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Lets face it, we've ALL had ideas for what our characters could do on the island which we never got around to actually doing. Whether it was because the character in question died too early, or someone else's character died too early, or you decide that the idea in question is actually a lot dumber in hindsight then it seemed at the time. Everyone I think has at least one idea they wanted to try out at some point with their characters, but for whatever reason the idea never came to fruition.

Which is why i've decided to set up THIS thread. Basically, its just for sharing any ideas you had for your characters to do which you never got around to/decided against/completely forgot about/etc... This can include:

Character Development that never came to fruition.

A humourous moment which was later deemed too stupid to actually try out.

A certain interaction with a certain character (Maybe you were given someone's deathrights, only for your character to end up dying first?)

A specific death scene which had to be compromised for time.

An intended Face Heel Turn/Heel Face Turn that never actually happened in the end.


As a note, though, it'd probably be best to only mention ideas for characters who're already dead. After all, you wouldn't want to unintentionally spoil anything about your survivng character(s), would you?

Anyway, I think I'll start it off with my deceased characters:

Marty J. Lovett: Wannabe Vigilante

If Marty hadn't of died so quickly after Joshua's death, he'd of gone on to become something of a 'player hunter' after he mans up and decides to finally try and make a difference in the game. In a way, though, he kind of DID do that in the end... Only to end up getting himself killed in the process. Oh well, back to the old drawing board...

Marty gets chased by a psycho player

A part of me REALLY wanted to write a chase scene at some point between Marty and one of the more deranged players. I was actually tempted at one point to ask Atomic Waffle if it was possible to have Alex Rasputin chase him with a chainsaw.

Marty reuinites with Carol

Before she died, I really wanted them to meet up at some point, seeing as she was one of the few characters he actually cared about. That being said, I guess i'm kind of glad that they DIDN'T meet in the end, seeing as her death further served as angst fuel for Marty (The poor depressing bastard...)

Marty VS Jimmy

For some reason, the idea of Marty and Jimmy having some kind of "scrawny guy brawl" just amused me. After all, for once Jimmy would be facing an opponant who he actually stood a chance at beating in a fair fight. However, I decided to go against it after seeing where Jimmy's character development was heading, and in the end I never even got around to asking Little if it was possible.

Joshua Krakowski does an air guitar solo

One of the dumber ideas I came up with. Basically, Joshua at some point would find a camera and decide to put his ipod right next to it, play some rock song and begin to air-guitar to the beat on camera and generally act as though he was on television. Yes, it WAS a very dumb idea.

Joshua confronts Janet Binachi

This one I blame on the rolls. I was planning on asking Dete at some point (Namely when Janet was eventually slated to die) if it would be possible for Joshua and Marty to be involved in her death. The basic idea was that Joshua found himself in a situation where he had Janet as his mercy, only to decide to spare her seeing as he's such a nice guy and everything (Even though Janet killed the first person Joshua met on the island). HOWEVER, when Janet attempts to get him whilst his back is turned, Marty shoots her before she could kill his best friend.

Joshua's oblivious to the game

I originally intended Joshua to be completely oblivious to the horrors that were occurring around him for at LEAST the first couple of threads he was in. As you would guess, that idea was thrown right out the window when he ended up being one of the first guys on the island to see what happens to people who try to remove their collars (Damnit Remi!)

Vera Osborne becomes a psycho player

Alongside Maxwell, Vera was intended to become a player at a later point in the game. Only, unlike Maxwell, with Vera I wanted her to snap and essentially lose her mind to the game and become one of the crazier players (Like a certain Liam Brooks, for example). However, in the end, I decided that it would have been silly for her to snap so easily, considering how cool and level headed she had already proven to be. And, seeing as that was going to be her main character development, that ended up being the main reason why I chose to hero her in the end.

Vera meets Sarah Xu

If anything because she was the only character she really interacted with in pregame, other then Maxwell of course (And we all know how THAT ended...).

