V6 Final Ten Predictions

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April 11th, 2017, 4:00 pm #1

So in past versions, usually around halfway/the top 50, we would list our preferred Final Ten kids, the kids who we either think will make it or who we would like to see at the end.

Since we're both past the halfway point, AND top 50, AND chat was talking about it, I figured we could do this again.

Just list what your preferred Final Ten is. You could either judge in a purely IC way ("these characters are definitely going to make it"), or based on who you think would make things interesting ("these characters would make for an interesting endgame") or just be biased and list your favorites. It's all up to you.

Feel free to also explain your choices and maybe even rank them. You can even just slap your own characters on your list, if you really want to.

I don't have a solid idea of who I'd want to be in top ten myself, so I'm not going to bother to list, but everyone else can feel free.
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April 11th, 2017, 4:11 pm #2

In no particular order, now edited with my reasons!

1. Fiyori Senay

I really like Fiyori for reasons that are difficult to articulate. She has a lot of layers, just a really lost soul who doesn't know what to do with herself when everyone else thinks that she does, a lot of feelings that she herself doesn't know how to handle. You get the sense that she's not really living for herself but for other people and that's an interesting struggle in the environment of the island where one might reason that the best thing you can do for others is to eliminate yourself. Riki is good at introducing characters and then slowly revealing all their depths to you so that when you finally get to the shocking swerve, it's not really shocking at all but it does provide a new lens through which to view their thoughts and actions.

2. Tyler Yazzie or Caedyn Miller

I couldn't choose between Paige's remaining characters, I think I'd be equally happy to see either of them in the final ten or even endgame. On the one hand there's Ty, who is a wonderfully complex character that makes me feel all of the feelings, which is not at all what you would expect just from his concept (and I do think he is one of the characters where memories and some pregame threads are absolutely essential reading to fully understand and enjoy him, there's so much to unpack there). On the other hand there's Caedyn, my favorite bad bitch with white person dreads. I love a villain who thinks they're right and completely owns their terribleness because it makes it all the more satisfying when they eventually crash and burn.

3. Brendan Harte

Listen, I love Brendan. Anyone who has ever heard me talk about Brendan knows I love him. He is just so chock-full of the best intentions and it blows up in his face every single time, but he keeps coming back and trying again. There's some schadenfreude in there because I'm a bad person, but it's always cool to see a character who is the engineer of their own suffering as much as it is the universe picking on them, and though at first glance Brendan seems like someone who would shut down in the face of his failures he's still trucking. Prim's writing style is just so earnest, especially when in Brendan's voice, and it makes for an enjoyable read.

4. Coleen Reagan

Coleen is I think one of the most shining examples on SOTF of how getting out of your comfort zone in writing can be a very good thing. She was given to Kilmarnock as a challenge by Naft in pregame, and though she only had a few threads there she had some really significant interactions with a notable pregame group and nicely established her personality, personal hangups, etc. Even in pregame she proved that she wasn't completely dominated by her defining features (timidness and her disfiguration) and had the ability to overcome them when suitably motivated. This translates very nicely on the island where she starts out like you might expect: despairing, not knowing what to do with herself, looking to others for comfort. The deaths of her friends and allies really force her to take a more assertive role each time, and she's growing into it in a really cool way.

5. Vanessa Stone

Vanessa was one of my favorite characters in pregame just because she is so full of attitude. Every post feels definitively like a Vanessa post and I couldn't mistake her for anyone else, and I have a soft spot for characters who can keep their snark running at a reasonable level and stay exasperated by the situation while everyone else is dying and drinking the Kool-Aid. My main hope for her going forward is that she'll get to see some real action; she has really nice one-on-one interactions with others but she hasn't been in a situation that she hasn't been able to escape and had to face head-on yet.

6. Cass Prince

[that thing that Riki did with the picture on Ty, imagine that I'm doing that here] In all seriousness, Cass is another character who benefits from their handler really knowing what's going on under the hood. Cass's struggle isn't the struggle of survival but more of figuring out the why of surviving. They muse a lot on whether or not they deserve to live, on the ugly things that people do, but they also find solace and beauty in other people even when the world is burning down around them and you get the sense that they really do want the chance not to survive, but to live. It's powerful stuff.

