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((Cammy Davidson continued from You're Driftwood))

Cammy sat on the floor, trying to make sense of the announcements that had occurred. Garrett, the one who started the idea, was dead. Just like that. She sat a small distance away from the dead bodies that were in the area. She sat in a ball position, clinging onto her legs and just staring at the wall on the other side of the room. Ever since she woke up from the announcements, she counted at least 20 Buster Bunnies on the closest bed sheet and 5 drawings of houses on the wall. She also noticed at least five dents in the wall opposite her as well.

She knew she was probably going to have to meet up with the others soon. She wasn't sure how much time had passed, but they had to meet at the aviary. What was she supposed to say to them? She had been doing nothing for the past few hours? She couldn't tell them how badly Garrett's death affected her. Not after bringing them into the strategy in the first place. She couldn't tell them her doubts, the thoughts that she knew were there. The thoughts of her changing. No.

She had to be strong. She was Cammy Davidson. She couldn't let those thoughts dictate her actions. She needed to be positive. The thoughts of killing. She only had to kill those that justly deserved it. That way, they could stop the deaths or at least delay the sheer number of them. They allowed her to go through with the actions and stay strong. She knew she was doing the right thing.

She was doing the right thing. She was doing the right thing. She was doing the right thing. Repeat ad infinitum. She knew this was the right thing. She had to purge the other thoughts from her mind. She couldn't stop now. Not now.

Footsteps echoed around the room and Cammy looked towards the entrance. As the footsteps got louder, she saw the diminutive figure of Sharon Austin appear in the door way.

- - - - - - -
((Sharon Austin continued from Detritus))

Sharon had withdrew Adam's sword as she walked up the steps. She had no qualms about taking the weapon from the now dead student, it was more sturdy than her 2x4 to be sure. She kept that weapon in her bag as she had left her bike around the entrance, hiding it within some nearby bushes so that others wouldn't have the temptation to steal it.

Once she had reached the third floor, she entered one of the rooms. Hearing sounds from her right, Sharon quickly turned to see the sight of Cammy Davidson. As soon as she saw her, Sharon stepped backwards and grabbed her sheath harder. She looked like a feral animal, covered in blood, dirt and whatever the hell else got on her during her time on the island. She had a crossbow in her hands. It was also conveniently aimed at her.

Sharon quickly racked her brains. She had never heard Cammy's name in the announcements. That could mean that she wasn't killing anyone and she was just protecting herself from possible attackers. She also appeared to be alone.

"Are you playing the game?" She heard Cammy call out, noticing the intimidating glare on the armed girl's face. Sharon raised an eyebrow. Was this girl serious?

"My name hasn't been on the announcements and I'm not covered in blood, so I would assume that I'm not." Sharon replied back, watching the girl sigh in relief to herself and lower her weapon. Of course she would lie about that. Who in their right mind would say yes to a question like that?

She watched Cammy put down her weapon. Sharon couldn't help but be somewhat envious of her weapon. After all, it had range, something that she had been lacking for nearly all of the game. If was really was going to go through with this, she was going to need as much firepower behind her as she could get. If she was smart, she could get the weapon from her.

Luckily for her, she was smart.

- - - - - - -

Cammy continued to look at Sharon as she approached her. She looked pretty bad, but not as bad as she did. For one thing, she didn't have blood on her. She did have an alarming number of weapons on her though, including a sword and what looked like a piece of plank that was jutting a little bit out of the other girl's bag. Yet she did say she wasn't playing. She probably was just being overly cautious.

"Mind if I ask why you're covered in blood?" Sharon asked her as she sat in front of her. Cammy sighed to herself as she laid her weapon to her right side. Adopting a cross-legged position, she sat up a little bit and took a breath.

"I watched two people die in front of me. Alex and Carlon. I tried to save Alex's life, but to no avail." Her voice trailed off towards the end and her eyes drooped down onto the floor.

"Damn..." Cammy heard Sharon mumble to herself. She didn't look at Sharon as she drew circles on the floor with her index finger. She stayed quiet for a moment, waiting for a response from Sharon as she continued to circle her finger on the floor. While she heard Sharon made a few movements, she never said anything. The silence was a bit unsettling for Cammy though so she decided to quash it.

