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Since V4 and V5 had one, I figure we might as well set this up for V6!

Rate your top 10 V6 kids, in no particular order unless you choose to do so. Limiting yourself to one character per handler is preferred, but not strictly mandatory. If you like, you can also add an 'honorary 11' by describing your favorite character that you wrote in V6.

Also stealing from Turtle's stealing from Murderweasel:

MurderWeasel wrote:You can rank your list or not. I don't really care either way. What I'd like to really emphasize, though, is that this is not a place to trash on other handlers for their favs. Everyone's got different tastes, and that's fine. That said, it's totally cool to dislike characters. It's cool to talk about disliking them, too. There's nothing wrong with even politely discussing stuff that didn't do it for you in the General Discussion Thread. This thread, however, is just for lists and talking about stuff you like. Oh, and maybe for suggestions on other cool characters for people to read, based on ones they've enjoyed. That's cool, too.

A final thing: please, please don't feel bad if your character is not mentioned. SOTF has had [[editor's note; lots]] characters over the course of its time (counting pregame V5 as of this second, and NOT counting non-V1 terrorists and the like, who ARE okay choices, as in the original thread). That means that you get to pick your favorite 1.14% of the game. That means the percentage you can choose here is lower than the percentage IQ threshold to join MENSA. It's not a slight or anything if you're not named.
Have at!
V5: Cut Short
Theodore Fletcher
Nina Clarke
Gwen O'Connor

V6: Broken Down
Alice Baker (->Aura)
Henry Spencer
Blair Moore

V7: Unprepared
Rhonda Lawson[/b
Toby Underwood
Paloma Salt

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no particular order

Min-Jae Parker (backslash) - Min-Jae is the sort of character that just naturally pops out and sticks into my head as a very thorough, solid, impactful character. Emphasis on character because Jae's rings so clearly and strongly. The narrative is brusque, efficient, effective, but still manages to make a lot about Jae's character clear in it's harsh and cynical tone efficiency. There are nice little bits of remembrance and recall, fragments of the memories of old life like his tribulations with Hazel that simultaneously humanize him and continue to make the numbness caused by his journey and his embracing of his pointlessly pseudo-but-not-really-nihilistic viewpoint that turns him into a clear but relatable villain, driven by relatable emotions like anger, pain, and pure and utter exhaustion.

All this done in a way where Jae doesn't overpower part of any plot he's in but neatly slots in, makes his perspective clear while not detracting from the pacing of others. It's the right amount of prose, phrased and paced smoothly almost no matter the thread or circumstance It's brilliant stuff. Highlights of his arc include the very relatable dramatic back-and-forth with Hazel and his arbitrarily defining hatred of Brendan. He's sort of slid into and out of parallel island storylines like a specter- backslash choosing to have him start calling himself along the lines of a ghost or shadow is a nice touch.

Wayne Cox (Iceblock) - Short and utterly efficient at portraying a coward of a character and making a point. Also making him nice and relatable, we get a good hefty look into his internal narrative, there's always a respectful distance given, a bit of ambiguity allowed in his motivations via interesting diction and focusing on the implications rather than the actual proper causes: Iceblock's quite good at spelling things out without actually needing to outright spell things out, if that makes sense, it always provides for a fascinating and compelling read. Wayne starts with a nice burst of action then thoroughly explores the consequences of such, we as readers get to see a strongly characterized sort of person who could do such a thing. It's a good study of moral cowardice and guilt, one that lasted exactly as long as it needed to and no more.

Lily Caldwell (Violent Medic) - Speaking of cowards.

Lily is a slow burn, using Medic's mastery of 'I don't need to really say a lot or make it all that seriously phrased to get my point across with gusto' prose. Lily always had my interest from the get go, even if her story started out relatively slow in terms of actual events she had a lot of interesting interactions, with Lili, with Alex and Jeremy, that spelled out and externalized her character in a way that was engaging to follow. It did hint at what was to come when it promptly still took me (at least) by surprise, Lily's alliance with Isabel is one of my favorite meta decisions of V6, forging a brilliant relationship that is dysfunctional and terrible and perfect at making both characters in it look at their absolutely best worst. Lily efficiently, without too much need for over-drowning us in prose, shows us the shortcomings of pragmatism, it's a very human look at this sort of character archetype with the unique twist of 'I'm allying myself with a killer' for revenge.