And... Thats all for now. Anyone else got any abandoned ideas they'd like to share?
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Ooh, I like this thread. I had quite a few ideas for my characters actually. Colin is the only one who got to do everything I wanted him to, and honestly I was lucky for that fact.

Chadd and Janet meet up.

I think this one was pretty obvious, especially with the tail end of his death. He was going to find her, present her the ring he had, and ask her to marry him, on camera. From here I was going to go with one of two different options...

The most morbid engaged couple in the world goes Bonnie and Clyde on the island.

Before I took Rekka under my wing, Chadd was my most likely player character, and frankly looking at the plans I had for Jackie, Colin, and Peter, I wasn't going to have one if he didn't carve a path home. I was originally going to turn Chadd into my pseudo-flagship, and try and get him and Janet into the final four.

A marriage. In SotF.

This was a plan I didn't even get to talk to Slamexo about before the game started, where at least the other ones I did. This idea was basically to have Chadd and Janet travel to the Parish, run into Jessie or Imraan, and have a ghetto-rigged ceremony. It may not have been legal, but I'm pretty damn sure that with a tragic death it would have been recorded and honored back in the states. The whole reason that none of these plans came to fruition however was the fact that Slamexo left v4. While I didn't know Vanikoro well, it wasn't anything on him. I had just put so much work into planning their time on the island with Slamexo that when he left, I was extremely discouraged and frankly didn't want to play Chadd anymore.

Rekka believes he's in the 1920's.

The direction I was taking Rekka was obvious. He was snapping to act more like the gangsters he held so dear in the movies. However, I was originally going to have him drop farther and father on the sanity meter, eventually believing that this was actually 1920's America (or at least an island off the coast of America), and the announcements were detailing his hits. So basically everyone who killed after that particular snap would be on Rekka's death list. A player-hunter yes, but an extremely non-traditional one at that.
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March 24th, 2011, 5:44 pm #3

Well this shouldn't be hard.

Chadd and Janet meet up.

Exactly the same as Trav. I did want the two to get together and go all tears of apology drama of all things bright and beautiful in the game, and I feel incredibly dickish about events that forced me to temporarily vacate V4, especially since I was able to get back eventually and even reclaim Janet. I've already said it to Trav a lot but I'm still so sorry that it went up in smoke this way.

To be more specific and less angsty about it:

Janet debates whether she loves Chadd.

Some hints of this made it into Janet's last few posts but I had been toying with a longer saga in my head of Janet trying to come to terms with whether or not she really cared about Chadd after cheating on him. The Star Crossed Lover thread is undeniably one of my oddest when taken out of context, but had I managed to retain enough love for Janet without Chadd around I would've slowly twisted that dream and its surrounding thoughts into something much more confusing and nasty. Had Chadd actually bothered to propose to Janet, for all I could predict she might've just said yes to keep the poor guy together when everyone around him was dying, or perhaps she would've flat our broken his heart? Wouldn't that have made for a scene.

Ugh, I feel more dickish now.

Amber Whimsy Goes Loony

Whilst Amber was probably my least favourite character in life, after her death I began to appreciate her personality a lot more. Before that though I had already imagined her going quite delusional and becoming V4's local war correspondant with a fake branch microphone and everything. Hell, she'd probably start to piss off the viewers the way she would keep shoving her face in the cameras.

Even though that was a bust, I still could see her becoming a player. She definitly would not be a cold calculating one, but instead a stark raving self obsessed nutty girl. That might've been rather dull to write, but it still could've been in the bag had she lived past the first rolls.

Alice Boucher the Butcher

Most certainly my most player capable character (and definitely written with that intention, whether I realised it or not), Alice didn't exactly need a lot of justification to start slaughtering every student on the island that moved, regardless of my 'attempts' in pre-game to humanise her some more. Thank god that story took over this one and made her way more interesting for it.

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March 24th, 2011, 6:24 pm #4

I didn't have a whole lot, cause mostly I'm just improvising and making shit up as I go, but one thing I wanted to do was just:

Lily goes player.

