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Name: Wade Cartwright
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 11
School: Cochise High
Hobbies and Interests: Webcomics, RTS/TBS/city building/simulator games, running, action anime/movies (good or bad)

Appearance: Wade is a pale, tall young man, measured standing at 5'11 and weighing 155 pounds. His build is generally unremarkable, but a slight hunch and a paunch somewhat mar his appearance. His hair is naturally messy and curly, but he tends to trim this to a near-crew cut. He has a unibrow and very prolific facial hair for someone his age, having prominent sideburns, a mustache, soulpatch, even a short, unusually dark beard, though he will sometimes shave this. In addition to all of that, he also sports some very light cheek hair.

He has a square-jawed, oval appearance, and generally wears no jewelry; his eyes are somewhat thin, with dark brown irises that are unremarkable for their exceptionally black hue; his forehead isn't particularly prominent and his nose is short; the bottom of this is blunted slightly upwards, making his nostrils perpetually visible at a low angle, a peculiarity that often comes much to the chagrin of photographers.

He generally wears simple T-shirts and standard jeans to school, paired with his standard, brown shoes and a jacket. On rare occasions, the T-shirt will be merch from some favorite webcomic or another, prominently displaying its image. At the time of the abduction, he's wearing his valued rare "Leona Fanboy" t-shirt, with a synthetic black-blue jacket, slightly damaged jeans (somewhat faded due to use). His teeth have an indefinably chipped appearance and a somewhat yellowish tinge that's quite hard to perceive on good days.

Biography: In February 1998, Wade was born to Mira and Alfred Cartwright, a pair of out-of-work, recently-wed Miami inhabitants. Mira had previous experience as a hematology technician and Alfred was an ex-Army engineer. Both found themselves with a very strong financial position, and with a need to encourage Wade's mental development, they decided to turn to homeschooling, reasoning that public and private schools would not be prepared to accomodate a child equipped with accelerated learning.

Almost immediately, they turned to Glenn Doman, perhaps the best (as a matter of fact, practically the only) noted man in the whole field for answers. After picking up some of what they needed from a local teacher, they immediately began to employ his techniques in everyday use after Wade's birth. He responded very well, and showed fairly strong progression, including learning to read at 2, being able to effectively operate computers at 3, and even managing to join and participate in a local soccer club for a while before a minor hip injury the year afterward scared Mira off.

After Wade turned about four, his parents found some time for periodic camping activities, which Wade came to have a love-hate relationship with: while they brought him some time to be in a more natural environment and experience social interaction, he came to sometimes detest the sense of idleness and isolation (and not to mention unpleasant bug bites) that came with the relative lack of technology.

The camping trips grew slightly thinner as Wade aged into his seventh year, which was incidentally about the same time the first SOTF incidents occurred. Wade's parents were shocked by the act itself but ultimately only slightly perturbed; after all, their own son wasn't enrolled in any formalized education at all and, being scarcely seven, he had a long way to go before even being at high school age, so it was a trivial effort to dismiss any such worries. Wade, at the time, acquired the image of a wonderfully gifted child with limitless potential, something he relished and yet at the same time came to see as somewhat of a facade; Wade's parents continued to struggle through providing him with a balanced learning regimen through their seemingly-constant schedule shifts.

And it was when Wade was at the age of eight that Mira and Alfred acquired a computer along with a steady Internet connection, which Wade inevitably made time for. Being the precocious individual that he was, he, to the chagrin of his parents, inevitably plunged headfirst into the World Wide Web, but mostly only for bad Flash games and the occasional webcomics, forums, and Youtube, the former two sparking his interest in the furry fandom. He even sometimes got involved in them, although to practically no real success (his greatest achievement of ignominy during this period was getting himself warned and banned from Newgrounds a few token times in 2007).

During the course of 2008, the hospital that Mira was working at suffered budget cuts and Alfred's construction work had dried up due to the Great Recession, and they both agreed on a move to Kingman, Arizona, where there was an opening at the Regional Medical Center. Wade was rather indifferent at the prospect of a change in scenery, but the idea did somewhat energize him, as the long initial months of the Recession were significantly disruptive and unsettling.

It was in January of 2009 that the move was enacted, with Mira finally earning a steady income once again at the Regional Medical Center and Alfred finding work at a local construction office. After things finally settled a little on the economic side in 2010, the two once again put their thoughts toward Wade's educational future, a road getting rockier by the minute as their schedules became more hectic and homeschooling became steadily more impractical. In addition, they were starting to reach limits in terms of additional teachable material.

