V6 Eleventh Announcement

Mr. Danya
Mr. Danya
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Monday, May 25, 2015: INTERPOL Liaison Office, Bangkok, Thailand
Federal Agent Rhea Pillman had her headphones in as she stared at the red notice for Victor Danya along with another for his son Tracen that were pinned up on her wall. She had just finished filling out some paperwork regarding her latest assignment and the sounds of Andy Fox were filling her ears. She didn't know why she had latched onto synthwave the way she had, maybe it was part of her wishing she could go back to image of the eighties most synthwave albums conjured up. A simpler time when she had been younger, dumber but with less to worry about.

Victor Danya and the entire Arthro Taskforce case had been her Moby Dick, despite her never getting the chance to ever open an investigation into it. She had obsessed over how they had manged to get away with the abduction of multiple American high school classes for as long as they had. She thought of her two daughters who were going to high school back home in Australia, it was luck really that the terrorists had never attempted to go after another country. Their focus was always on America, she had always assumed it was because their base of operations, wherever it was, was located nearby. One of the many islands in the Caribbean or one of the American territories themselves.

There was no way of knowing because she had never been able to get an operation off the ground. The one time it looked close to happening Victor Danya had been killed during the S.T.A.R. attack on the fourth incident. Her superiors had quietly shuffled her request away, not wanting to ruffle too many feathers with the obvious questions that needed to be asked. They were happy to consider the problem dealt with and to move on with other investigations.

Rhea herself had found it bitterly frustrating and disappointing. Her appeals about the entire organisation not being destroyed by the death of one man had fallen upon the deaf ears of people who refused to hear what she was saying.

She had felt no sense of satisfaction when another incident was announced, just anger that despite her pleas and warnings it had been allowed to happen again. She had already been assigned to an ongoing investigation at that stage involving a human trafficking ring and the legal battle around getting enough just cause and evidence to issue the warrants and organise the arrests had kept her from making any requests or demands to be allowed to open her own investigation. At least that was what she had been telling her superiors. Outside of her hours at work she had been putting together a case file on every piece of information she could gather about the new makeup of the group. By the time it was in any presentable state however the fifth incident had concluded, and Rhea aware of how her previous requests had been received waited.

Now with the sixth incident ongoing and with some key retirements and promotions putting a new set of superiors in place she knew she had her best chance of finally getting her requests to open an official investigation agreed to. She had already been in touch with a member of the CIA whom she had previously worked with and they had put together what they believed was an undeniable explanation of why they needed to try and move on the Arthro Taskforce. She knew that it would be a hard investigation; the American government had been trying for years to put anything together on the group besides what was already known. It had a been an embarrassing black eye for them when S.T.A.R., what amounted to a vigilante group, had managed their rescue before they had achieved anything of note. Doubly so when S.T.A.R. had attempted the same thing but been wiped out. The Pentagon had been furious with the FBI and CIA at the events surrounding the sixth incident.

Taking her headphones out and stuffing them in her desk, Rhea shot off a quick email to her colleague informing him that she was about to bring the case forward. His reply offering her luck and saying he was available for a conference call was nearly instant. She imagined he hadn't been sleeping much given everything that had been happening. She gathered up her files and with one final brief look at red notices up on her wall left her office to go attend the meeting.

Saturday, May 16, 2015: Undisclosed Location
It was nearly time. They were near the end and in a few more hours it would all be over. The storm had passed for Tracen and the rest of the Artho Taskforce, they had stripped the island of everything that wasn't needed for the final encounter and all non-essential personal were off the island. The group of the island team that had dealt with the library fire and subsequent clean-up operations were all that was left, waiting in the wings to collect the winner once the time came.

All that was left was one last announcement and then they'd all be gone. Tracen finished off his coffee and watched the dregs swill around in his cup before setting it to one side. Then he pressed the button to begin the final act.

"Good evening, children."

His voice emerged from the speakers spread out around the many levels of the asylum. It smooth and vibrant, fully committing to the role he had been playing for the last two weeks.