7. Matthew Moradi

Matt is a cool character who I think has flown sort of under the radar by merit of not having an extra-flashy narrative and spending his time in the company of others more given to the spotlight. He's really solid, and a fascinating look at someone gradually losing their empathy and sympathy for others on the island because of the terrible things he is surrounded by day after day. Matt's not quite a manipulator, but he's smart and he has this calculating angle that plays off his companions very well. I get the sense that he'd throw almost anyone under the bus to survive, in a much more understated way than normally happens in SOTF.

8. Blair Moore

SOTF lends itself to a lot of in-character discussion of whether or not some people "deserve" to live, whether some lives are intrinsically more valuable or disposable than others based on what someone has done or where and what they come from, etc., and a lot of characters do end up dismissing others as unfit to live pretty casually. That isn't inherently a bad thing, but the way that Blair doesn't do that is part of what makes her really cool. Once she calms down from the initial freakout of waking up on the island, Blair is pretty set on the fact that she is one of the least fit to come out as the game's sole survivor and her gradual realization that she really does want to live and that her life can and does have value after all is really compelling. It introduces some really interesting questions about this question of the "fittest" in the game - if the island proves nothing else, it is that anyone can die at any time for any reason. The winner could get hit by a bus the day after they go home. In that case, would it really be more or less of a waste than if the winner was an ill girl who might not make it to 40?

9. Kiziah Saraki

Kizi is another fun understated character, and she's someone who has really stuck to her morals and (metaphorical) guns on the island while people are losing their minds and lives left and right. She's one of the few really heroic people left, I feel, and honestly I just want to keep seeing more of her. She's got this flighty narrative style that fits her character very well, and then all of a sudden something serious breaks through and you're just as startled as she is. She struggles with life-or-death situations realistically, but she's not a complete doormat when it comes to confrontation as seen in her argument with Clarice. Kiziah knows that there is still good out there, but what she might not know is that she's one of the most steadfast examples of it in V6.

10. Dorothy Shelley

Dorothy wasn't really on my radar at the start of the game but she has steadily won me over with her not-quite-there narrative and gradual loss of hope and sanity on the island. On paper, she's one of the least threatening people imaginable. Over the last seven in-game days, she's gone from a scared, crying girl clinging to her one friend to beheading the island's bigger killer and holding her own in a fight with other, better-armed people. You can really track how the fear and isolation is stripping away more and more of her hold on things, and it results in something frankly really creepy because she's not cartoonishly insane. She's still scared and suffering just like everyone else, and she's out of good outlets and anyone to ground her.

11. Zombie Kaitlyn Greene
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April 11th, 2017, 4:21 pm #3

1. Tyler Yazzie

2. Coleen Reagan

Keeping myself from posting the same image twice - this is really difficult. Just let me say this: over the last few weeks I have given Coleen a closer look, and the closer I do look the more I find myself being fond of her. Ricky manages to evoke a strong emotional response from me with his writing, and I want to see him go far with Coleen.

3. Georgia Lee Day

I have adored this character since she appeared in Pregame. Fogue has crafted a superb narrative in which a despicable person comes across as sympathetic, for her own actions may be faulty, they all pale in comparison to the horrors commited elsewhere. Zarina is doing an excellent job in continuing GLD's character arc and every new post is a joy to behold.

Also I want to see her get close to the end and fail miserable. Kill my heart.

4. Kimiko Kao

Deamon has a pleasant way of writing, to which I feel drawn to. To be fair, I acknowledge that his characters are enjoyable, but have thus far felt very little of that X-Factor that made me actively root for them in any form. Maybe it was because I did not pay due attention before, but Kimiko is different in that regard. Her character is likeable, in the sense that SotF villains can be so, and the scenes she is involved in wow me again and again. I am glad I have spent my Hero Card for this girl.

