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Alright girls and ghouls, put your faces on!

Sired by witches, there lies a demon named Ukobach, reborn to an evil cult every 20 years, trapped in a single room some ways to the west, only waking when the sun sets. The witches tempt the damned and throw them into the room, where the demon uses illusions to drive them insane, further tainting their blood. He strains it out of those poor souls with his bare hands, using it as oil for those hellish boilers. At the end of each day, he find refuge in the flames he's created, burning throughout the night, turning any hesitation or penance into ash. It also assures his power above the one the witches possess. But the one whom the witches no longer possess is the one he fears. Try as he might, spilling all that blood, family ties can't be cut.


This one turned out a little shorter 'cuz I wanted to play it out IC like in Urban Unease, but maybe I'll try to do it again some other time.
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