"This is it. The final four. We're at the end, or close enough to it that its time to let the ending begin."

"Before we get started on that however it's time for our final rundown of who killed who on our wonderful asylum island."

"First up, Matthew Moradi took his eyes off the prize and was gunned down by Blair Moore. Turns out not focusing on your surroundings is a death sentence around here. The more you know."

"Then there was a firefight that led to Alba Reyes blowing herself up along with Kimiko Kao, truly the explosive finale their stories deserved."

"The action didn't stop there however as not long after Fiyori Senay gunned down Alice Baker after the girl tried to calmly talk to her. It was a bit rude if you ask me."

"Finally Bryony Adams and Blair Moore ensured that neither of them would get off the island as they had a fight with sharp objects, with the expected results."

"And so that leaves us with four. The four greatest survivors of your class. To ensure we have a level playing field because I'm sure you want all of had the chance to meet each other here's a quick rundown of your competition. Tradition around here dictates that this is done in numerical order, so don't think I prefer any of you over any else or anything like that."

"Min-jae Parker, for someone who says the things you do you certainly act like you still want to live. The bodies you have left in your wake are certainly proof enough of that. You're an accomplished killer despite, or maybe even because of your self-loathing and doubts. How about you channel all that internal anger into something useful, like ensuring you get to go home?"

"Nate Turner, the little boy who could. It's genuinely impressive to me that you have managed to find your way here, even despite encountering some deadly killers on your way you've not only managed to stay alive but you've yet to even get a kill. Truly you have stuck to your moral compass even as your class has degenerated around you. But I feel it my duty to inform you of our little rule. You must have at least one kill to be able to leave, I'd keep that in mind if I were you. It may change your way of thinking."

"As for Fiyori Senay, you certainly have some fight and choice language in you don't you. Your quest for revenge has brought you here, still with one person left on that little list of yours. You've spent time hunkering down and being the defender and you've pushed forward and been the attacker. But let me ask you something, don't those kills you've acquired during your time in our game make you just as bad as the people you were after? I suppose it isn't my place to question your motives and methods, you made it this far after all, but it's something to consider all the same."

"Finally, no introduction is needed for, who is that? Ah yes, Candice Banks. This is it Miss Banks, you only have one shot, one opportunity. You've done well to be a social chameleon, hiding in various groups but never having to take action yourself. Unfortunately for you, the free passes end now. This is make or break Miss Banks, you can seize the day and shock me and everyone else or fade to black and become nothing more than a footnote in someone else's story. The choice is yours."

"Soon enough we will find out which one of has that X-factor that pushes above and beyond the status of mere survivor and into the hallowed halls of a winner. Until then this will be my final message to all four of you."

"So climb your way up to the The Rooftop. Once all of you are up there, every other area on the island permanently become a danger zone. I'd warn you about going anywhere else but since your only real options for a quick getaway is one hell of a fall, I don't feel it's necessary."

"Good luck and please don't forget you need a kill to go home or if you'd prefer, don't get one and get thrown in our next game. I'm sure some of the team will find it hilarious."

"I'll being seeing one of you later, but until then, break a leg."

Weather: The heavens have opened and a storm has come to the island. The temperature has dropped slightly to 48 degrees f, 9 degrees C and there is no wind. There is a new moon in the sky.

Finally congratulations to Laurels for the death of Alba Reyes, who has won our final BDA. The quote nomination thread will be up soon.

As in V5, we're leaving V6's Endgame publicly readable. It keeps the community a lot more invested and lets them follow along with the action. That said, in the interest of allowing those who would rather read it in one go to avoid spoilers, we will not be updating the student roster until a winner is determined, and similarly ask that the wiki not be updated with information on the fates of any of the finalists until that time. Please be respectful in chat, and if someone's around who doesn't want to be spoiled, keep discussion to the spoiler channel.

As this will hopefully be our last announcement regarding V6 the staff team as a whole would like to thank everyone who participated for yet again making it another version to remember. We look forward to seeing everyone again, along with any new arrivals, for V7.