5. Dorothey Shelley

I don't know what it is exactly that draws me to Dorothy. Loretta has a very quirky and odd writing style. Dorothy's thoughts are erratic, yet amusing to observe, and her actions are - as insane as they are in the context of SotF proper - as equally amusing. Dorothy is always good for a surprise, and I want to see more of them.

6. Brendan Harte

Bless this boy for he is an idiot. Brendan is, ultimately, I feel a very realistic character. He has faults which lead to death and misery all around, but he is not a villain in the classical sense. He is in the end just a teenager thrown in a death match and trying to do something. Still, despite his attempts at remorse, Brendan is unable to escape the slow-burning karma building up from the sins he has commited. I will look forward to the conclusion.

7. Olivia Fischer

Wildcard! Maraone is an excellent writer on a mechanical level. Olivia's posts, while merged deeply into narrative pondering, are still a pleasure to read. Olivia is a slow character. Little happens to her in terms of active scenes, and the most of what we get from her are thoughts and speeches. Still, Mara's charming way of writing has managed to conquer my heart.

8. Alessio Rigano

Like Loretta, RC has a very weird writing style. However, as I have noted before in the hammers, RC's writing has improved by tons over the past months and I feel Al is a shining example of this. Furthermore, Al is an interesting and sensible villain. He IS a menace. He has killed, he is willing to kill, and as such clearly dangerous. And yet, he is just a high school student, and his plans to murder are foiled quite often by the fact that he is not a professional. It's very good stuff.

9. Scout Pfeiffer

To be truthful, finding place nine and ten of my list was difficult because there are just so many characters who are great this time. I am going to include Scout because Ciel is a superb writer and he should do more of it, goddamnit.

10. Vanessa Stone
This girl has absolutely no manners.

...but I like her anyway. Maybe one day I'll be able to name a specific reason.
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April 11th, 2017, 7:37 pm #4

In no particular order:

1. Min-jae Parker
2. Matt Moradi
3. Brendan Harte
4. Cass Prince
5. Bryony Adams
6. Coleen Reagan
7. Fiyori Senay
8. Caedyn Miller
9. Penelope Fitzgerald
10. Scout Pfeiffer

This was so hard to get to.
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Mr. Danya
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April 11th, 2017, 9:53 pm #5

  • Brandon Harte
  • Clarice Halwood
  • Kimiko Kao
  • Min-jae Parker
  • Coleen Reagan
  • Fiyori Senay
  • Vanessa Stone
  • Asuka Takahara
  • Amanda Tan
  • Tydyn Yaller
I'll probably give some sort of rationale later. Suffice it to say I hope this is our final ten.

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April 11th, 2017, 10:48 pm #6

This was really hard for me to do. But here they are:

1) Min-jae Parker
2) Alba Reyes
3) Olivia Fischer
4) Tyler Yazzie
5) Serena Waters
6) Alessio Rigano
7) Dorothy Shelley
8) Fiyori Senay
9) Coleen Reagan
10) Kimiko Kao
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Cicada Days
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April 12th, 2017, 11:14 pm #7

These aren't even necessarily my true favorites, a number of them, I'm mainly looking for potential here I guess? Extroverted, outward potential to cause all manner of havoc and unusual situations come endgame... Thus. Bunch of criterion and only the slightest of rhyme and reason:
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Penelope Fitzgerald - I was the most back and forth on the 'token truly heroic, 'killing is not an option' character' left on island that I wanted to include that their hearts and souls might be annihilated that they'd provide a strong point of contrast and potentially interesting conflict.

Ultimately I determined a preference (vanishing-ly slight, I still like everyone in a vague 'yo have a good death' sense) it be Penelope specifically because she has the strongest case for a clear source of character conflict (her fear), has played up it's dragging and conflating influence on her character well... And also she has as of late determined a specific source of moral dubiousness/I don't know how I'd react to this, in the form of her boyfriend's killer. Who is also on this list. Penelope just has the most to definitively work with in an interesting way going forward, tragedy is going to hit this girl hard? And I approve strongly, for it may produce the strong endgame moments we need to witness as an audience to satiate our sadistic bloodlust, etc. In short Penelope is here because she has the most clear 'Endgame' arc going forward.

