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Question: You have the ability to implant a thought into everybody at Cochise high. What thought do you implant?
Michael: "Well, obviously, there's the tried and true 'Snitches get stitches. I mean, what else would we need? Well, maybe 'Talk shit get hit.' but those are pretty interchangeable. If you're a rat, you get a slap, maybe? Man, I don't know. Something where people don't get involved in shit they have no business in. That's common courtesy right?"

Question: If you had a vision of your class trip being taken into the SOTF program, ala Final Destination, and woke up in your bed the morning of the trip, what would you do?

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wrote:Question: If you had a vision of your class trip being taken into the SOTF program, ala Final Destination, and woke up in your bed the morning of the trip, what would you do?
Junko- Knowing me, I'd be like "Whew, just a dream", and then the nightmare becomes reality. If that happens... I'd use my prophet powers to survive? But if I realized it was a vision... call the police? No clue.

Emma- I'd stop it, any way I can. No idea how. Somehow convince the teachers to postpone the trip, even for flimsy stuff like weather? Then contact the authorities. Not sure that'd work, though.

Jennifer- Once I'm up, I should take as many notes as possible. What the terrorists look like, how the abduction happened, everything. Then try to alert the authorities.

Question: What movie/game/album/book/what have you that's coming out this year (2015) are you excited for?

Coming to a V7 near you.
Bree Jones- "I'm not exaggerating when I say that my fish are smarter."
Roxanne "Roxie" Borowski- "Next video? Oh man, tons of ideas, dude. Lemme get the makeup for that."
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In Loving Memory Of Those Killed In The 2008 SOTF
Carol Burke- Female Student #015- A good friend.
Remy Kim- Male Student #080- Yet another victim of the system.
Aileen Borden- Female Student #022- It's going to be okay.

In Loving Memory Of Those Killed In The 2012 SOTF
Alexandria "Alex" Ripley- Female Student #002- Sometimes your life is meant to be a warning to others.
Lana Torres- Female Student #039- Technically, she died happy.
Miranda Millers- Female Student #019- Doomed by self-fulfilling prophecy.

In Loving Memory of Those Killed in the 2015 SOTF
Jennifer Wallace- Female Student #055- Good night, and good luck.
Junko Kurosawa- Female Student #041- Experienced a thrill to die for.
Emma Luz- Female Student #022- Sweet dreams.

Anna Chase- Female Student #010- And then she lived happily ever after.
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For v6, I have come to a decision. To help lessen character pimping, I have vowed not to talk about my characters, any characters closely related to mine, or any threads I've been involved in, in any of the following places:

- Chat
- General Discussion thread
- TV Tropes
- Random Thoughts
- Anything else I missed

I am not allowing myself to talk about anything relating to my characters or scenes I'm in unless they are brought up in conversation by another handler. I am not allowed to use my characters' names OOC or mention anything relating to that character until another handler mentions them. This is not currently in effect for pre-game; these self-imposed rules do not apply until v6 starts. However, they will be in effect the second v6 is announced. When one of my characters die, escape, or are otherwise removed from the game, these rules are lifted for that character, and I am free to talk about that character as much as I want. However, the others will have to wait until they too are out of the game.

This is a personal promise I'm keeping to myself for v6. If I break it, please feel free to bitch me out.


Addendum as of v6: I may ask for critiques while a character's arc is ongoing, as long as someone has offered to do so.
Let's show that private threads aren't necessary! I pledge not to start any private threads on island in V6. If I started a thread, you are welcome to join it.