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"It's just a prom queen vote, don't have to repay me," Naomi said, waving the comment aside. She'd also had to struggle not to snicker when Stacy realised that she'd accidentally insulted Zubin. She liked Stacy, but... well... not the brightest girl out there.

It was at this point, when Zubin was talking about how he already had plans, that Naomi remembered that she hadn't gotten books for her Humanities assignment. This realisation in no way coincided with the fact that all the talk about prom dates was getting on her nerves. Naomi didn't like talking about dating, and the fact that she'd probably need a date for prom was irritating.

"Well, I'm sure she's nice and that you'll do fine." As long as you don't apply your 'let's not try' strategy to dates as well as elections.

"And sorry, I have to go, I have schoolwork and I need to get some books before class. Bye!"

She was running off as she heard Francis' comment about being physically and emotionally drained. Why was he that? She probably should have stayed for that conversation, but she'd look ridiculous if she turned around and came back now.

((Naomi Bell continued in Encyclopedia Of Ignorance.))
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“Oh no, I didn’t mean you Zubin, you’re completely fine!” Stacy winked at him. Zubin just shrugged his shoulders. Stacy stated hat she would help Naomi in her speech if speeches were Stacy's strong point. Then Stacy asked:

“So, who’s the lucky girl, Zubin?” Zubin was about to answer when he heard a bang from Francis. He looked over to see Francis state that he was done with his work and going to sleep as soon as he could.

"Well, I'm sure she's nice and that you'll do fine." Naomi encouraged him. "And sorry, I have to go, I have schoolwork and I need to get some books before class. Bye!" With that, Naomi turned around and left.

"See ya. And good luck!" Zubin called after her. Then he felt a vibration in his pocket from his cell phone.

"Crap. I gotta take this. I'll see you later." Zubin picked his phone out of his pocket and sweeping his finger across to answer the call as he left.

((Zubin Wadia continued in Pregunta))
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Francis leaned back in his seat, and stretched his arms out in front of him, only just managing to stifle a yawn. Damn, he really was tired. He hadn’t really noticed it until now, what with him concentrating on his work. But that, alongside the parkour he’d done earlier, and bloody Miles being an ass, had really taken its toll.

Stacy then enquired exactly why he was feeling so drained. Well, that was kinda awkward; at least, one reason was. How exactly did you go about telling someone that their friend was being such a dickhead it was actually tiring? Francis mulled this over in his head, pulling a rather disgruntled expression.

Fortunately, Francis was given a slight reprieve as first Naomi, and then Zubin got up to leave. Naomi needed to do schoolwork, and Zubin needed to answer a call. Francis waved them both goodbye, then looked over at Stacy. He ran his fingers through his hair, and scratched the back of his neck, before answering.

“Well, ah, street dancin’ and parkour kinda takes a toll on your body after a while. Leaves ya pretty fatigued an’ all. That, and all this work I’ve had to do…” Slight exaggeration, but hopefully it got the point across. Francis paused for a moment, before letting out a deep sigh.

“As for emotionally… well, uh, was it just me, or was Miles, like… really kinda dickish just now? And Travis too. Sometimes they're just so fulla themselves, that I just wanna…” Francis tried to think how to say what he wanted to say subtly, but couldn’t think of anything, so instead smashed his fist into his left hand palm.

Francis let out some air through closed lips, before standing up abruptly, picking up his work as he did so. “Right, well, can’t sit around here all day, mopin’ can I? Should probably get going to actually deliver this stuff.”

Francis headed towards the exit to the student center, before turning an giving a short wave towards Stacy. “See ya around, Stace!” he called, before turning again and heading out.

((Francis St. Ledger continued in Tiger in the Night))
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Leaning forward, Stacy rested her elbows on the table as she waited for Francis to respond to her question. Francis made a displeased face as he prepared himself to reply to the question. Stacy’s eyes widened with interest and she leaned slightly closer to Francis. She figured that if Francis had to think about what he was going to say, then his reasons for being drained must have been more interesting than she immediately thought. Sure she would have cared about her friend’s problems even if they weren’t interesting, but if they were then that would make Stacy care slightly more.

Francis’s response was postponed as both Naomi and Zubin got up to leave. Naomi left because of schoolwork and Zubin left because of a phone call. Francis waved goodbye to them and Stacy did the same.

Stacy and Francis were alone now. Only two of the original six remained in the student centre. Stacy leaned onto the table once again and smiled at Francis.

“So what were you saying?” Stacy asked.

Francis revealed the cause of his tiredness was a result of street dancing and parkour. Stacy gave a sympathetic look at Francis. She knew how he felt, Stacy would also often get tired after vigorous cheerleading sessions and there was nothing worse than being at school whilst being that exhausted.

Stacy was about to share her sympathy for Francis when he began to talk again. It seemed that Miles’s and Travis’s behaviour had also had a tiring effect on Francis. Stacy understood what he meant about Miles and Travis, she agreed that sometimes they would get on her nervous too, but she usually just ignored it.

“I know what you mean, just get a goodnight sleep tonight and you’ll feel better tomorrow.” Stacy replied with a smile.

Francis stood up and announced he had to go. He waved and said goodbye to Stacy as he exited the student centre. She was alone now. Stacy looked around the empty table where her friends had sat moments ago. Grabbing her bag, she slung it over her shoulder and sighed as she left the room.

((Stacy Ramsey continued in Monochromatic Living))

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