are saying the East Side Chedda Boys killed Blade because of the [diss] song Blade made and now all these people talking it's going to be a bloody summer," a source told "East Side of Detroit vs the West Side of Detroit, I hope it doesn't happen."

The crime scene where Blade Icewood was killed on Tuesday was less than a mile from a venue where the rapper hosted a nonviolence gathering last year, two months prior to his first shooting. Though he appeared in the rally, Icewood's subject matter focused on drugs, money, sex, guns, gangsters and predictions of his own untimely death.

"You'll never catch me. And if a hater just happen to stretch me, my funeral line, two miles long, all stretchies," he detailed on one song.

Blade was nominated in three categories in the 3rd Annual Detroit Hip-Hop Awards to be held this coming Saturday. Many music insiders in Detroit felt that he was on the verge of becoming a nationally reputed artist. According to Platinum Records manager Nicole Shakoor, 32, heads flocked to the store to purchase Icewood's recording material the day after he passed. Shakoor reportedly sold out all his music by noon that day.

During the September shooting, gunmen broke into an Oak Park apartment and began firing shots. Blade suffered critical wounds which resulted in partial paralyzation. According to Sergeant Mike Pinkerton of Oak Park police, no one was arrested in connection to the September shooting and Icewood refused to help investigators. Pinkerton also said that he provided Detroit police with information, but that he wasn't contacted in regards to Tuesday's shooting.

"Looks like somebody finished what they started. ... It seems kind of obvious that somebody had some sort of vendetta," Pinkerton told the Detroit Free Press.

Icewood and The Street Lordz' album Platinum Masterpiece: Original Chedda Boyz features Juvenile, Beanie Sigel and Baby aka The Birdman.