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[[OOC: Hey guys, sorry for the wait. Stuff will be quick from my end from now on. GM-approved. If there are any concerns, let me know.]]

Kyran was caught off guard by the force of Alba's shove. He stumbled backward and crashed sideways onto the lunch table, where he landed directly into the lunch trays that were there, sending a wave of vibration throughout, which in turn knocked down the can of orange soda and other drinks along with a few other pieces of food indirect to his fall. Kyran slid over the surface of the table, the contents of the lunch and spilled drinks acting as a lubricant of sorts, knocking back the trays to the edges of the table. He could hear the clatter of a few of those trays as he found himself almost slipping off the opposite end of the table from which Alba had shoved him.

It was like middle school all over again. The bully shoving him down in front of everyone. Kyran could feel the eyes of every student in the lunch room staring at his table, some even getting up to get a closer look at the action and see his shameful situation. He lifted himself up, feeling smashed meat balls, gravy and white mash all over the front and side of his short sleeve over-shirt. Kyran could feel his temperature rise as he stared in Adonis's direction. He wanted to hit the other boy for making him look like a wimp and shoving him. His father always told him that a man should be tough and not let anyone walk all over them. His mother on the other hand didn't appreciate that philosophy. However, this was one of those moments where he would be justified in that case. Maybe his mom would understand.

Brad was turning even more attention onto them, as he started shouting and berating Adonis and even threatening to tell the teachers about it. All Kyran could think of was: Really? Brad wanted to run off and tell a teacher that people were breaking rules? The chess club kid was definitely a goody two shoes. He could respect that course of action as his mother always did, but this just wasn't the way that Kyran wanted it to all end. It wasn't his style to have a teacher handle it for him. He could take care of his own problems.

Then an idea came to him when Adonis answered back to Brad. Rachael and Arthur started saying something, but it might as well have been drowned out as Kyran directed all his own attention to the bully. His hand went to the section of mashed potatoes smeared across the table and he rolled it up into a ball. He looked at Adonis who was completely distracted by Brad and then looked at his friend Gray with a crooked half smile, mixed with some visible annoyance.

"Watch this."

The young baseball player aimed and then launched the ball of mashed potatoes with his pitching arm toward Adonis's oblivious face.

Then something magical happened. He didn't know exactly happened, but Gray shouted something outloud and suddenly the commotion in the cafeteria spread even outside their table to other surrounding tables. Sloppy Joe sandwiches, pudding, spaghetti, and whatever else on the menu began flying through the air from the other students of various grades and ages looking to take advantage of their situation to have some fun. It was like a scene straight out of Animal House.

Kyran however was still focused on Adonis. He quickly moved forward to where his former football teammate was standing and shoved him back in retaliation, right into the same table of food which Adonis had shoved Kyran onto just a few minutes earlier.

"Hit me again. I dare you."

Alba stood up from the table, a pissed look on his mashed potato covered face as he stared at Kyran, flexing his muscles and gritting his teeth in an attempt to intimidate him.

"Yeah, what if I do?" Adonis said in response.

Kyran rolled up his long sleeve undershirt to where his short sleeve over-shirt met his elbows and kept steady eye contact with the other boy.

"Find out."

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Mr. Danya
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The situation had been escalating rapidly but when Adonis shoved Kyran it exploded. Brad yelled loud enough to get the attention of everyone in the canteen; he also implicated Gray in everything as well. Kyran had slid across the table and almost fell off in front of Gray. Gray leapt to his feet mostly because Adonis had pushed Kyran over but the wave of food and drink sliding his way added some incentive.

Brad then tried to threaten Adonis by saying he would get a teacher involved. Alba was past the point where he would care about that. Not that he cared to begin with. Gary could understand why Brad was trying to threaten Adonis with a teacher, because if things did get violent someone would have to clean Brad up from off the floor.

As Kyran started to push himself up Rachael announced that she was leaving and asked them all not to lose it. Well that's what Gray got for trying to make sure she was left in peace. Looking back he should have just picked Rise Against and have been done with it. If he'd have done that Adonis would never had flipped out and Kyran wouldn't have ended up being shoved across a table. This was exactly why Gray didn't like Adonis. It didn't look like Gray was ever going to get a thank you or any recognition from here at all either. That was rude. She could have at least said something.