The bit where she starts to be jealous of Isabel for being strong where she's not... good stuff, good stuff. It's almost chilling, even, what sort of mundane but effectively petty points Lily as a character makes about how cowardice and weakness shapes people.

Isabel Ramirez (VoltTurtle) - Moving on the the other half of one of my favorite V6 relationships ever in history. An old school SOTF killer that is made to make sense. Pretty good stuff. Turtle's tonal choices always effectively conveyed what sort of sociopath freak Isabel was under the surface well, I really was not surprised by this happening at all. Her early rampage is okay, and her kill of Conrad in particular is excellent with RC playing his part to perfection, but Isabel is happily defined by the complexities and subtleties of her relationship to Lily. It's actually kind of awesome how a relationship manages to be so meaningful while simultaneously being so one sided. Isabel using Lily as a lot of things at once is actually quite difficult to truly parse in a positive sense: Isabel as a character is actually disturbingly obtuse and hard to read in the truth of her genuine sentiment or lack thereof for Lily, she's all over the place, and that fits a character of her ilk damn perfectly, manipulative through and through.

Die Anywhere Else is still also one of V6's best threads I will fight you all.

Scout Pfeiffer (Ciel) - Legends say I still cannot spell her last name right to this day. Anyways, Scout. Ciel had a perfect narrative voice for Scout. Brusque, pretty damn irreverent at times, harsh and sharp and self-critical. Scout is the premiere player hunter of V6 because she functionally plays like a pretty classic and archetypical one... but she just does it so well. She lives and breathes the role, with just enough slack to also breathe as a character of her own. Who, to be fair, is still pretty much born to play the role she did, but it just works. It's like, yes, she almost only makes sense as a player hunter but she just sells it. She's a living and breathing character and I love her and how much she just shuts down others' bullshit in a realistic way. Less awkward one liners- externally- the ones she does say aloud hit the mark.

Caedyn Miller (Empress Plush) - Evil but relatable because it's often so pettily framed it's amazing. Even her latest turn into a 'fuck everyone and everything' omnicidal prick just makes a neat amount of sense to me in terms of her character. She's a selfish hypocritical asshole who has no self-awareness and gives no fucks. She treats Jasmine half like shit but also uses her as a lifeline and moral leash? Does it make sense? It would be a hard sell normally but Plush just threads that needle perfectly. Caedyn's internal narrative lacks just enough self-awareness to make it clear why she can effectively sell her thoughts and actions the way she does, in the context of reading from her own point of view. It makes for a brilliant villain who didn't need a lot of kills to really stand out to me as one of V6's best.

Johnny McKay (fogue/Bikriki) - Uselessness personified. I mean it. Johnny's entire character is just a very unique and well written take on those characters who fade into the background. By purposely designing it so that he fades into the background and really doesn't matter a lot. Fogue's irreverent passages full of stuff that only sort of mattered and never had any narrative staying power versus Riki's more minimalistic approach were both effective at getting the point across. Johnny stood out to me in not standing out, because the portrayal of his being a waste of space and post effort just makes him so unique, a unique voice that provides excellent contrast to almost any scene he's in, a cute little self-contained story and tragedy that puts him as a positive accessory to one of the island's more long running 'hero' arcs that manages to steal some damn spotlights by stealing no spotlights at all.

Olivia Fischer (Maraoone) - Another character mostly self-contained who never has too much outward impact. Except in dying, hilariously enough. What makes Olivia my swag is that, well. I have a weakness for very good abstract metaphor and interesting atypical language, and a bunch of other folks on SOTF are all good at that- you know who you are- but Maraoone benefits from pacing it very well. And pairing it with a very good character, who had a very defined and strong internal back and forth, a wavering, weak of spirit character who falls into the orbit of another. Common enough thing but Olivia essentially carries herself on her own, as a character, without needing to actually do much. Something Mara tends to do and why I tend to like his work.

Asha Sur (dmboogie) - Boogie is a good writer everyone and their entire extended family knows that, but to me Asha was my favorite of his kids because, hm. She had just the right personality of intellectually irreverent and powerfully nice and friendly and altruistic that she very much stood out to me as an early hero, her philosophizing touched me strongly, her interactions with Wayne and Dorothy and later Jae were all very nice and down-to-earth while simultaneously setting up her character as something with a grandiose, larger-than-herself feeling in terms of moral import. It then all came crashing down with an excellent death that sets up a lot in terms of food for thought. I'm just going to qualify here that Asha versus Cass was a hard decision among 100 others I made making this list, I settled for Asha because I think while both thoroughly fascinating, Asha had more of an impact and influence in the grander scheme of things, Cass was more predictably self-contained as a story and that's of course awesome, but you have to judge these things holistically. I do, anyways.