Matt Moradi - Damn I just cannot get over how very tightly executed Matt's 'few words are needed to make my point' character and storyline, Privyet is like, my boy. Backslash said it well. Matt's a strong contender for the simple, realistic vision of his character that manages to make him an interesting, fluid sort of point of contrast with other characters he's in a scene with, and Privyet is also well aware of the space his character takes up, he keeps Matt interesting even when he's ostensibly a background character. The very interesting thing about all of this is that Matt, for as strong as his character is, has yet to have actually done much but has provided proof in both directions that he's getting more callous and willing to fight but at the same time not so much? Matt is sort of a blank book in terms of motivation in contrast to a lot of other characters, that he's made it that far with that sort of lack of clarity by omission and has been so awesome getting there deserves a lot of props. I think he'd have the chance to do some very interesting things in Endgame.

Also I'm so damn glad I'm seeing others giving my boy the props he deserves here, gj fam.

Brendan Harte - Ah, Brendan. Backslash's cheers can be head in the distance.

Brendan has a lot of character flaws come to roost, Prim has done a very good job of giving Brendan a very clear emotional up and down in his arc. His hope, his desire to do well, contrasted with his poor decision making. Brendan has also managed to tangle himself into an awful lot of storylines! He's always meandered the island to a degree, sort of stumbling into and out of threads and plotlines, but Prim has always expertly integrated him into each storyline he meets. I think, more than any other character, Brendan has the sheer amount of connections necessary to help make Endgame explosive, like half the people on island have some direct or indirect reason to want to deal with this guy. And we can count on Prim to find those interesting, juicy interactions and make them happen for Endgame, for sure. Thus, Brendan hype.

Jonathan Gulley - Poor Jon. Toxie, despite his own reservations, has done an excellent job of making his bombastic style simmer and merely provide flavor and crunch to an otherwise excellently tragic story winding down to it's conclusion as a once heroic boy is burned out, hollowed out, seemingly losing the spark of his humanity. Jon's following a very clear downwards trajectory to me, in a sense like Penelope but he's farther along the path of burn out compared to her and the prose does a good job at painting the picture of increasing emotional desolation, as a reader I can feel the emptiness in this dude. I don't know where you'd morally classify Jon yet, and I think that's very much a good thing. There's still plenty of intrigue and swerves left in the future for Jon to take, he could surprise me in all sorts of ways, and that's why I like him in endgame.

Caedyn Miller - One hell of a strong villain. Caedyn's bit a bit quiet, for me anyways due to the pacing of her activity, but she's a good one. Caedyn's a monster (it's not an arc word dammit) and she's one in a disturbingly relatable way because Plush does a very good job of grounding Caedyn's repulsive qualities in very real, petty qualities of pride and a sort of paranoid disrespect of others. Caedyn's had a multitude of good scenes that provide just enough of a peer into the driving aspects of her personality while keeping a bit on the backburner so we're not sure where it could go. We see the more down to earth, mundane aspects of her character too, in her relationship with Jasmine (no shout outs for Ciel, he'll get them later, but I also like Jasmine a lot tho half as a plot device tbh) which has also is slowly having the pin pulled out of the grenade it might be in the future? There's a lot to work with here, and she's also willing to drop bodies, so... Endgame you go.

Min-jae Parker - I'll be the first to admit that I thought Jae was overhyped and that I preferred Raina, but... Raina is more a game of expectations and potential. I realize with thought and some re-reading that Jae is all of that, but already paying huge dividends as I type this sentence.

Backslash does a very good job at setting up Jae to have this complex, relatable yet also definitely not admirable sense of morality. If Jon is spiraling down Jae has already more or less settled in the dregs near the bottom, and Backslash does an excellent job of making this clear tonally while also keeping the narrative fresh by integrating character evocative aspects of Jae's naturally sardonic and irreverent tone from earlier in his experience (both Jae and Jon have this in common, as the overall mood of their posts devolves they also both keep just enough of the old more whimsical narrative pulses to season the tragedy) provides nice bits of tonal dissonance and whiplash that just make Jae fun to read. Jae's a wildcard too, his motivations are a bit obscured besides all-consuming hatred and despair (sort of omnidirectional, that) so he'll also provide some interesting impetus to Endgame.