As Kyran was pushing himself back up though he turned to Gray with a smile on his face.

"Watch this."

Then he turned and threw a ball of mashed potato straight into Adonis's face. Gray's brain quickly started working a plan that would hopefully get him and Kyran off the hook. It only meant getting everyone else involved, but then again everyone was looking anyway. All he had to do was say two words. Plus it was a once in a lifetime deal and there was always just the cheap thrill. Gray cupped his hands to his mouth a yelled at the top of his lungs.


That was when the magic happened, everyone in the cafeteria started to throw food around. The air became full of food. Gray leaned to the right to dodge a cluster of spaghetti that was flying towards his head. For a few moments Gray had a smile on his face and then he turned round to see Adonis with mashed potato on his face which made him laugh outright. Then Kyran followed up by pushing Adonis onto the table. It seemed like something was going to go down but at this point Kyran at least had the food fight going on to distract everyone from what was going on. He hopped over the table to find that Kyran and Adonis were squaring off against one another. From the look of it a fist fight was about to start and Gray was not going to get in Kyran's way if he wanted to take Adonis out. In fact Gray would welcome that. So he was happy to sit back and only jump in if it looked like Kyran needed help.
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((GMing approved by Psychadelic.))

Adonis Alba had been hit in the face with mashed potatoes. He did not like getting hit in the face with mashed potatoes. He was pissed off, and he was going to make sure that Kyran Dean regretted ever throwing that handful of potatoes. He didn't pay any attention to the erupting food fight happening around him. He was completely focused on Kyran. Kyran had actually dared Adonis to hit him. Adonis smirked. Kyran had just made the worst decision of his life.

As soon as Kyran finished speaking, Adonis looked at him for a moment before throwing a right hook at his face. His fist collided hard with Kyran's cheek, stunning him. The last time he hit somebody like that, the guy ran away like a scared deer. Surely Kyran wasn't going to actually fight Adonis. He would get slaughtered! Adonis looked at Kyran and chuckled.

"There. I hit you. Whatcha gonna do about it?"

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Over time, Arthur had developed a myriad of ultra-specific, trivial skills, whether it be an eye for detecting gratuitous adverb usage in otherwise enjoyable books or keeping a sense of proportion when drawing the human hand. Today’s most valuable skill proved to be reflexes far beyond what he normally considered himself capable of, so long as they pertained to keeping his books clean. From the instant Adonis sent Kyran flying across the table, Arthur bent forward and shielded the Book of the New Sun from errant particles that would irrevocably stain it forever.

For a moment, he thought it was safe. Then Gray had the bright idea of calling for a food fight, and against all of Arthur’s expectations, it worked! He had no idea that people actually started food fights in real life on cue. Wouldn’t there be more people like him in the cafeteria, people who just wanted to eat in peace and not get caught up in roughhousing, dick-swinging bullshit like this? Apparently not. Apparently the cafeteria was full of nothing but pent-up aggression and juvenile mischief-making waiting for some kind of spark to give it an excuse to cut loose. There wasn’t much time left in Arthur’s high school curriculum, but he would never spend any lunch hour of it in the cafeteria ever again.

So he swore while he hid underneath the table, striking a balance between hurry and care in securing his book back in his pack. As soon as he pulled the zipper shut, he looked back up at Rachael, eyes wide. “Come on, follow me!” he said, before darting out from under the table and out the nearest exit.

Now what would he do for lunch?

((Arthur Wells continued in Encyclopedia of Ignorance))
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Brad considered himself fortunate that Kyran had sprung up to confront Adonis. Things had been looking a little hairy, despite his best efforts to defuse the situation, and the young chess enthusiast had, no doubt, been a step away from needing reconstructive surgery. Not that Kyran was much help though, as he had only sparked more conflict, sending the entire room into a flurry of mildly inedible foodstuffs.

To Brad's credit, he'd managed to get most of himself away from the table before a yogurt cup had come flying in. Nonetheless, even as he stumbled sideways, he could feel an icky feeling on his exposed lower leg, soon to be followed up by something gooey (which he would later identify as jello) striking him right in his hair. The surprise and revulsion destabilized his already-precarious footing, and he crashed to the ground on his back, scampering backwards on all fours from the center of the disaster.