"Do you have a plan on how to proceed in the game?" She asked Sharon, deciding to look up at her and give her a smile.

"I dunno, stuff I guess." Sharon replied, the response irking Cammy a little. She could do with a little bit more of a response on Sharon's end. Right now it was a one-sided conversation and it was slowly starting to annoy her.

"Well, some friends and I are going to hunt down players." Cammy remarked giving Sharon a small smile before looking down at the floor and repeating the circular gesture with her finger. "It was originally Garrett's idea, but he's dead now..." Her voice trailed off towards the end as she started to make crosses on the floor. She heard Sharon move a little more and she thought she heard some odd sounds, but she still wasn't saying anything. She might as well continue talking.

"In any case, we reckon that if we kill the killers, then the number of deaths would slow down and we could have more time to come up with a plan. It's a win-win situation since not only do we get extra time, but we also get rid of the most dangerous people on the island. In any case, we were planning on meeting up at the aviary. Since you don't seem to have any concrete plans, why don't you join us?" She looked up and was going to give Sharon a smile before realizing that the other girl had taken her sword and was aiming it at her.

"I think I'll pass." She heard Sharon reply as the blade quickly moved forward and got lodged in her stomach. She felt the blade break through her skin and pierce her stomach. Cammy let out a high-pitched wail as intense pain suddenly ignited where the blade pierced her body. Almost as quickly as the blade went in, Sharon pulled it back out again and stood up. Cammy could feel the blood flowing out of her body and she quickly moved her hands over the wound in a pathetic attempt to somehow prevent all the blood from escaping her body.

"I know how long it can take, so I'll make this quick." Sharon commented. Cammy looked up and was about to say something to her.

Then she felt a pain in her neck.
- - - - - - - -

Sharon almost immediately let go of the sword after she swung the blade right into her neck as she felt some blood splatter her face. She had to back away from the body as she watched the life drain away from the girl's eyes and her body slump onto the floor. She felt her body shaking as a pool of blood started to slowly form around Cammy. The sword was still lodged within her neck, unable to go completely through the bone. What might have contributed to that was that Sharon was still shaking, even though she had committed the crime.

The deed was done.

Sharon crumpled onto the floor, staring at the lifeless body. She had actually killed her. She did it. She thought it would be harder. She thought she would put up more of a fight. She thought she would have to try harder. All she had to do was prepare her weapon while Cammy wasn't looking. She was so busy talking to her, she didn't even notice her.

Why was she having this reaction to a girl she barely knew? Cammy was a track star. That was all she was to Sharon. At the same time, she was also human, like her.

After a few moments of taking deep breaths, Sharon had finally stopped shaking. She continued to breathe heavily, trying to calm herself down. It was too late to panic. She had already decided to do this. It wasn't like she could do anything else, but that wasn't an excuse to act like this.

Judging from what she told her, Cammy was delusional. Sharon knew that any hope of being a "good guy" or "breaking the game" was just an exercise in futility. A problem did rise in that she had just told her that there existed a group that were hunting down players. Especially considering that Sharon just killed one of their allies, she would probably shoot up on the target list.

Announcements weren't until the next day. That meant that she had to make a move before they realized something was up. If she waited, it could mean that a group of people would be breathing down her neck throughout her time on the island, increasing the likelihood of her death coming sooner rather than later.

She had to disassociate herself from the game. She had to separate her mind from the actions. She had to tell herself it was necessary so that she didn't have a similar reaction to the one she just had.

Once Sharon had felt calm enough, she stood up and moved over to the body. Firstly, she withdrew the sword, the blade now covered in blood, and put it back in the hilt. Her shoes had to step in the puddle, but it was a necessary evil. From there, Sharon systematically went through all of Cammy's things. The only weapon she had was the crossbow and bolts. Though the crossbow had blood on the bottom of it, she still picked it up and put it in Cammy's bag. She'll check through the rest of her stuff later.

Picking up Cammy's bag, she held it a safe distance so that she could prevent the blood from getting all over her clothes. She switfly walked out the building, leaving behind a blood trail of footprints and droplets of blood in her wake.

((Sharon Austin continued elsewhere...))
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