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Like we discussed, since I'm a little stumped on one but have the other figured out I'd like to swap out my original prompt for one for this dude, with the proviso I'll come back to the first prompt after I've finished this new one.
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Espi wrote:Thanks Ciel! Mind hitting me up once more?

Isaac Brea: Full of himself track star. Tends to be a jokester and class clown, but often pisses people off. Likes playing guitar, partying and carves wood. Has a more mellow twin brother and an aloof big sister, along with a frosty parent relationship. Kind of self-centered and prone to pranks and screwing with people, doesn't really take stuff seriously. Not very nice.
I edited mine, btw.
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Sorry guys. This is what I get for thinking I did these a week back.
CondorTalon wrote:Nancy Kyle
GET OFF MY WAPANESE TURF CONDOR. *HSSSS* - Today I want you to write Nancy writing a blog post about how awesome her day was. Please include elements of Nancy not quite 'getting it'. This can be her rubbing someone she thinks she is cool with the wrong way, it could be a freudian slip, it could be anything! Just have her talk about her best day ever even though it may not be the best day for the average person.
Dark Lord Bunbury wrote:Ulysses Fury
Your prompt won't be focused on schizophrenia. Your prompt will be about that one time at a party where Ulysses has to awkwardly talk to a cute girl. The subjects of this awkward conversation are up to you but A ) he's trying to impress her and B ) the subject of his sister being a dominatrix has to come up. Whether he is stoned during this awkward conversation is also up to you. Basically I want him to squirm.
Laurels wrote:Alba Reyes
Alba is practicing her swing outside her house one day when she finds finds a few baby eggs. The nest appears to have fallen out of a small tree. Bad news; there is no sign of the mother bird. Good news; the baby eggs are in good condition so Alba is in luck there. What do?
Un-Persona wrote:Mitzi Schuhmacher
Since you wrote one of the best TV2 pregame threads with boogie, you should totally write about Mitzi trying to teach herself how to roller skate. You should also include elements of her having a hard time learning and being absolutely stubborn, and whether or not her stubbornness helps her succeed in the end or not.
The Burned Handler wrote:"Brian Calvert"
Christ you left no stone unturned here! Please tell me a time where Brian's gigantism helps him and hinders him during a serious situation. Show me how he reacts. Also, if you can throw in elements of Black Metal in there too that would be greeeeaaaat.
Espi wrote:Isaac Brea
Your Young Adult novel is called Isaac and The Best Mischief Night Ever. (That's the prompt.)

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The bell rang, and Alvano stood up.

He had no time to waste, once School was done, he had to rush to the café, which he was doing. Once he was there, he had to cook or serve there for around four hours, have dinner, and go home. Once at home, he had to study for finals for several hours, either until he was too tired to focus on the words, or if his parents came in to tell him to go to sleep. It was monotonous, boring, and he had to do it every day.

Well, that wasn’t entirely true. Part of his waiter job meant that he often had to talk to the people waiting for food, and the people who came often were pretty interesting in their own right, some of them being people he knew from his school! The café was very popular among the students of [V6 SCHOOL], and business always seemed to be best the moment that school ended for Alvano. This was a reason that he had to rush, since if he didn’t get there before the other students, the waiters would normally be overwhelmed by the amount of customers who came in hoping for a soda or something like that while they studied.

Alvano laughed a little under his breath, while he was walking briskly on the city streets. It was true, that most of the people who came in were simply people who hogged tables so that they could study with their friends, but who was he to care? People coming in meant business, and the students that came in often paid for the drinks that they got (and if they didn’t, they were normally charged of stealing and banned from the café, it was a win/win situation). The other benefit of this was that these people were normally people that Alvano would call friends, and so long as they wanted to talk to him, he never had a person to not talk to while he was on his shift.

Alvano stopped, and looked at the logo of the store above him. Leander: A Place to Stop.

This was the café that he worked at.

This was the café that had changed Alvano’s life.

Alvano tried to remember the story behind the café; it was a pretty long one, actually. About twenty years earlier, his father had gotten involved in a business investment with a partner. Both of them would team up to make a small store together, and they would split the profits between both of them. Then, his father’s business partner was hit by a car and killed or something like that, which meant that he was unable to work with his father any longer. His father took over the business and through a bunch of deals with investors all over Mexico, it turned into a countrywide brand, giving Alvano’s father the ability to live a high class lifestyle and be able to support his wife and parents.

This was where Alvano came in.