"Jeez," he thought to himself as he stood back up, taking cover against the wall closest to the doors. "If I'd known this'd happen, I'd have just let Gray and Adonis go at it."

It wasn't any moral or philosophical code that set off Brad against food fights, per se, so much as it was his desire to keep his blond hair looking nice. There were very few things that Brad cared about when it came to his public image, but he'd rather lose his arms than damage his hair. And so, without too many regrets, Brad inched his way to the doors. Along the way, he glanced over and noticed that somebody had smeared their mashed potatoes all over his hand-drawn poster sometime during the confusion. He couldn't really say to himself that it was accidental.

(Brad Poole continued elsewhere)

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Everything was packed up, and Rachael was ready to go. Her lunchbox was in her bag, and she was about to place her book in her sweatshirt pocket. That's when Kyran threw mashed potatoes in Adonis's face. Rachael gasped. She realized that if this was at the wedding the characters in her book were attending, this was the moment the musicians pulled out the crossbows.


The gates of Hell had opened. Rachael screamed and threw herself under the table, her hands clenching her book. She watched as the students around her began to toss food in the air. She saw her classmates become covered in meatloaf and milk. She turned to her side and realized that Arthur had the same idea as her.

Come on, follow me!

"R-right!" she shouted.

Arthur was already darting out from under the table and running. Rachael stumbled as she got up and tried to run after him. She got a few paces away from the table when a force hit her in the back of the head. Someone had tossed a milk carton, and now she had milk dripping down her long hair and sweatshirt.

Rachael lost focus when the carton hit her. In her misstep, she stumbled over her long skirt and fell to the ground. She tried to pick herself up when she realized that she lost her book. She quickly looked around her and noticed the book on the ground.

Oh no, oh no!

She reached for the book, when a tray fell onto it. Rachael's eyes widened and her mouth hung open. She quickly crawled over and threw the tray across the floor.

"No no no no no no no no no no!" she shouted as she picked the book up.

The book was red. Someone ordered the spaghetti, and the sauce was now coating the pages of her story. Rachael began to breath heavily as she studied the damage to the book.

"Arthur? Arthur!" she shouted, trying to find her friend.

She then noticed him heading for one of the cafeteria exits. She pulled the front of her skirt up slightly as she stood up. Her knees hurt from the fall, and she was sure she would have some bruises on them for some time.

Rachael stood up and began to run again. She held the book close to her chest, covering her sweatshirt in marinara sauce. As she reached the exit, she felt a piece of meatloaf hit her in the neck. She cried out again, but didn't stop running. She couldn't stop running.

((Rachael Langdon continued in Encyclopedia of Ignorance))
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[[OOC: Sorry for the wait, guys. I got busy. Brief use of Security Guard Howie approved by Sotf Staff.]]

Kyran tensed up, ready for whatever Adonis's next move was. That is, until he heard a mix between a scream and a whelp. His attention shifted to the side as he saw Rachael fall onto the floor and struggle to crawl and get up, due to the mess of the food fight currently going on.

Without warning, Kyran felt the fist crash into the side of his lower jaw, sending his bottom lip colliding against his own teeth. The blow to the face sent Kyran reeling back sideways and in reverse, till he was facing what was earlier behind him. He had almost tilted over and fell at the force, but stood ground and kept balance on his two feet. Kyran could feel the initial thump, then the prolonged sting as a bit of warmth dripped from his mouth. Kyran flicked his tongue over the cut his teeth had left on his lips, confirming the copper taste of blood.

Adonis began to laugh behind him, as Kyran straightened himself up to look at Gray again, with a face that could easily telegraph what he was thinking about doing next. Kyran cracked his neck muscles to both sides and then turned to face Adonis. The boy looked back at him, satisfied at his own actions and began to taunt. The good thing about having an athletic director as a dad was that Kyran was able to unleash his frustration into the punching bags he'd bring home. Today, Kyran wanted nothing more than to unleash that same frustration onto Adonis right now. He lifted the backward placement of his cap from his head and threw it down to the floor.

