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Becca nodded, unfolded her arms, turning the Colt this way and that. She was still trying to get a feel for the weight of it, and she couldn't lie that it didn't feel heavy in her hands. Earlier she'd been glad of it, now, she wasn't even sure if she could pull the trigger. It almost made her more nervous to be holding onto it, but what else could she do? Becca sure wasn't going to hand it off to Paulo, and dumping it would be moronic.

Funny, what something as simple as a hunk of metal could do.

Finally she glanced back up to Paulo, giving him another simple smile in response to his assurance.

"Cool. All right. Well..." Becca glanced towards the door. "I guess we could check the town out, seenas we're here already. Let's go."

She moved towards the door ahead of Paulo and headed out onto the lawn, and from there, to the path heading down into the town.

((Becca Everett continued in Wisteria Lane, After the End))

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My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun.

Paulo didn't follow immediately. Because, as the cliche went, he loved to watch Becca go.

"Ay, mami."

He watched for so long he had to jog after her to keep up.

((Paulo Abbate continued in Wisteria Lane, After the End))
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