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Friday, May 15, 2015: The Library
Two beams of light shot out over the charred remains of the staff library. One woman carefully stepped over the debris, keeping a watchful eye and forging ahead to make sure the area was safe. Behind her Abby tripped on something and fell into a pile of soot. As she hit the floor her backpack and work belt jangled violently. She coughed and wiped her forehead with the back of her hand, making a black mark on her face.

“Careful, dead bookshelves everywhere in here.” Josie said with a grin as she turned around, hands on hips as she looked down at Abby.

Abby turned her face away to hide a half-smile and pushed herself up off the floor and into a standing position. It was a little difficult for her to balance with the bags and equipment attached to her.

The reason for the terrorists return to the burnt out husk of what had once been the staff library, before one of the students had taken the torch to it, was to collect all of their equipment. The cameras had already been replaced after the original fire, done under the shadow of night while the place had been made a temporary danger zone and now all of that tech had to be collected, catalogued and disassembled ready to be shipped back to base.

Josie turned around and kicked away a pile of soot that looked liked it may have been the Sherlock Holmes series in its previous life. The place had really had a number done on it by the fire.

“How many cameras did you say were in here?” Joise asked absentmindedly as she spun her rifle over in her hands.

Once upright again, Abby removed a clipboard from her waist and flipped over the pages.

“Ten. We have to pick up cameras 232 through 242.”

She put the clipboard on a nearby table and removed a screwdriver from her belt. Abby went to work, quietly removing a camera from a corner of the room.

Josie was left to stand around with nothing to do in the destroyed remnants of the library so she kicked some ash off a fallen piece of timber and sat herself down on it. As she watched Abby get to work Josie started to bounce a leg up and down and fiddle with her rifle until eventually she broke the silence.

“So why have you been avoiding me?”

Abby’s screw driver stopped and she stood still for a moment.
“I’m not,” she said quickly. “We’re both busy. With the-” she said, motioning around the room with her arms. Abby put her head down and turned away, going back to her work.

A crooked grin played at the right side of Josie’s mouth.

“See I’d believe you but you’ve hardly talked to me all day and you kinda stopped talking to me before that so…” Josie shrugged as she let her statement trail off into the ruins of the library and brushed some soot from her rifle using her index finger.

Abby stood with her head down, still facing the wall. She sighed heavily and finally took the camera down, placing it in her bag. She shuffled to the next location and put her hand on the camera.

“It’s because….I like you. You are funny,” she mumbled angrily.

Josie raised an eyebrow at Abby’s response.

“A lot of fucking sense that makes.” She replied with a laugh, cocking her head to one side as she watched Abby work. “Wouldn’t that just be more reason to hang out with me?”

“No,” said, exasperated and turning to face the other woman. “I feel….” she said, holding her head. “....bad! I’m not happy doing this. This is bad! I know that it is, but when I ask if I would make the same choice again, I would. I would choose to be here all the times because I care more about my family than I care about others, but that does not mean I do not feel bad about it. I should feel bad. I should be miserable, so it’s not right to have fun with you,” she finished clapping her arms by her sides. “I wish I could be like you are and not feel bad,” she said, looking at her shoes.

Josie looked down at Abby as she stood there, unsure of how to proceed with the conversation, eventually she sighed kicking the burnt up wreckage of a book away.

“Yeah, well sounds like you should accept the decision you made. You’re here now so fuck it gotta live with it and hell, why not enjoy it a little. Ain’t like it makes a difference anyway, I mean look at me. I don’t give a fuck and I’m the happiest person here. Plus you said yourself you’d make the same choice again.”

Abby smashed her palm against her face, wiping more dirt on herself and walked forward until she was toe-to-toe with Josie. She leaned down and put her head on Josie’s shoulder and bit her lip.

“I will try. I-I’m sorry. I’m going to try to think like that.”

Josie raised her hands up on instinct but let them drop slightly then gently rested a hand on Abby’s head.

“Alright...so...this is a moment.” She grinned slightly to herself. “You’re my favourite just so you know, but if you tell anyone I comforted you I’ll have to make your life hell, and trust me, I can do it, my ex found that out.”

Abby lifted her head and smiled. Then she stopped smiling and her eyes went wide.

“Yes. Of course. I’m going back to work now.”

Josie’s expression reset into her signature grin as Abby moved off to continued with her work. She moved over to a collapsed beam and sat on it, her rifles butt resting on her leg while the rest resided in the crook of her shoulder. As she watched Abby focus on unscrewing a camera, her grin grew into a full smile again, only because she knew it wouldn’t be seen.

Saturday, May 16, 2015: Undisclosed Location
Tracen sat down for the penultimate time, notes and cup of coffee grasped in his hands. Things were moving along nicely and everything that had been deemed non-essential was well on its way to being removed. Everything had gone smoothly again aside from the few fires that had been started and some of the others had already begun spit-balling ideas to deal with that. As for him he'd been busy with a meeting with Greynolds. Plans needed to be put in place and then followed up on. That was why they had been so successful for so many years. They always knew what their next target was and how they would go about getting it. Discussions regarding their next iteration of the game had been put on hold temporarily however as Tracen still had his daily duties that needed to be carried out.