A feigned strike to the face, a punch to the gut, a tackle to the ground and then an MMA style beat down. That's what Alba deserved.

But it didn't happen.

Kyran felt both of his arms being held back by two separate sets of arms, stopping him from charging at Alba, before he could even move one step. He could feel himself being pulled away from Adonis by two of Aurora high's faculty, whom he happened to be quite cool with. One was Howie, the chill security guard and the other was Mr. Davidge, the JV coach, who along with Mrs. Liddell was one of his favorite teachers, due to their friendliness and the subject they taught.

"Howie: He punched my lip! You know he deserves something back, right? Mr. D? Come on man, let me go! I didn't even do anything wrong. Right, Gray?"

He struggled with his shoulders under them, but the two men held on tightly, until Kyran finally gave up on his efforts. He felt powerless as he glared quietly at his jackass ex-teammate, whilst flicking his tongue over his bleeding lip. Kyran kept his eyes locked onto Alba, until Alba got the message. He was not going to be intimidated by him.

Once he was relaxed enough, the two carefully let go and sat him down on a bench in the halls outside of the cafeteria. Mr. Davidge stayed behind and spoke to him in a commanding, yet understanding voice.

"Calm down, Dean. You're a good kid. Don't make this worse for yourself. Guys like Alba will learn their lesson someday."

The big man made some form of a smile under that huge beard of his when he saw Kyran nod his head in response.

"Alright, good. We should get that lip of yours checked at the nurse’s office."

[[Kyran Dean Continued to: Think Before You Act.]]

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June 21st, 2012, 6:52 am #38

Meanwhile, Howie had slipped back into the lunch room. A big part of Howie's job was making sure that the students of Aurora High School felt welcome and safe within its halls. Issues like these made Howie's job a whole lot harder. Of course, he was lucky. The ones who were really getting the short end of the stick were the people whose job it was to clean the lunch room. This one would probably go down in infamy. The entire room was a mess. It was probably a liability issue. The school was very lucky nobody had gotten hurt outside the fight.

It wasn't hard for Howie to get over to Alba and Grey. The kids opened a path for him. Most students knew Howie. They were chill with him, respected him. In return, he treated them with that same respect and chillness. Howie felt that high school students were basically adults, and deserved the treatment that entailed. It also meant they had to live with the consequences of their more harebrained actions. In the world outside, this whole thing could have easily turned a lot worse. Howie knew how dangerous fistfights could be. Oh, sure, most of the time nobody got worse than a few bruises and cuts. All it took, though, was someone falling and hitting their head on concrete. That could spell death or a lifetime of impaired ability.

This was a large part of why Howie took his job so seriously. It was why he was going to be sure that this incident was dealt with properly. He felt a bit bad for the kids. They'd probably be bummed, especially once all the school rules had been applied. Howie knew that the punishment would be spread around a good bit more than was probably fair. That was part of the lesson too, though. That was why you called the cops instead of seeking vigilante justice.

And, of course, a lesson was all it was. Howie wouldn't hold this against any of the kids. He'd been in his share of trouble in high school. Enforcing the rules was never personal for Howie. It was just his job. He fully expected to be back on decent terms with the decent kids involved in this in no time.

For now, though, there was a lesson to teach.

"Alba, Emerson," he called, "I need you two to come with me. Now. We're going to have a talk with Principle Freeman."

His tone made it very clear that this was not up for debate.

"Everyone else, it'd be really cool of you guys to get to work cleaning up. I'd sure appreciate it, and the janitors would, too. We don't distract you when you're studying, so it'd be great if you returned the favor and didn't make our jobs any harder than they have to be. Thanks."

With that, he swept out of the lunch room, with the students he'd called in tow. He figured Dean would end up in the principle's office as soon as he'd been checked out, and then everything would get sorted out.

((Howie Morgan, Adonis Alba, and Gray Emerson continued in Think Before You Act))
((The staff are hijacking Adonis, Kyran, and Gray for a brief chat with the principle, which will be up in another thread, probably tomorrow. In the meantime, please refrain from moving them into new topics. Thanks! -- The SOTF Staff))