If you look at her death thread, the way she snapped to commit suicide was the way I would have had her acting as she started killing people, with full news anchor narration, probably even busting the writing for her down to minimalism. You can see evidence of the forthcoming snap in her intropost where she's scribbling away in her notepad. Then she got rolled, I saw a great opportunity to kill her, and I let her die.

Edit: Now that I think about it:

Ray goes player.

Obvious choice, considering he could snap and go extreme in his efforts to get back to his family, but he ran into people who served as surrogate families that kept me from going that route (That and a shitty weapon pick). The years of wrestling would've made for some nasty hand-to-hand confrontations.
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I really didn't have many ideas that I didn't get to carry out, considering I've only lost one of my characters and one I adopted.

Miranda becomes a player.

Self explanatory really. Out of the three students I created, Miranda was pretty much designated the one most likely to start killing. However, due to not getting much RP experience with her in pregame, and hating the way she was heading in V4 (not to mention Garry overtaking her and become my flagship character), I just got rid of her with my Hero Card.

Garry kills Clio Gabriella.

During the rolls, Inky and me came up with an idea for what was going to happen between Clio and Garry after Luke's death. If she wasn't saved, Garry would've continued his assault on Clio and killed her in his rage. However she did get saved and the rest is, as they say, history.
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March 24th, 2011, 6:43 pm #6

This looks fun. I'll go ahead and keep living characters off of this except for two particular things.

Everett becomes a player: Soooo... embarassing as it is, all my characters were originally designed to snap and play (I had to do that with each new one I made because I kept realizing how dumb the ideas were and jettisoning them). Everett had a big inferiority complex, was pretty scared, and just generally was going to lose it and decide that, for once, he could be the best at something. It was fairly bare-bones and boring, so I'd ditched it by halfway through pregame. I sort of lost track of where I was going with Everett in the end, so I killed him off in the first rolls. This leads nicely to...

Aaron dies in the first rolls: When Aaron came up in the first set of rolls, I was originally just going to let him die. Sol and I even had a scene planned, where, while handing over her gun, Lily practiced poor gun safety and accidentally fatally shot Aaron. I figured it'd be interesting to see a character who'd had a pretty long pregame and a lot of connections go out early and anticlimactically. Aaron was actually going to basically freak out as he realized that he wasn't even special enough to last a day.

Luckily, Mimi, Jonny, and Ricky all came to me and went, "Stop being dumb about this." I decided that I actually did have some things to do with Aaron, and resolved to save him. I swapped immediately because it seemed really unfair to potentially catch a Hero by having stated that I wouldn't Swap when I had, in fact, become willing to do so.

Isaiah meets Liz Polanski: This one actually got bounced around quite a lot. Isaiah was going to stumble across a wounded Liz, attempt to help her back to health, and quite likely die horribly for his efforts. Thread timelines didn't mesh well, though, so a different group ended up performing that function, and Isaiah ended up catching a golf club to the skull when RJ got rolled.

Kimberly dies in D-Day: I actually did consider killing Kimberly off in her first thread. I wasn't happy with her in the slightest, couldn't find her voice, and had no clue where to go with her, so I had her do something really dumb and get shot for her troubles. Suddenly, she was fun to write again, so I decided not to any pre-roll deaths (or Swap/Hero her, as I had originally intended).

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March 24th, 2011, 7:22 pm #7

I have a ton, so I'm only going to post the few off the top of my head! Good thread idea xD

Roland and Dave Kiss
When Roland was set to die, it seemed like we were going to run out of time to complete the death. Rather nervous about the entire thing, Rugga suggested the terrorists should find out that Roland was the one spreading the message of the Island location, and simply blow his collar. I cleared it with Clu and it was set as the backup plan. Then, I extended on that. In the Swamp, the escape group plays a game similar to spin the bottle, mess up on the coded message and you've got to kiss someone. The idea was Roland would mess up, and wind up being forced to kiss Dave. Seconds before they kiss, (Or during) Roland's collar blows, covering Dave in blood, and every bugs out. It was a hilarious idea, but it didn't really fit with Roland. He's such a serious dude, and it was such a silly death. Eventually the killers showed up and Roland met his end in a more gruesome manner.