He took a long drink from his cup as he settled into his seat. Once he had he pushed the button to begin his speech.

"Good morning to all of you left alive in our little game. The field is really starting to thin out so if you've made it this far you can consider yourself a member of the elite survivors for your class. But that's enough of me stroking your egos, you all know what you need to do and it would be a shame to see some of you stumble when you're so close to the final hurdle!"

"Unfortunately we have to begin with yet more housekeeping as we seem to have missed some more deaths. I know, I know, it's annoying and frustrating for everyone but don't worry we'll be talking to the staff member in question and ensuring this doesn't happen again...for real this time."

"So with that said Cass Prince died to a bullet delivered by Caedyn Miller. Maybe some people will remember that in the future."

"Lili Williams managed to shoot herself in the mouth. We aren't entirely sure why that happened but it did. Make of it what you will."

"And finally Lili Willaims struck from the grave as Asuka Takahara bled out from a shotgun blast inflicted by her."


Tracen clapped his hands together for emphasis.

"Now we can get on with everything that happened yesterday. So brace yourselves."

"First up Clarice Halwood tried to destroy some more of our equipment so we destroyed her head. Lesson learned everyone? Good."

"Next Caedyn Miller got into a duel with Fiyori Senay and let her guard down believing she had won. As you can probably guess from her appearance on this announcement she hadn't."

"Jordan Green was next as he attempted to figure out just how deadly the slope could be if he jumped off it. The answer was very, let's all appreciate Jordan's sacrifice in the name of health and safety."

Tracen gave a brief golf clap and took a quick sip of his coffee.

"Unfortuante news next as everyone's favorite joyrider Serena Waters was beaten to death by Matthew Moradi following a running gun fight. Here's to you Serena, may you drive jeeps up in Valhalla."

"Sandra Dyer couldn't quite keep her feet under her and took a tumble. She was fine though it was only off the asylum roof."

Tracen let out a dramatic sigh as he read the next death on his list.

"In a lesson some of you never seem to learn about dark rooms and tense encounters sometimes you just need to cut your losses and leave. Otherwise you could end up like Keith Bauer who died after Emma Luz stabbed him after they had a very panicky meetup."

Tracen read over the details of the next kill a let out a small chuckle as a grin played at his lips.

"We have a modern day Rasputin for you next as Jonathan Gulley had a fight with noted killer Min-jae Parker. It ended almost as you'd expect apart from the fact Mr. Gulley seemed to have acquired the vitality of Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers combined and refused to stay down. Min-jae got the job done eventually though, don't you kids worry."

"Vincenzo Gatti spent a quiet moment of reflection talking to one of our cameras before trying to take their collar off with a knife. I'd normally lecture you about this kind of behaviour but we get the feeling this was a deliberate choice."

"And for our last kill today noted paranoid Emma Luz got into a fight with Alba Reyes and got shot. As tends to happen when you get into a fight with someone who has a gun, but who are we to judge your life choices. Some of you seem to suck at them no matter what we tell you."

"To update you on your danger zones for today the ones we told you about yesterday are still deadly and we're adding: the Utilities Compound, the Peaceful Meadows Crematorium and the Asylum Exterior. So I hope you like the interior decor of the asylum because these are all permanent."

"Our Best Kill Award winner today goes to someone who may have been flying under the radar, and we here like to ensure hard work gets it's proper reward so congratulations to Matthew Moradi, you can collect your prize from the Crematorium Gardens."

"So children as we come close to parting ways for the final time I just want to let you know I have enjoyed all our time together and you'll all have a special place in my memory. You've made us laugh, cheer, and sometimes scream but I wouldn't change a moment of it. Until tomorrow, good luck today."

Weather: The sky is dark as the clouds threaten to unleash rain. The temperature meanwhile has stayed steady at 50 degrees f, 10 degrees C and the wind has died down. The moon is leaving the waning crescent stage.

Last but not least, congratulations to Namira for the death of Vincenzo/a Gatti, which won this month's BDA. The quote nomination thread will but up soon.

Rolls, like in V5 and V3 before it, will be a secret. All handlers who still have characters in the game can view them by following this link. This thread will then be revealed to the rest of the board once the death deadline has passed.

The card and danger zone deadline is in three days, as normal. Any cards should be played in the thread above. The deadline for all deaths will be 09:00 GMT - August 31st.

There will be no extensions for any reason. A hard final deadline worked very well in V4 and V5

Mr. Danya
Mr. Danya
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As was mentioned in the V6 opening post, V6 Memories of the Past will be closing just before endgame. We've decided to line this up with the deadline for deaths, so if you still want to get any memories done, be sure to get them in before 09:00 GMT - August 31st. After that, we'll be locking up the memories area. V6 Meanwhile will continue to remain open until further notice.