As a result, in mid-2012, at 14, Wade finally entered the standard school system, having been enrolled in Cochise High School. At this point, in terms of social personality, he'd arguably become a less tolerable individual, with his wandering, increasingly-active imagination inevitably leading to a few puzzling mannerisms, which was somewhat infuriating for Mira, who tried her best to rein them in when she was around. In any case, his Internet life flourished after he discovered Steam and his parents became steadily more high-income, upgrading the computing power available to him. He played everything from classic titles such as Half-Life to new releases like CS:GO and a small, but diverse lot in between. He still enjoys playing online and also strat games such as Civ IV: Beyond the Sword and Cities: Skylines, Strategy games are perhaps his most favored genre, even though his actual skill at playing them is middling at best.

Wade stepped fairly easily into routine school life, only showing any kind of deficiency in the area a couple of times due to his lack of relative familiarity with a couple aspects and trivialities. During this time, he discovered a new passion for writing fiction and reading articles on the Web, consuming a large amount of useful (and not-so-useful) information from places like TVTropes, XKCD, Cracked, and a whole bunch of other less (sometimes more) notable sites.

In any case, Wade's academic performance was surprisingly weak during the first two years; he rapidly developed a slacker nature which caused him to flounder quickly in areas he wasn't naturally strong in, such as "hard logic" applications like math and chemistry. On the other hand, his performance was exemplary in subjects such as language, social science, and art study. Or, in essence: if all that studying really involved was a clear reading or writing assignment, Wade was practically guaranteed to get A's on his exams and assignments. If you asked him to do things such as learn formulas, do dimensional analysis, and calculate polynomials, though, his results became rather lackluster (in other words, Ds and Fs were the order of his semester for that class.), to the point that his parents became significantly concerned and placed him in remedial courses; although his grades did improve to a satisfactory level, he still didn't really put in the effort that it took to reach a solid B grade.

At this time, with the help of some soul-searching and personal changes, Wade managed to fall in with social circles, finally finding his niche mostly in the otaku club with the help of his personal appreciation for anime. He also gained a musical taste for game and anime OSTs, eventually evolving into a strong preference toward the eurobeat and j-pop genres, sometimes dabbling into chiptunes. He mostly watches action-adventures and the occasional shounen, with a bit of preference toward mecha to add flair. He also tolerates the occasional live-action vehicles.

As far as socialization is concerned, Wade is actually fairly able to connect with others, but his nearly-complete inability to make small talk outside of his various interests often leaves him feeling as if he's losing out on real discussion. Much of his social interaction takes place on the Internet, too, where he often participates on discussion boards and chatrooms (sometimes even Reddit!) with an arguably stronger conversational ability compared to face-to-face interaction; (forums give time to put more thought into statements). He also became more self-aware, especially about his poor physical appearance and weak social presentation. From 2013 until now, he's even made a few small efforts to improve this, such as avoiding sugar, performing a few exercises to try and improve his poor posture, and trying to eat healthier in general. He's also taken to the somewhat odious habit of running in empty hallways between classes.

During the course of late freshman and sophomore year, his previously-failing grades in several fields improved to acceptable C's, he grew somewhat in stature, but nevertheless his performance in his previously-exemplary areas fell somewhat as if to compensate.
Around this time, too, Wade really decided he'd start to have more of a presence on the furry scene, and he registered on a couple large websites there, where he now occasionally posts microfiction and makes extremely oblique, cryptic, and totally context-less references to his personal life; the V5 incident in early 2012 also caused him to put some serious thought toward the possibility of ending up in the game himself, remote as it might actually be, which made him a bit panicky, causing him to do a bit of research on prior incidents to see what worked for winners and what didn't for losers, but scrupulously avoiding actually watching clips and restricting himself to statistical research and survivor accounts.

In the first half of sophomore year, he became more introspective and also more ambitious. He settled on a rather vague choice of becoming some kind of furry author, cartoonist, or animator, with the wildness of his dreams being proportional to his mood, and the 'animator' idea being always the strongest, despite the fact he presently has a near-total lack of drawing (and handwriting) ability or skill. As graduation steadily nears, he's put the idea of going to some kind of art place like Full Sail to himself, but this is actually rather weak compared to the other major career he has in mind: namely, biomedical research.

He's been lending more and more thought to these cognitive dissonances lately, and is intellectually starting to come to the realization he'll probably be forced to choose (or more likely, end up letting himself get railroaded into) one path in the near future. The Wade of the present is perhaps best characterized by internal moodswings from depressed to amazed by his own creativity (especially as he reads a lot of TVTropes and Atomic Rockets, etc. and is, in ambition and practice, primarily a sci/spec-fic writer) to highly frustrated by his lack of actual ability or progress. (especially as his grades in all areas hit a sudden low in Fall of 2014, although he managed to pull himself together and keep all of them afloat at or slightly above C's.) He's also considering more frequent exercise and further improving his diet seriously, especially as the end of his critical adolescence approaches, and putting increasingly more thought into his future.