Jay goes Player
Instead of Jimmy, I'd originally planned to have Jay be the one to snap and start popping heads left and right. Similar to Kris, Jay would've gotten an early kill by being surprised and accidentally shooting someone. Then after a bout of puking and whatnot he'd get over it and turn total player. This didn't really fit Jay as a character, as he's way more jittery and indecisive. When I decided to make Jimmy a player, I scrapped the idea and revised Jay.

Jimmy meets Chris Davidson
Before Gambit got banned, (during pre-game in fact) I had asked if Jimmy could run into Chris, and the pair could hit it off. Chris was a sheltered Christian boy, Jimmy is a foul-mouthed little bastard who probably deserves every inch of hate he's got in one way or another. The idea was Jimmy would protect the kid, or pretend to, then after running into a major player, Jimmy would steal his things and scram like a coward. This would eventually cause a hefty bit of guilt on Jimmy's part, and self-hatred for his cowardice. Of course, Gambit killed Chris in his second ever post. So the second that happened, the plan went kablooey

Pandora's Book
Roland met Pandora early in the game, in the House of Mirrors. After talking (ie, being thrown into a wall) Pandora was temporarily knocked out, and Roland, Dave and Isabel left. Selphie came to me with an idea for Roland to eventually encounter Pandora again, after she had been grievously wounded by another player. Pandora would be heroed for Roland in case he was set to die first, so this was pretty much Pandora Black's intended death. Pandora had been working in her diary, recording various bits of information from her time on the Island, and her dying wish would be for Roland to keep the book close at hand. He'd then mercy kill her, and go on his way, reading from the book from time to time, feeling pretty guilty about the entire thing. Unfortunately Selphie had to leave the game, and Roland was rolled before Pandora was. I didn't want to bug her new handler over an old promise, so Roland died well before Pandora, with this plot line unfinished.

Roland goes Crazy
This idea was sorta present in my writing for Roland, at certain points, most notably in his conversation with Kitty during Shore Leave, and his inner monologue during Dead Flag Blues. If Roland had never hooked up with the escape group, and unable to come up with his own idea for escape, he'd have ultimately realized that the only way to kill Danya would be to win the game. The idea was Roland would start pretending to play the game, and then attempt to kill Danya during the post-game conversation, like Bryan Calvert. A flimsy plan to begin with, as Roland would hack and slash his way across the Island he'd grow increasingly paranoid that he'd die, and his murders would be for nothing. Another problem would've been the fact he'd be effectively undercover, unable to explain to the folks watching at home what his plan was, knowing that his family would be watching and believing he'd gone completely crazy. Something that would have driven him literally crazy. I was actually really fond of this idea, as I always considered Roland to be a pretentious bastard, always a little too sure of himself and always refusing to change his views. He'd have eventually gotten his comeuppance, being murdered by a friend of one of his victims, stubbornly refusing to admit defeat (or that his murders were unjustified.) I kinda liked this idea, as it had Roland walking along the fine line between a vigilante/anti-hero and outright crazed bastard. Of course, the second he found Feo's group in the Ranger Station, Roland devoted himself to the escape attempt and this idea was scrapped.

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March 24th, 2011, 8:41 pm #8

My turn!

Aileen, the Happy Little Knight Templar
I already stated this on the wiki, but...

Like many characters, Aileen was going to be- you guessed it!- a player hunter. I was thinking of having her kill someone right at the start, freak out, decide that since she's already started killing she might as well not worry about that, and start playing. But, she'd usually attack other players, people who attack her, or clearly out of their gourd. Gambit had also wanted Aileen to kill Daniel, simply because "she was the only one who hated him", but I said I couldn't think of an IC reason why she'd randomly attack Daniel at least early on, despite his protests. But, ironically enough, hanging around Aaron prevented Aileen from going all "PURGE THE GUILTY!", at least for right now.