Matthew Moradi (privyet) - I was on the Matt hype train before anyone else.

But yeah. How many times have I sung this character's praises? Matt's just so good at portraying himself in a relatable and thought-provoking way while maintaining an economy of verbiage and enough intrigue to allow him to go a number of ways for his finale. Still. While having murdered three people to death. It takes sharp and clever writing to be engaging and portray a fascinating character while being so sparse and spartan and privyet's just fucking got it. Even his often seemingly tongue-in-cheek delving into ruminating and philosophizing manages to be interesting while not detracting from the overall feel of Matt as a very simple but effective and impactful character.

Swear to god guys this is the last Matt spiel.

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no particular order 2.0 the revenge of no particular order

Nate Turner (Slam) - Soooo smooth. Nate maintained hellacious consistency which I applaud Slam for while never being so uninteresting as a character. He had a harsh fall, but has also had a smoothly executed rebound. You have to classify this sort of arc in the same way you would a villain redemption arc, to be honest, since they're both similar degrees of dramatic character swerve that require solid reasoning. Nate is his own reasoning, and I like it so much. He's just so consistently... good, and pure, even at his worst. He can do a ton of things going forward from here and I'm interested to see where he ends up, where the roller-coaster of emotion finally lets off.

Noah Whitley (Laurels) - Legendary Meanwhile, probably never ever going to be matched in the remainder of SOTF history. But onto island Noah. Noah is a character that I think takes the best of Laurel's writing tendencies, his tendency to cleverly integrate references into narrative voices, and turns it into a strong character that has his charming moments of funniness that manage to be both engaging to readers and provide plenty of interesting intrigue- all his impromptu video calls back home, I swear he had the most by a longshot- while still managing his moments of seriousness... But not too many, which is actually refreshingly nice! Noah always has a strong positive demeanor and bounce to his narrative, even when dying like fuck. In his death scene for example it enforces the nature of his death, that it mattered in the end and it serves as a 'tide turns' moment against Isabel. In short Laurels' tone just makes Noah nice and stand out, comfortable in that position throughout his island career and providing a ton of quoteables along the way.

Jonathan Gulley (Toxiethetoxicavenger) - One hell of a ride from beginning to end. I'm pretty sure Jon objectively has had the most swerves in his arc, beginning to end, of any character on island. That wild ride is occasionally bumpy but for the most part Jon brings a ton to the table as Toxie integrates various elements smoothly into Jon's narrative. I love his nightmare sequences and flashbacks, they have the visceral and raw nature they need to have an impact and be memorable. The mask and the tape recorder... I love motifs, love them to death as a reader, and Jon... like, damn. Jon does a lot with a lot of characters and memorializes many of them in his time on island. Barry. Michael. Amanda. Darius... somehow. Now Brendan. I like that, it makes the island feel more alive when all these storylines become the torches carried by another character.

Toxie does a lot of stuff I like to see, really. I'd like to see more narratives like this in the future, perhaps cleaned up a little, in terms of just how integrative they are of other characters in such a fluid and organic way that is exciting to read. Carry others in your heart and devote to them some gorgeous-ass language and ideas, that's what we like. Obviously that doesn't work for everyone. But for Jon, yep. Exactly the perfect thing to be bringing to the table.

Alan Banks (Zetsumodernista/Wolley) - Yeesh okay. I may have overall bought into the hype with this boy a little too hard.

Essentially I just like the concept so so much. The execution? Sometimes questionable. But it just feels like Alan is this force of nature, he sort of goes the opposite direction from a lot of other characters. Very little relativity, hard to ground in anyway into the reality of some boring ass school in the Mojave Desert. It just works, by way of going to an extreme and sticking with it to the death. Alan brought interesting ideas to the fore, and a fascinating back and forth on morality that was on purpose ICly and contrived and pretty much bullshit but it made sense and was just sold as was, over the top, bashing against every other more normalized perspective around it. It just worked as a great point of contrast, unique, stand out.

But eh I'd rather we not do it again. Shrug. One time was more than enough.

