West Wing

Spanning two floors, the west wing of Cochise houses its mathematics and science classrooms, as well as the majority of its elective classes. Connected by a stairway at the end of the hall, the ground floor is where the science rooms and laboratory are located, their location chosen to facilitate easy escape in the event of an emergency. These rooms are some of the more comfortable classrooms in the building, thanks to Cochise’s emphasis on its science program. The math classrooms on the second floor would be some of the more quiet rooms in the building if it wasn't for the wood shop and cooking classroom located on the same floor. Since the electives aren't always in session, how distracting any given math class ends up can vary wildly; the morning classes tend to be far quieter and more focused, while the afternoon classes are inundated with the noise and smells from the neighboring rooms, resulting in an atmosphere that can be quite unpleasant for studying. The walls in this wing of the school are frequently unadorned, with a larger concentration of student lockers in this area than in the East Wing. The floor here is tile, so that any messes caused by the science or elective classes can more easily be cleaned.

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