Aileen's Potential Kind-Of Death At The Hands of Bridget
As the extension of the above, back in pre-game Rocky and I thought of a way to kill Aileen off with Bridget. Aileen and Bridget run into each other, and start fighting. Bridget breaks Aileen's arm, and before Aileen could use her other arm, she breaks it as well, simply to prevent her from killing the FILTHY. Aileen proceeds to have a mental breakdown, at which point it is hinted at that she was acting all extremist was not because she feared death but because she was worried about someone going Jenson on her to the point of killing people to prevent it. Since she is now helpless, having her arms and god knows what else broken, she flips out. She screams at Bridget to finish her off, but Bridget simply leaves behind a gun and tells her that if she wants to die she could simply do it herself instead, basically refusing to mercy kill someone and leaving her behind. At this point either a) a third party pops in and decides to mercy kill her at her pleading, b) she gets stuck in a Danger zone, c) she figures out a way to kill herself despite her broken limbs, or d) one of the psychos she was precisely worried about comes in, messes with her, and kills her off. This is probably not going to happen in the future for obvious reasons.

Remy-Reiko Team-Up Funtimes
The reason why Remy and Reiko shared the same opening thread was because originally Rocky wanted Remy and Reiko to team up on the island. Yes, that means they were going to be killer buddies presumably, both flipping out over Reikadeath. The reason why it didn't happen was simply because Josée had also entered the thread and wanted a team-up, and he didn't see how a Remy-Reiko team up would work under those circumstances.

While we're on the subject, overall originally there was supposed to be a bunch of Remy-Reiko and Remy-Reika shiptease, but not much showed up in canon.

Happy Fun Twin Murder Time!
Oh, and Remy and Josée were supposed to be flat-out rivals in-game, but Sky changed his mind when he was writing Josée's opening post and decided that despite all the hatred that they shared against each other, Josée would try to make a truce with him. Not much to say here, other than we changed our minds.

One More Thing About Remy
How bad was his descend into paranoia supposed to be? Well, quick list of possible scenes I wanted to write with him to get an idea.

- Remy finds something to eat. Remy eats it. Remy starts to have stomach problems, and while it's most likely stress, malnutrition, or something along those lines, Remy begins to freak out, thinking someone poisoned him. So he forces himself to vomit so that the "poison" is out of him. In graphic detail.
- What the hell was his freaking out about Death (caused by Cisco's own ramblings of calling someone by that name) about? Originally Remy was going to eventually develop Capgras delusions and start thinking that everyone was being possessed/mind controlled/replaced by Kris Hartmann (who killed Reika) and/or "Death" (just Cisco's nickname for Joe Rios that he took way out of proportion, and apparently he thinks at one point is Kris). So, he'd basically think that someone had some kind of magical powers and was controlling random people to attack him specifically. Hey, he's crazy, it doesn't have to make sense for sane people.

Possibly others when I think of them.

Carol (Or Rein) Bitches Hermione Out And Gets An Easy-Bake Over The Head For It
This is all one you know by now. Hermione was supposed to die differently; act Stepford-y, get bitched out, hit someone over the head with an Easy-Bake, and gets a hail of gunfire. When it was brought up to me that Hermione was going to die in there, I said that Carol should be the one to do it, simply because she had just found out three of her friends were dead and another was killing people, so obviously her temper was going to be uncharacteristically short especially when it came to Hermione's type of antics. Selphie said that Sky wanted Rein to do it, so I said "Okay!". But Sky had mysteriously disappeared, I had no clue if I should have Carol be the one to bitch her out and get conked over the head after all, and eventually Hermione... took a different route, to say the least.