Jeremiah Fury (MK Kilmarnock) - There is something in this character that's raw expertise in writing.

Jerry is funny. An idiot. It's sold in a way that makes Jerry passable as a serious character, only in a sense, but it's enough. It's like... it's the balance of the humor and the realism grounding the humor, Jerry admitting (by denial) that he's weird and has a strange mentality and approach and doubling down like the asshole he is. That just makes it all make sense, makes the humor all the sweeter in a manner because it becomes relatable, to me. MK does a good job of not committing too hard either way, letting the serious and the not so serious both breathe... the stupid shit is stupid, but it works well in the grand context of things. It's comedic relief done in a fairly captivating and compelling way. And the death scene was also a nice touch.

Benjamin Lichter (Malloon) - Ben is an insanely self-contained character from beginning to end. One of his few meaningful interactions before the one that brutally kills him is with another one of those very self-contained characters. Malloon however, gave us consistent and interesting characterization with plenty of small moments that breathed life into him, his family, his increasingly externally expressed paranoia. Plenty of content, and it's all mostly with himself sure, but it's some well written interesting narrative with a lot of nuance that tells the story of a kid. One with an interesting plan and a relatable mindset that made his arc a solid midgame read. I am so looking forward to Malloon's V7 work, there is so much promise here.

Jeremy Frasier (Yugikun) - Yep. Jeremy Frasier. In a ways the bane of my existence (curse your Martyr Approach).

So Jeremy's style is not always one I agree with, Yugi very much knows this at this point. But what it is is very very good at just getting the point across. Like I said before Jeremy is very much a character plainly dictated, designed, sealed and shipped to the reader for their digestion. There is a lot to digest. So much to digest. It's a character built through the micro details, through an enormous amount of carefully cultivated and crafted thought that tells us exactly what we the readers need to be hearing, but it also maintains enough ambiguity to allow us to draw our own conclusions. Jeremy's motivations and actions can easily be read a number of ways, from selfish to intelligent to barely coherent. It's realistic, it's at times fun, at times frustrating. But it's all there and there's enough of it that anybody could find something that resonates with them.

Like Jeremy/BB.

Kimiko Kao (Deamon) - Kimiko is a character who I can now actually in someways compare to Jeremy now that I think about it. They're characters with complex motivation and impulse, where the writer gives us a lot to work with in terms of drawing our own conclusions. Kimiko's a heavy thinker and Deamon paints for us a very clear picture of Kimiko's motivations and rationales, while not actually allowing us as readers to be sure she ever really figured it out. Her interactions with Vanessa and Enzo are ace moments for anyone looking to see how a very notorious killer can cleanly interact with kids they're not intending to kill. Kimiko's infamous but interestingly it sometimes doesn't feel like she deserves that infamy just pursuing her IC narrative. She's strongly ambiguous as a character considering what she's done, all credit to Deamon for making Kimiko that complex and fascinating.

Dorothy Shelley (whatever the hell Lore's name is now) - bitch

So, Dot's had another long ass winding journey, but definitely with a consistently downwards trajectory in terms of general demeanor and behavior. What can we say about her motivation? Hard to say. Dorothy is uniquely obtuse as Lore uses very fascinating and strong metaphor and abstract language to sell Dot from all sorts of odd angles that hint at things but never entirely spell out the truth. Of many of the SOTF villains Dot actually does the best, to me, at carrying an inherent aura of mystery that turns malicious. It's never so easy to tell whats up with her as she turns down the road she does: why is her mentality mutating the way it is? Lore swerves around that question and provides a twisted perspective on my favorite tropes of irrelevant character building moments during dramatic episodes, Dorothy is whimsical, weird, all while being a terrifying spectre of a person. Some rough edges but Lore's got hella potential with the way she manipulates her delivery.

Alessio Rigano (whatever the hell RC Helpo's name is now) - Ah, Alessio. So, as a person I hate this kid. Lets see why.