When Alvano was born on September 27th, 1996, Miguel Vacanti (and Leander) were at the peak of their ability and popularity. Thousands of people came in every day, and the same amount of profit came in for the Vacanti family, as well. Alvano was able to live a high class lifestyle, and be given a standard education, from the moment he was born. At School, he was able to learn both Spanish and English, as well as basic math and science. While he was sometimes attacked by his peers for being richer than the rest of them, sometimes being accused of thinking himself higher than the rest of them, he had many friends, and was able to enjoy his time at school.

This changed, however, when he was ten, and when his father shared some news with him.

He was moving to America. His father had gotten a business deal and he was using that deal for what it was worth. Him, his wife and Alvano had suddenly sold their home, and up and went to America. There, they had bought a home in the area and Alvano moved to a new school, there – This was taking too long. He knew what happened in his past and standing here recounting it was simply going to waste his time. He walked into the café.

He smelt burning.

He rushed into the kitchen, through the doors that always bounced back when you opened them, he turned the corner to where he could smell the smoke, and he saw it.

One of the cooks had boiling water all over his feet, and the others were in a panic, not knowing what to do. One was calling 911, one of the others was dragging the cook away from the incident zone, and another was frantically cleaning up the area so that nobody would slip. The rest were unsure of what to do.

It was probably a good idea that Alvano stepped in, considering the state the kitchen was in right now.

“Hey, what’s happening here?”

One of the other cooks had answered that Daniel here had slipped over someone’s careless work ethic while he was carrying a pot of boiling water and it had gotten all over his lower body. The other cooks kinda freaked out over this.

“Okay, I understand that someone just got critical injuries, but the students from Cochise are going to come soon, so we better get back to working properly when they come along. You there, with the phone, tell the ambulance to come around the back door. It’s quicker, and people will be asking questions if we carry a stretcher through the dining room. Are there any spare cooks in Daniel’s absence?”

He had to act like a leader here. He was the manager’s son, and nobody else was going to do so. Although he didn’t want to, it was the role he was forced to be in.

Then one of the other cooks said that there weren’t any spare cooks that could be accessed by the time that the other students from Cochise could arrive.

That meant that he had to be on cooking duty for the rest of his shift.




So here he was, an hour later, cooking for his fellow peers and students while they were none the wiser. He questioned if they noticed that he wasn’t there that day, considering that this was the first day that he was on cooking duty. He at first thought that the majority of the customers would dismiss his non-presence, since he normally didn’t talk to them outside of asking about what they were ordering. Sure, he’d have a couple of friends that would notice him not being there, but the majority of the café would probably continue as usual, without his presence.

Wait, redact that, without him, there were fewer waiters on call, meaning that someone would probably be annoyed that a waiter wasn’t coming to them instantly, and they were probably at the counter asking why.

Oh well, that wasn’t his problem anyway. What was his problem was that he was assigned to make a dish that he couldn’t exactly remember how to make. He knew what the dish was, and knew how to go through most of the steps, but some were just being massive blanks to him.

Reindeer Noses

You will need:

1 bag pretzel squares
1 bag aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
1 bag M&M's

1. Preheat over to 175 degrees F.
2. Take a baking sheet and lay out pretzel squares. Keep them flat on the tray.
3. Unwrap all the aaaaaaaaa. Place one aaaaa on each pretzel square.
4. Pour the M&Ms into a bowl and set aside.
5. Once the tray is filled, place it in the oven for two minutes. Keep an eye on the aaaaaa so they don't melt entirely. The aaaaa should be shiny and slightly softened. If not soft after two minutes, keep checking every few minutes.
6. When the aaaaas are soft, take an M&M and place it on top of the aaaaaaa. Press down until the M&M sinks into the aaaaa. Use a straw to push them down so you don't get chocolate on your fingers. Don't make the M&M completely disappear, but push it down far enough that it will stay in the aaaaaa NOTE: These will cool quickly, so you will need to do this part quickly. I suggest you have a second person help with this part.
7. Let cool entirely, then consume.

In this case, he couldn’t remember what one of the ingredients was, having them replaced with random letters in his brain. He tried to remember back to when he had made this before, but that didn’t work. He was stumped, he was going to fail as a chef, and everybody was going to laugh at him.


Couldn’t he just ask someone else in the room what the item was? Surely they’d know.

So he did.

The item was Hershey’s Kisses, and he was able to add that to the holes in the recipe when needed. He was able to make the Reindeer Nose easily, and he was able to get the dish to his customer in time.