Chase's Descent Into Insanity
After the events of Break Up And Break Down, I kind of realized that although it had serious woobie potential, I actually wasn't fond of writing Chase as simply one who gets victimized. So, starting at some point around Day 2 or 3 I kind of decided I wanted Chase to do a heel-turn, so I can do something more interesting with her and the fact that Jon and Dawne were going to/had died left an opening of sorts. The reason why it never happened was simply because I never found the best spot to go "FUCK THIS SHIT I KILL YOU ALL BWUAHAHAHA". That, and Rocky tried to talk me out of it when I brought it up to him, saying that it was predictable (slightly timid acting goth girl with bizarre interests and is traumatized to pieces, who word of god states is based off a serial killer character?) and that he thought it was kind of OOC. So, on and off I've been going "Chase should go crazy. Chase shouldn't go crazy". So, whether or not you will see a psycho!Chase.... it depends. For now, though, I'll try my best to play the woobie hand I've been given with her, even flat out going "Yay! She's going to be traumatized again!". XD

Multiple Chase Nightmare/Hallucination Sequences
Somewhat tying in with the above, Chase was supposed to have some nightmares/hallucinations given to us in loving detail. Basically, they'd revolve a lot around bloody organs, caused in part by seeing Robert Lerger's corpse in all its... erm, glory. But they would have taken other forms, too.

Some of them would have been humorous however, like having a dream where she dances with Michael Jackson in Thriller, or having another where the Chase-Aston-Marty-Michelle-Joshua group were basically characters in a classic zombie movie.

Chase-Dawne-Rekka Plotline
I can't really say much about this one as of right now. But yes, Chase, Dawne, and Rekka were supposed to have a bit of a storyline going before Dawne blew herself up and Rekka went inactive and got handed off to T-Fox. Basically they were going to have a bit of interaction (most likely a team-up) on the island that would have most likely end in chaos. In fact, KARAS originally wanted Rekka to enter Break Up And Break Down, but the appearance of Gracie caused a change of plans. There's nothing much really to say about this one right now, as I said. Maybe I'll add more later when I get further into Chase's character development or when I remember something that I forgot about it.

Where Did I Want To Go With The Whole Crush Thing At First?
The crush thing? Well, my original idea I was going with it sometime around Chase being first submitted to pre-game was that she finds her crush on the first day, and a team-up starts. The crush (who most likely doesn't reciprocate it) offers to protect her out of courtesy, but Chase decides that it isn't fair to let him protect her all the time so she decides to protect him as well, out of her own crush and because she thinks it's fair that way. I liked it simply because it was a fun dynamic.

That, and I thought that randomly having crushes on people all the time but being unable to act on them was a fun character trait. The above was only an extension of it.

"You Could Get All Kinds Of Money If You Just Looked Into The Porno Business And Not Killing People!"
^ Chase's thoughts, spoken aloud, upon realizing she is being broadcasted all over the world. While changing clothes. Yes, her only reaction. And spoken at the camera. Don't ask why I wanted her to say something like that to the camera.

Carol Drowning Death
WAY before Rocky had kill rights on Carol (like back when she was first submitted to pre-game), a common joke was that Carol was going to land in water, freak out, start drowning, and die. I guess that's what I always presumed her death was going to be until Rocky said Reiko should strangle her. Nothing else needs to be said.

Carol-Marty meet-up
I also wanted a Carol-Marty meet up, as well. He even asked if he could show up in Missing Those Lost, which I agreed to. But they never interacted in game. Oh well.

I guess that's it for now. I don't want this to go on too long, do I? Eh, if I think of more, I'll think of more. There's probably some I've forgotten about, or the ones I do remember I was kind of foggy when remembering and messed up the details. Please remind me if you notice something I forgot to mention or screwed up the details. XD

Coming to a V7 near you.
Bree Jones- "I'm not exaggerating when I say that my fish are smarter."
Roxanne "Roxie" Borowski- "Next video? Oh man, tons of ideas, dude. Lemme get the makeup for that."
[+] spoiler
In Loving Memory Of Those Killed In The 2008 SOTF
Carol Burke- Female Student #015- A good friend.
Remy Kim- Male Student #080- Yet another victim of the system.
Aileen Borden- Female Student #022- It's going to be okay.

In Loving Memory Of Those Killed In The 2012 SOTF
Alexandria "Alex" Ripley- Female Student #002- Sometimes your life is meant to be a warning to others.
Lana Torres- Female Student #039- Technically, she died happy.
Miranda Millers- Female Student #019- Doomed by self-fulfilling prophecy.