My first read on Al probably wasn't the most accurate, I think Coleen called it better. Coward. Lived as one and died as one, but the interesting thing about RC's internal narrative choices for Al is that they paint him in a better light than he deserves... sort of. There's definitely enough room, enough self-awareness from the 3rd person angle, to show us it's all mostly BS. Al presents so many unique ideas- from how he kills and situations he gets involved in to how he justifies himself- but the same undercurrent always underpins it, that struggle against himself and his own weakness and nature. It's a powerful arc forged from insignificant beginnings, brilliantly done, beginning to end. There's a lot to say, really. How he tries to moralize at Maria while randomly torturing her to death. How he treats the Suicide Squad (Kizi/Lili/Penelope/Raina/etc.) and flip flops on them, turns them into something meaningful in a way... he's complex, he's interesting in how he warps simple ideas of perception and intent over and over to make for one of V6's premiere killers.
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My faves:


Got no time to explain. Will explain later, perhaps. Essentially they are recs to sum up v6 for the people joining in v7.

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Woo okay. Not going to cheat like I did with my final ten prediction here, one character per handler even if I liked a lot of them about equally.

In no particular order:

Coleen Reagan (MK Kilmarnock) - Part of what I really love about Coleen is that if you showed me her prose next to say, Brook or Cody, and I didn't already know better, I wouldn't immediately be able to peg that they were written by the same person. That's not a knock on any of Ricky's stuff (I love Brook and Cody too), it's an example of how trying something different can bring about really awesome results. Personality and arc-wise, Coleen is distinct from any other character Ricky has written before for SOTF and it made her surprising in a very good way.

Putting aside the novelty factor though, Coleen has a lot more to offer. She starts out on the island contemplating suicide, and at first glance it might even make a lot of sense for her character to have gone through with it then and there, given what was set up about her personality in pregame. But she doesn't. And fuck you Ricky I wanted that BDA quote for her. There were hints even in pregame that Coleen is made of sterner stuff than she initially appears, but choosing to live even though she knows she probably won't last is Coleen's early turning point on the island, even before Cameron's death. She goes on to be one of the most heroic (in my opinion) characters in V6's late game, even counting her various mistakes and failures along the way. Honestly sad that she didn't get to go on longer after killing Alessio, because I think she would have been a good, mostly-moral counterpart to all the shades of gray we've got going in to the last bit of the game.

Kaitlyn Greene (D/N) - And in almost direct contrast to Coleen, here's Kaitlyn being set up as some kind of morally-ambiguous at best, outright villainous at worst character from the very start of her island game, and she was a ton of fun the whole way. D/N has a real talent for putting a ton of character and voice into every post and even Kaitlyn's very first lines in her opening post give the reader a good idea of what she's like. She keeps that irreverent tone throughout most of her stay, particularly through her somewhat bumbling initial attempts at establishing herself as a threat, and I'd argue that that's part of what makes the kill that she achieves all the more shocking, both to the reader and to herself.

Kaitlyn's viewpoint on the island is unique as well; we've had our fair share of characters who sort of revel in the lawlessness of the island and some of those who made it out reflect on how it changed them for the better, but I'm hard-pressed to think of any who share the exact sort of empowerment, for lack of a better term, that Kaitlyn feels. Her death thread sums it up best, I think, where she's so self-assured and hell, having fun, while playing a cat-and-mouse death game with a friend. It's fun, interesting stuff.

Michael Crowe (ToxieTheToxicAvenger) - Speaking of irreverent. Michael's an interesting case because I started off kind of skeptical of him in pregame, but the setting of the island actually serves his outlandishness much better than a more down-to-earth setting did. His narrative is also just tongue-in-cheek enough the whole way through for you to know that while he buys into his own hype, his handler is much more self-aware, and it makes Michael a very fun wannabe hero, who doesn't realize that he's way in over his head until it's too late. Ironically, when he does finally make a stand that could actually be called heroic, he dies and we don't even get to see it. Maybe that's a commentary on something or just another touch of irony, but either way it caps off his story in a way that I found more fitting than if he had gotten a longer, more detailed death scene.

I have no idea what we're in for with Michael in Second Chances 2, but man am I looking forward to it.

Fiyori Senay (Riki) - I loved Fiyori in pregame and I love her in game proper and she is good, okay. Fiyori has an arc that's kind of opposite the arc that a lot of SOTF characters have, where she goes from uncaring and actually suicidal to really wanting to act and change things and live, where many people around her are giving up. The thing about Fiyori is that even with such a drastic change in her motivations, you don't get the sense that she as a person has changed much. Her narrative and personality are still very recognizable as the person that she was in pregame, and that's some good strength of character right there.

