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"Rrrrgh...I can waaaalk..." Zed groaned, almost as if he were just about to turn into aforementioned zombie. Hell, the way he started forward wasn't that much different, if it weren't for his wounded arm's hand on his crotch, the wound on that arm grabbed by the other, free hand. Of course, zombies would've tripped as their feet landed on an object that jutted out of the ground at a noticeable angle.

"Huh? What...the..."

You found: Cat's Claw!

Zed thought he heard some cheesy 16-bit jingle play in his head as he put his uninjured hand in the grip of the item Squall Leonhart had just left him, and yanked it out of the ground. It didn't take much force to do so, but the strain did proceed to force some blood to his affected region(s). The object was a bit weighty, but that was probably from the handle, which could shield the bearer's hand from another weapon like it. But the focal point was obviously the claw-like blades that extended from it. They were still shiny, almost hypnotizing, but above all...SHARP.

"I think I can follow you..." he groaned, trying to force a smile among the pain that wracked his vitals.

He probably wouldn't have a wet dream for a while, but once he could recover, he would certainly be quite the vengeful fucker with a very decent weapon and a thirst for the bodily fluids of those who...well...drank his.

((So...will you leave first or will I? ))

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It was nothing short of a miracle that Zed had managed to find a weapon, but still Nich cringed as he glanced at the sharp claws, whose counterparts had nearly been the instrument of his demise. The feeling gave quickly back over to that of relief; it seemed they weren't completely screwed.

Nich eyed him over. He didn't look too good, but he was trying. "Don't overdo it, ok?" he smirked, skipping the usual sock in the shoulder for obvious reasons. "We should head towards the village...I think, it seems like a good idea for now. We'll try to look for Swainson, too."

Nich felt like he should've said something more. Some kind of assuring, confident phrase that would mark the beginning of their trek and establish their newfound alliance. He didn't really have a way with words, unfortunately, and it came out a little something like this:

<<belch>> "Let's go."

((Continued in Improvising))

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Nich joined your team!

Zed took a deep breath, and gulped heavily, as if all the pain could be swallowed like Interfectum. Of course, it didn't go away, but there was a small burst of relief. While that didn't last long, one of its side-effects was a longer-lasting burst of determination to keep going. Even if he was going to die, he now had a chance to not only go down swinging, but with a "friend," as well. He just hoped that the friend wouldn't pull an Aeris on him with that axe during the game's climax.

Welcome to the jungle
It gets worse here everyday
Ya learn ta live like an animal
In the jungle where we play...

He started trudging after "Nich," clutching his Cat's Claw tightly in one hand, softly applying pressure to his most important wound with the other. As he did, another thought fell into Zed's mind: how was he going to return the favor for "Nich" saving his (virtual) life? Was it something that would be revealed in the storyline later on? Or was it not necessary, as was some unwritten virtual dishonor code?

If you got a hunger for what you see
You'll take it eventually
You can have anything you want
But you better not take it from me

And the more his wounds hurt, the bigger it seemed the repayment would get...

In the jungle, welcome to the jungle,
gonna bring you to your...

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