Nothing else interesting happened during Alvano’s shift. The cook was able to work again next day, and alvano returned to being a waiter.
So, for my third prompt, here is my third character..
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G030: Jasmine King - "I win." - 11%
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THEME: Luck Ganriki - golden sneer

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Oh hey this looks like fun. Is there anyway I can get one for Leo?
wrote:Leo Lynch is a tall and lanky kid of Irish decent who also suffers from a high functioning form of Autism. This is something he tends to try to keep to himself, and as such most people at the school don't know this since he's high functioning enough to seem like he isn't autistic, however he still comes off as rather weird to most of the people around him due to his many quarks. He tends to stick to himself and tries to avoid drawing attention to himself in fear of being bullied by the other students, or just being rejected in general. However if you can get him to come out of his shell and start talking it'll be hard to get him to shut up. His main interest tend to be video games, mainly RPGs with some shooters mixed in though he's willing to expand his gaming horizon quite a bit.

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Miss Alba Reyes has a story!
[+] Spoiler
“Hah! Hah!” Alba shouted with each successive swing of the club.

Alba was standing in her backyard, clutching an old nine-iron in her hands. Her dad had an old set of golf clubs that she was free to use whenever she was home. She rented better clubs whenever she was at the driving range or in golf team, but the old clubs were always good for at-home practicing. She could stand in her backyard and swing the club to her heart’s content.
Alba’s backyard wasn’t very glamorous. It was mostly dirt and weeds, with a few dry bushes around the wooden fence that made the perimeter. There was a small metal swing set in the back that she used to play on. In the corner was a tall acacia tree, one that cast a large shadow over the back corner of the yard. It was a nice place to sit under when she had to watch Carlos and Sofia.

For now, Alba was practicing her swing, pretending that each swing would send a golf ball hundreds of feet into the air, only to come down in a perfect arc and land in the hole. Yes, it was absurd, but it was the kind of swing Alba could dream about; one that would make people gasp as the ball soared through the air.

Only this time, it was the nine iron soaring through the air. Alba’s grip on the club had loosened in her daydream, and now the club was flying through the air. She let out a quick cry as the club sailed. Fortunately for her, it remained in her property, crashing into the back fence. Alba hurried over to the club, picking it off the ground.

“Aw, jeez,” she muttered. “Dad will kill me if I bend it.”

As Alba began to look over the club, she noticed something lying on the ground near the acacia tree. It was a small, round object, with four small white circles in it. Alba stepped closer and realized what it was: a nest. A bird’s nest had fallen out of the tree. As she stared at the nest on the ground, Alba’s eyes widened, and her mouth fell agape.

“Oh fuck,” she muttered to herself.

Alba dropped the club on the ground and knelt to the ground, keeping her body a good distance away from the nest but still keeping her eyes close enough to check for damage. If the nest fell because of her recklessness, Alba would be mortified. These little birds hadn’t even been born yet, and they didn’t need chaotic forces like Alba Reyes ruining their chances to live.
Alba stood back up and began to look around. She had to know what to do now. She read that there was a chance the momma bird wouldn’t come back if she touched the nest. Something about her scent being left and causing the momma to reject the bird.

“Wait,” she thought, “that’s if the birds have hatched. And is that even true?”

Alba let out a moan. She began to stomp on the ground, keeping her hands close to her face. She wasn’t sure what to do right then. It was her responsibility as the eldest person in the backyard to take charge and ensure the eggs would be okay. However, she was immediately realizing that she was uncertain about the best way to proceed. With that, she knew what she had to do.

She let out a small cry, then bolted back inside the one story house. She hurried past the living room and into her bedroom. In her small, cramped room was a stack of books on wildlife. She grabbed the closest book on ornithology and began to flip through it. As her eyes dashed from page to page, she began to make her way back to the backyard.

Alba bit her lip as she read over the book. She needed to find the section about bird nests and what to do if they fell. As she reached the back door, she finally found the passage she was looking for. According to the book, as long as she could tell where the nest was from (which was a given, considering there was only one tree in the backyard), she just had to put the nest back in the tree, just in a space that was hopefully more secure.

Alba put the book down and made her way into the backyard. There was a small shed in the backyard near the swing set. Surely she could find a ladder and some gloves. Her dad did a lot of yard work, so he had to have an extra of each lying around.

