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((Alessio Rigano continued from Cooking Up Trouble))

Finally, Alessio could rest. Finally he could rest while he had the most important thing he could use. His hands. Walking in the asylum freed from the straightjacket was a way different feeling than walking while he had them on. Still, it did not change the fact that he was stuck in a bigger straightjacket - SOTF. It had been days he'd been stuck in that straightjacket and he had no hopes of getting out of it the next day. It was dragging. He did not want to spend another night here, he did not want to sleep here. He wanted to go back home.

The boy whose hair become quite messy during the days on the island, walked through a familar corridor, then went to a familiar room.

This is where it happened. This is where the bullshit with Maria and Michael started.

He looked on the ground and found what he was searching for, what he was missing. His gun. It was useful, he did not risk his life when attacking Astrid for no reason. So, he picked it up to put it in the pocket. It's not as deadly as his sword, but even more threatening.

But gladly, he had something to use, gun aside. This time, he finally had a weapon. A real one. Not a pickaxe, not a fake gun. A sword. He did not know how to handle them, but he had killed with it. The blades did not look clean, though. Perhaps he should clean them if he goes alongside the coast.

He knew he would not be welcomed and hugged by his classmates once they meet him. He knew that they don't trust him. But that's fine. He could trust no one here either.

Alessio wanted to build a trap in this room, but could not think of one. He did not know how to smartly play safe. To not fight, risking his life.

It smelled horribly here, too. He needed fresh air.

Perhaps he'll find a different location. So he strolled out.

He wondered what the other people thought about him being on the announcements. If they judged him as hard as Maria, or if they were relating more with him.

He already saw how Coleen reacted. He knew everybody he meets will antagonise him. He's the bad guy. Bullshit. As if the people's main concern here was whether someone was good and evil. He knew how Maria spoke, she was totally crazy. She was looking for justice, even though she, like anyone else, main concern should be survival. They don't judge him as evil. They judge him as dangerous. And that's not bad, he developed, he was stronger now. The Alessio who was abducted would have been killed in a second in a confrontation. He lived dangerous, he lived brave. He did not cry now. He was rational. But, even now he wants to be emotional, wants to cry, to regret, to hate his actions. Perhaps it will go away once he's out of here.

If he meets a person, there might a chance he doesn't have to fight them. Maybe he could meet friends, who can protect him, talk him out of killing, let him be a little teenager boy, defend him if another person accuses him of being a murderer, stop killing. Perhaps he doesn't need to rush cutting down the numbers of the students to let the game end. Perhaps he will find a group or person that he would like to spend his rest of his life with, slowly. Perhaps there's a group who plays games and has fun while everybody around them is dying, farming good memories. But he found no one of that sort yet. Alessio has played with his rubik's cube, but he never experienced fun here. There was a person he'd have loved to spent the rest of life on this island with, he could've died happily here. Unfortunately that person was a b-bitch.

But maybe there was hope, to find another person, a friend, better than her. Perhaps Noah, Lily, Raina or anybody else. Noah would be fun to hang out with, he saw him, he was in a group and he had not killed anyone yet. He knew there were people here who'd tolerate Alessio. He could tolerate everyone here, too. Even the killers, he doesn't hate them for killing. If Nancy decides to kill to survive, sure. That are the conditions set by the terrorists. Sure, the other people here won't trust him, be worried, be afraid, but there were people who would accept that he wants to live, right? The majority of the remaining people are more angry at the terrorists than at him, right?


((Alessio Rigano continued in Let it Die))