In Loving Memory of Those Killed in the 2015 SOTF
Jennifer Wallace- Female Student #055- Good night, and good luck.
Junko Kurosawa- Female Student #041- Experienced a thrill to die for.
Emma Luz- Female Student #022- Sweet dreams.

Anna Chase- Female Student #010- And then she lived happily ever after.
[+] spoiler
For v6, I have come to a decision. To help lessen character pimping, I have vowed not to talk about my characters, any characters closely related to mine, or any threads I've been involved in, in any of the following places:

- Chat
- General Discussion thread
- TV Tropes
- Random Thoughts
- Anything else I missed

I am not allowing myself to talk about anything relating to my characters or scenes I'm in unless they are brought up in conversation by another handler. I am not allowed to use my characters' names OOC or mention anything relating to that character until another handler mentions them. This is not currently in effect for pre-game; these self-imposed rules do not apply until v6 starts. However, they will be in effect the second v6 is announced. When one of my characters die, escape, or are otherwise removed from the game, these rules are lifted for that character, and I am free to talk about that character as much as I want. However, the others will have to wait until they too are out of the game.

This is a personal promise I'm keeping to myself for v6. If I break it, please feel free to bitch me out.


Addendum as of v6: I may ask for critiques while a character's arc is ongoing, as long as someone has offered to do so.
Let's show that private threads aren't necessary! I pledge not to start any private threads on island in V6. If I started a thread, you are welcome to join it.

MK Kilmarnock
Mr. Danya
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March 24th, 2011, 9:21 pm #9

I've only got a couple, since many of my plans actually went off without a hitch.

Craig Hoyle dies before first rolls:
Yep. I was one of THESE people. However, after witnessing first-hand how Remi's death was executed, I decided that it would be a very low-impact situation, and a poor decision for the character.

Ivan and Aaron, sitting in a tree...:
No, not Hughes. Yes, Boismier. Before Aaron had to withdraw his SI due to real-life scheduling issues, Aaron and Ivan were supposed to meet up on the island and become fast companions, defending each other. And, well... Ivan was eventually going to kiss Aaron. It's hard to see looking back, but that was basically my plan for the character.

Brook is delayed a little bit:
Brook was always going to go batshit insane, which I decided about ten days after I made him. I wanted his descent into madness to be a lot slower though, showing over the course of 5 or 6 days without anything happening to Tiffany. Rolls were really dependent on this one. Instead, Tiffany got rolled earlier, and things ended up being a bit more abrupt. We were supposed to have a few more Flowerhead scenes (and some of the usual Brason), but alas.

Ivan and RJ have the best conversation ever:
We were so close to having this one, too, but time works in funny ways of screwing us over. Keep Yourself Alive involved a great setup with Imraan, but if things had gone faster, we might've led the standoff into a slight scene of comic relief where RJ and Ivan meet for a few moments. One of the boys really hates to talk, and the other boy can't, ???, hilarity ensues. Possibly.
[+] spoiler
Jerry Fury - The man, the myth, the legend
Coleen Reagan - The girl who half-loved the world
[+] spoiler
V5 Roster:
Cody Patton : That bitch.
Sean Mulcahy : The world was kind to reprieve him of his fear...
Jessica Sanders: She hoped it would be quick...
[+] spoiler
20:17Sideliner:Toben and Ricky are like a sibling version of the Joker and Batman, only Batman is just as much of a mass murderer. He just hides it better.
19:58LaurelsHow does your dick smell like Fritos?

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March 24th, 2011, 11:35 pm #10

Ooh, I'll post here instead of posting with my characters now that I'm back, I've got a lot to say really:

Clio - Normal Girl

Clio was never intended to be a player when I made her terrible terrible self back in pre-game. I only had plans for 2 characters back then, and I knew I'd probably get rolled fast, so Clio was gonna be my fodder I couldn't be fucked developing cause she was my first attempt at writing someone other than my SI and it wasn't going so well. Then she was rolled a gun, and I really couldn't resist making her play. People weren't happy about her playing, to say the least, I got a lot of flack about it.