Fiyori Senay - I still kill Bikriki, but also, his characters are damn good and we should always be in awe of them. Riki has always maintained a strong capacity for wonderfully weird prose, unusual turns of phrase that make me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Fiyori has a very in-depth arc and storyline so far where a lot of detail and minutiae that aren't so grandiose of scale have carried her forward, and of course that's the exact sort of thing I love. Her character is vibrant and well fleshed out, and to continue my contrived comparisons Fiyori is another point on the spectrum of 'we dying fam' that Jon and Jae (and probably everyone else but these two are the other ones clearly along), in that her tone remains a bit more neutral, unaffected despite the death-seeker tendencies of the character involved. It seems to be integrated into her in a more mellow, wistful tone, which is quite interesting and a thing that sets her apart. Also there's the fact that Fiyori is one of the few characters I actually look forward to one shots with. Everyone else who does oneshots (me included) study this girl.

Alessio Rigano - So RC set up a very fascinating, slimy, repugnant sort of character here. Personal bias, probably, but Al is the sort of villain I do want to see go far while simultaneously hoping they die horribly. One interesting bit of Al is that he's always trying to play for unique deaths, it can stretch the bounds of my imagination some but for the most part it adds flavor that might be useful come Endgame as RC has set it up so that Al needs to think out of the box to survive. Al's ability to interact with others is unique because of the selfish yet self-righteous motivation Al draws from, his dialogue is rarely that long or thorough but it tends to be compelling to me in a morbid sort of sense, watching a pseudo self-aware liar and creep in his natural habitat. Overall Al brings a lot to the table that could be interesting in either an uptempo or downtempo sense in Endgame, so let's get some of that in there.

Dorothy Shelley - The others have half won me over here, the more I've thought about it the more I've realized Dorothy has been set up for a very strong Endgame run. Dorothy's evolved, a lot over the course of island (should have put her in hammers probably) and has sort of come to fill this sort of strange niche in the twilight between whimsy and humor and a creepy disturbing 'there is something wrong with this kid' vibe. There's a lot that has to be done in terms of reading between the lines to dredge out all the juicy bits of character and exposition, but it's amazing how Lore manages a healthily cute tone while simultaneously making Dorothy terrifying and obscuring or misleading us on her motivations enough to turn her into a strong wildcard. Like Jon it's hard to tell where Dorothy's intent and morality lie and where they're going, and that gives her plenty of dramatic potential for a rousing Endgame performance. She'll be unique tonally (probably) while still bringing scenes and performances that can match the others.

Scout Pfeiffer - My fave because Ciel is a beast writer who does things I like a lot with his efficient prose, but more over Scout is in my opinion V6's premiere player hunter as of this writing. Everything is clear, clean, and crisp, the origins of her intent and motivation and the effect they have on her character, but there's also that dangling hint we've been provided in recent threads that there's yet more to Scout in terms of how she can evolve to see herself and her mission. Scout carries the clear motivation and impulse with her, making it into Endgame will likely see her starting at least a few fights, but she's also got that subtle death of character that would make scenes more than a standard run and gun. There's plenty to work with, so give her an Endgame.
TFW ur not hipster enough to pick more than one unique name not picked by others yet. Also tbh no matter who makes it into Endgame I'll probably be pretty excited.
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My top 10 with rationals

Matt Moradi - He's awesome
Dot or Sandra- They are awesome and CANADA
Penelope - She's awesome
Jae - He's awesome
Ben Lichter - He's awesome
Lili - She's awesome
Alba - She's awesome
Fiyori - She's awesome
Blair - She's awesome
Mel - She's awesome

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In no particular order.

1. Alba Reyes
2. Tyler Yazzie
3. Coleen Reagan
4. Min-Jae Parker
5. Cass Prince
6. Kimiko Kao
7. Melanie Beckett
8. Scout Pfeiffer
9. Amanda Tan
10. Vanessa Stone