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Looking through here I can see Bill and Akiem getting on well, solidarity for the big gentle dudes.
And whilst they've got enough common grounds that they might be friends if she were a boy... I think Scott pining for Heather could be pretty funny, if she's his type (tall, blonde, may well have punched him depending on how forward he was and how long ago that happened).
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Heather Klein is channelling her aggression into constructive outlets.
  • Seems a bit of a neat-freak, seemingly needs everything of hers to be "perfect"
  • Does wrestling, good at grappling... but she's got a mean right hook too
  • Produces aggrowave music, releases it anonymously, never speaks of it; idolises Klayton, Bret Autrey and Daniel Graves
  • Plays keys and drums pretty good, dabbles in guitar
  • Speaks pretty good German, no comprend? romance languages
  • Budding interest in fashion/design
  • Liberal, leaning libertarian, no love for the Democrats or for the Republicans, likes her news sources "alternative"
  • Atheist too; avoids saying so, being a Chicagoan down South and all
Akiem Hampton is keeping cleaner than clean so he can chase the dream.
  • Chattanooga Owls' premier nose tackle, he's a Big Guy (...for you)
  • At church in his best every Sunday
  • Surprisingly bright, likes to study literature, maybe on the debate team, maybe not?
  • Hits like a truck; but wouldn't hurt a fly off the gridiron
  • 10/10 BBQ master, the manliest form of cooking... not bad in an actual kitchen either
  • Lives and lets live, but he still thinks y'all LGBTerrific folks are sinners
  • Politically apathetic, gets his news from the proverbial grapevine, would err on the side of Democrats if pushed
Robert "Don't Call Me Bobby" Briggs was this close to making Top 8 this time, he swears. (tentative)
  • Competitive grinder at Magic the Gathering, goes to every tournament he can get to
  • Tops the more casual events, still hasn't managed to day 2 at a GP or qualify for a PT
  • Nominally Christian, conservative background, apathetic enough to just roll with what his parents say
  • A general-purpose nerd in terms of interests and school performance; not top of the class but not far off either, likes traditional games

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Michael thinks Scott is
"Kermit you are the guy in the horror movie that finds a book bound in human skin and decides to read out loud what is inside for fun" - some mean lady named Ruggahissy
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Sadly kermit looked at a mariavel. It was so sad... such a sad mariavel... like him... he only waned a normal life... was that too much to ask? was it?

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Reuben Walters would be a definite buddy for Sal, since he's big into gaming and has very strong opinions about movies and TV shows. I could see the two of them chatting up a storm about the merits of really schlocky B movies or the like. Reuben is straight himself, but he has no problem with hanging out with anybody. He's just a very chill guy.

Jeff Greene would be the sort to pick on Scott. He's a football player with a mean attitude who would get easily annoyed with Scott's sarcasm and put him up as a target of ridicule and scorn. He's not the sort to slam people into lockers, but he'd come up with derogatory nicknames and call him a loser if they passed in the halls.

If it's okay, I think it'd be neat if Sarah Burnhart was Oliver's girlfriend. She's also an adrenaline junkie and would be hooked on the racing scene in an instant, though thanks to her longsuffering dad, the car she owns is designed more for fuel efficiency than speed. Sarah finds card games to be boring normally, but if there's money on the table, adding a degree of risk, that's the sort of thing that piques her interest. At the same time, she's got her own interests in things like paintball and rock climbing that she'd want to expose Oliver to.

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how is it that i keep missing people's threads

Oliver: I feel like him and Dante might get on? Dante's not a car guy particularly but he is hella reckless and would be down for making some poor life decisions. They at least probably know each other from a party or something. Might know Axel from parties too, though I don't think they have much in common otherwise.

Bill: Not a whole lot here I don't think; Ivy's normally not particularly endeared by people who stand up to her when she's being awful, but he's also in the school band, so it probably adds up to a perfect "meh" from her.

Sal: Him and Nia would know each other at least a little from drama, up to you how he'd react to her eccentricities. She'd probably find him kinda adorably exhausting. if you're looking for another party hookup I could see it having happened with Axel but I imagine it'd have gone much the way it did with Kayden but with extra closet baggage on top. :p

Scott: Ivy's friends with Max and tolerates Demetri; she probably tolerates Scott, too. On the other hand Axel probably hates him by association. My other kids don't really notice him most likely.

lemme know what you think/any other ideas :D
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