Advantages: Some theoretical knowledge of things like hand-to-hand and sword combat (actually, some of his imagined sequences are surprisingly influenced by the fiction he watches and reads) and the very, very basics of firearm operation (things like safety, sights, etc. not actually handling, all setup), including a few survival tidbits picked up from Discovery Channel, a military textbook, and hanging around a prepper blog for some time. He's actually got good language/conversational abilities, despite his lack of small talk, and has demonstrated good potential for situational(even if he is a bit slow to process these things externally/consciously.) He's also been trying to cultivate in himself a stronger determination lately, to try to counteract his procrastinational weaknesses.
Disadvantages: A lack of physical ability. He isn't obese or even overweight, but he has some stance problems and doesn't do any real exercise besides minor posture-correction. (His diet mostly consists of bread, chocolate milk, the occasional rotisserie chicken or pizza, and maybe a bacon-and-chicken sandwich from the cafeteria.) He also has a lack of connections, something that is arguably a weakness given the value of status and alliances on the island.
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Howdy, I'm Ruggahissy and I'll be your moderator for this profile

So first off: Go through the profile and take the information that is in parenthetical asides and put it into the profile without being in parenthesis. The parenthesis aren't super professional which is why they aren't used in the character bios.

Hobbies and Interests: Webcomics, RTS/TBS/city building/simulator games, running, action anime/movies (good or bad)

So I might not just be totally not in the know, but I don't know what RTS and TBS are. If they're just city building and simulator games, that's covered by saying city building and simulator games. Also, take out the parenthetical that he likes both good and bad action anime and movies. It's not necessary.


- There's no hair color
- What kind of mustache does he have?


"Both found themselves with a very strong financial position"

Slightly confused here since they were both out of work when he was born. Did they get jobs between then and this point?

"began to employ his techniques in everyday use after Wade's birth."

Are both of these people working? Is one of them staying home? Are the both staying home? Who is doing the homeschooling here?

"and even managing to join and participate in a local soccer club for a while before a minor hip injury the year afterward scared Mira off. "

I'm going to assume this is some kind of kiddy soccer club since he's 3 at the moment and being smart wouldn't give him the athletic skills needed to join an older soccer club. You may need to talk about this hip injury. If he's 3 years old an injury like this would affect at least how his parents feel and deal with him and it frightened his mother enough to pull him out of the kiddy soccer.

"that came with the relative lack of technology. "

I find it odd that a four-year-old cares about not haven technology.

"Wade, at the time, acquired the image of a wonderfully gifted child"

Is he actually gifted or is that just the image his parents put on him? He learned to read early and has basic use of computers, but none of those things are terribly remarkable. I've known people who could read at 3 as well.

"And it was when Wade was at the age of eight that Mira and Alfred acquired a computer along with a steady Internet connection, "

Woah wait. I thought he already learned to use a computer and whined about the lack of tech when they go camping. They didn't have a computer until he was 8? Then what has he been learning on and whining about? He doesn't go to school so he's not taking computer classes there.

" to a few puzzling mannerisms,"

Like what?

"During this time, he discovered a new passion for writing fiction and reading articles"

What sparked his interest in fiction writing? What kind of articles does he read? And why does he do both of these things?

I find his inability to do hard sciences and math interesting. This would indicate that he isn't really as gifted as his parents made him out to be while he was growing up. In fact, he seems to be bright, but not extraordinarily so, and only in certain subjects. Does the fact that he's finally put with other kids and then doesn't perform above and beyond affect him in anyway, especially since it appears that he's been told he was special? How do his parents react? This is a pretty interesting wrinkle.

- How is he planning to go into biomedical research if he's bad at math and science?

"Some theoretical knowledge of things like hand-to-hand and sword combat (actually, some of his imagined sequences are surprisingly influenced by the fiction he watches and reads) "

That's not really helpful.

" a few survival tidbits picked up from Discovery Channel, a military textbook"

Since when does he watch the Discovery channel or read military textbooks?

"He's actually got good language/conversational abilities, despite his lack of small talk, and has demonstrated good potential for situational"

What does this mean exactly? Is he persuasive? Is he able to calm people down? Gain their trust?

So "running" was listed as a hobby and the only time it showed up in the profile was that he runs back and forth in halls. That's not really "running" as it is commonly known as a hobby and doesn't cut mustard as a hobby. A hobby is something you have an interest in and spend significant amount of time in.

When we look at the hobbies we generally look for 1 ) How did they get into it 2) What do they do to engage in it and 3 ) why do they like it or what do they get out of it. 1 and 2 are there for your hobbies, but not so much 3.

Other than that I'd like to know a little more about his personality and especially how he related to people. Wade seems to have been pretty isolated his whole life since the only interaction with kids during the home schooling period was the kiddy soccer club he was pulled out of at age 3. Most of the times parents who home school children try to get them involved with other children somehow so they can keep up socially and not feel lonely, but Wade didn't get any of that. I'd also like to know more about how all of the different decisions his parents have made affects his relationship with them.

Post when done!

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