Clio was gonna die on Day 3

Let the record state I had no intention of Clio ever making it past the halfway mark. Hell, when I decided she was gonna be a player, I had no intention of having her last past the 3rd day. The thing was, she was gonna get 2-3 kills, then fall victim to an even bigger threat (or at least that was the plan at the time)...Rachel Gettys. We planned this the moment she got rolled a gun and Rachel got rolled a Tambourine, they would fight and Clio would die. However, stuff arose, such as PA leaving and Rachel going in a different direction than we both anticipated, so I had to cancel that plan out. It got replaced with a better plan.

Brendan going player

Long story short, Brendan was gonna kill Chris Davidson with a blow-up doll/garrotte, I decided against it before the game started, and it went to Clio instead. NEXT.

Jacob dying in his first post

All the cool kids were gonna do it, so I thought I would too. I couldn't really get a voice for Jacob in pre-game, as evident by his 2 posts, so I thought "Eh, I'll just kill him in his first post". But then I started his game, and I really got a feel for him, so that plan was moot.

Paige - Revenge Quest for Jacob

Another one of the plans was that Jacob would be one of Reiko's first victims. Me and Rocky discussed this a little; Reiko would kill Jacob, Paige would grieve her little heart out, run away, and find someone who would be willing to kill her in revenge. Then, she was rolled first, and that plan was rendered moot.

Paige - Jacob's killer

This one had merit. Paige would meet Jacob (in their first post), and run/hug him, knocking him over. She'd cry for a while to him, then realise she knocked him onto one of those pesky rocks. She'd run, cry, etc, until one of my characters was rolled and Paige would be my fodder for swap. This fell out once I posted with Jacob first, and I realised I didn't want to kill him unless he was rolled.

Paige - Swimming Suicide

If Paige made it past Day 3 (which didn't happen, lol), then if she was rolled I'd have her appear at one of the beaches and mirror a v1-v2 death by going crazy, swimming out as far as she could as an attempt to escape, and get shot by the guard/collar detonated. Never happened, but I considered it for her Day 1 death for a few seconds.

Aston - Player right off the bat

This one was scarily close to coming to fruition. She'd make a plan, sort it all out, and then start shooting bitches. I even wrote up the post, but I was at school, so when I tried to post it, the computer ate the post. Really angry, but then I thought about it, and decided that just because Aston was a pre-made crazy waiting to happen, didn't mean I had to appeal to that part of her right off the bat.

Maf - Stalking Nick Reid

Okay, this one was just fairly simple, Maf would, instead of following Nathan, he'd follow Nick instead and see if he found Jennifer. However, I decided against the two meeting early. Maybe for Maf's inevitable death, they'll meet. That'll be sweet.

Nathan Price

Who is this guy? He was one of decoy's pregame characters, and I almost adopted him because at the time of applications, Jacob didn't exist yet except as a figment of Paige's imagination (not really, but I did plan for him to never appear in person. Invoking a Trope, you see), so I was to adopt the jerk Nathan Price. However, I kinda didn't get a feel for him, plus it would have involved a massive rewrite of his profile which I didn't feel like doing.

[+] spoiler
[+] spoiler
Brendan Wallace is a coward.
Clio Gabriella wanted to go home.
Paige Strand needed to run.
Jacob Charles had to put back his pieces.
Aston Bennett was better than you.
Ma'afu Tuigamala made the ultimate mistake.
[+] spoiler
Janie Sinneave wanted to ride in the clouds.
[+] spoiler
Maxim Kehlenbrink did nothing wrong.
[+] spoiler
Ezra Landau - "Pretty sure the point of life is to indulge and be pretty." - Philosophy
Hayden Lockwood - "Come to the march this Saturday and I'll show you a good time." - Pride
Allegra Varley - "Bet you I can jump from here to that boat." - Risk
Truann Coleman - "Please stop saying that." - Rage
Anya Van Doren - "Dunno why I did it. Dunno why it's your business." - Duplicity