I like Fiyori in part because it's hard to guess what she'll do next. She's an enigma even to herself sometimes, and I get the sense that even though she has resolved to live if she can, she still doesn't really know what to do with herself. It makes one wonder if she would only be able to gain and keep this motivation in the exact kind of life or death situation that she's in, and whether it would be possible to maintain if she were to go back to the "real world". Also Riki pulled off one of the best brick jokes in SOTF, so there's that.

Cass Prince (dmboogie) - This was a hard choice between Cass and Asha, but while I'm more personally attached to Asha I feel like Cass is in some ways more recognized as a full character and also they're precious and good and pure and I love them and in my personal denial timeline they scissor-kicked Caedyn's head off and lived happily ever after.

But in all seriousness, Cass is really good and had a lot of moments that were personally touching for me. I appreciate a character who can find beauty and goodness in terrible things, and Cass is something of a unique twist on that in that they're distinct from the typical personality that you see with those sorts of characters. Cass is depressed, they feel worthless, they constantly reflect on how other people deserve to live more than they do, but they still manage to find peace and self-affirmation and to create something that will last after they're gone even in spite of Caedyn destroying it physically. There's some pretty powerful stuff there, I think.

Noah Whitley (Laurels) - Laurels made me feel an emotion and he's going to jail for it. This was also a tough choice because Laurels had a super solid group of kids this version, but Noah edges out the other two in terms of voice and characterization. You know who he is from pregame to his opening island posts all the way up through his death, and he never lets himself change for the worse even though he wavers from time to time. Noah is a good person through and through and that's why he didn't stand a chance in SOTF, but he made people happy along the way and that counts for something.

Also I'm dead serious about buying a book adaptation of All About My Mother if you do it, Laurels.

Caedyn Miller (Empress Plush) - Fun fact: I suggested the name Caedyn to Paige way back in the beginning of V6 pregame so I'm like her godmother. You're all welcome.

Caedyn is a good villain not because she's especially smart or badass or nearly as manipulative as she thinks she is, but because she is the logical extreme of the kind of sheer petty malice that teenagers are capable of. Her final post sums it up maybe a little too neatly, but the bottom line of all of Caedyn's actions are "because I want to and I can", and that's actually pretty chilling when you think about it. She's so convinced of her own right to do whatever the hell she wants that she doesn't care about the consequences for anyone but herself, and the way she goes about it constantly reminds the reader that she's not a grand-scale villain. She makes a lot of mistakes and buys into her own ego, just like a particularly amoral teen would. Everything she does are things that real people are capable of. That's why she's so hateable (and, in a way, scary).

Brendan Harte (Primrosette) Yo you all knew this was coming. I've gushed about Brendan so much throughout the version and also in my top ten predictions that I'm not sure there's a lot more detail for me to go into here, but just. God I love Brendan. I love my precious failure son even though I killed him. Prim was a joy to work with every time, from pregame to Brendan's final thread, and Brendan shaped one of my characters in a really significant way along with just being an interesting, sympathetic character even throughout all of his mistakes (and he makes so many mistakes, it's pretty much his defining characteristic. I love him.)

Bradley Floyd (General Goose) - Surprise bitch, bet you thought you'd seen the last of him. Bradley has the distinction of someone that I would probably strongly dislike were I to know him in real life, but being able to read him as a character and get inside his head and see how he works does him a lot of favors. I think the important thing is that, though he can be unpleasant, Bradley really isn't that bad of a person. He's annoying and crass and outright offensive sometimes, but he has good intentions and he doesn't want to hurt anyone. In fact, he himself is hurting a lot towards the end of his story, having just lost a family member and expressing genuine worry for his remaining family and friends, and unfortunately it's his coping method of humor that's his undoing at Kimiko's hands. Gianni took a character concept that could have been a one-note hate sink and made him a multi-dimensional, sympathetic real person. Good stuff.

Dorothy Shelley (Lore) - I love Dorothy because she is just not attached to reality at all. After her first thread, she personally makes it clear that she's going to be in denial until she dies, and then she is. She daydreams about mermaids and shit while people are dying, and even as it starts to go from coping method to an actual downward spiral of sanity slipping away, Dot stays off-beat and silly in a way that is simultaneously funny and really disturbing as she becomes a killer. Even her death is funny on the surface and creepy when you stop to think about it, and that's Dorothy in a nutshell. She's a unique villain with a very distinct voice and absolutely worth a read.
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Mercy Ames is passing judgment.
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