After a few minutes of searching, Alba had exactly what she needed. When she walked out of the shed, she realized that Carlos and Sofia were now in the backyard. Her mom must have just picked them up from school, and now they were running around. Alba smiled as she saw her younger siblings running about. However, that smile disappeared very quickly.

Sofia was chasing Carlos, and he was getting way too close to the acacia tree. Alba could see that if he continued his path, he would surely run right over the nest and squash the eggs. Alba’s eyes grew large, and she did the one thing she could.

She dropped the ladder and screamed.

“STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!” she hollered.

The elementary aged children stopped running. Carlos had barely reached the root of the tree when he turned back and saw his older sister staring at him. Alba looked at the two, their big, brown eyes looking back at her.

“Um…” she began.

She let out a chuckle. “Sorry to scream like that. Can you just stay away from the tree? I need to do something.”

Carlos slowly walked away from the tree. Alba picked the ladder up and walked over to the tree. As she did, she knew Carlos and Sofia were both staring at her. She set the ladder on the ground near the tree and folded it open. As she slipped the gloves on, she turned around and realized her siblings were still there.

She also realized that Sofia was starting to tear up.

Alba immediately felt her heart sink. Sofia was always a bit of a sensitive child. Any sort of screaming could set her off. Carlos had noticed this as well and had gone over to comfort her. Alba scratched the back of her head.

“Hey, don’t cry,” she said. “Look, I got something to show you guys.”

Alba bent to the ground and reached for the nest. It looked to be a pretty sturdy nest, something the momma and poppa must have been sure of. She made sure to carefully pick the nest up.

“Come here, guys,” she said.

Carlos and Sofia walked over. Alba held the nest out to the two.

“Don’t touch, just look,” she told them.

They obeyed. Sofia sniffled.

“I didn’t mean to yell,” Alba said, “I was just worried. I’m going to put the nest back in the tree now. Once I do, you guys can keep running around willy-nilly. Okay?”

Carlos agreed. Sofia nodded quietly. Alba gave her a smile, then turned to the ladder. She slowly climbed the ladder, keeping the nest close to her chest. Once she was up top, she found a crotch in the tree. It looked like the intersection of two thick branches. Alba calmly placed the nest in the crotch, hoping she had chosen wisely.

After exhaling in relief, she slowly stepped down the ladder. Once she reached the bottom, she saw Carlos and Sofia looking at her in anticipation. Alba let out a chuckle. She grinned and gave a thumbs-up.

“Okay! I did it! They’re much safer now!”

Carlos and Sofia smiled. Alba sighed in relief as she began to take the gloves off. Carlos and Sofia resumed their game of chasing each other around the backyard. As they did, Alba took one last look at the tree. She prayed she had done this task properly. If she didn’t, then she made a deal with God in case her actions failed to ensure the eggs would be okay. If she ever threw a golf club in the air, He had permission to let the club fall down and clock her on the head.

That seemed fair to her.
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Rachael Langdon and Claire Monaghan
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Rachael Langdon

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Claire Monaghan
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This sounds like fun! I'd like one for Dante, bio here.
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This seems like a neat writing exercise! Could you possibly whip one up for Miss Sommerfeld here?
wrote:Bridgette Sommerfeld- The youngest of four children in a Jewish family, Bridgette grew up listening to her whiny siblings bemoan high school and whatever problems she was sure she'd encounter in the future. This resulted in both nervousness for her future and a determination for hard work. You could call Bridgette an overachiever; student council, straight-As, orchestra (cello), some sort of part-time job, etc. She also has a fondness for costume design and ballet, and is the Team Dad of the ballet death squad. While fairly quiet and passive, she is a loyal friend and fairly popular as well. Generally practical, down-to-earth and a realist.
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[21:51] Zarina: the end
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March 30th, 2015, 2:45 pm #55

Isaac grinned like a hyena.

This was gonna be awesome.

They shouldn’t have trusted him to do this. What were they thinking? Letting him control the music for the musical gave him so many opportunities. He’d sat on ideas all day and night since he’d gotten the job, just wondering what he could do with that kind of power.

It’d been a bitch to get, though. He’d had to suck up to the stage director for a week before she let him help out, and he’d had to be completely quiet the whole time they did rehearsals. No jokes, no screwing around, just pressing buttons and shit.

Boring. But it’d’ be worth it soon. Now as Isaac sat in the control booth at the top of the theater, there was only one thing to do. He cracked his knuckles, grinned in anticipation, and plugged in his mp3 to the sound system.

The song started.

“Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…”

There was gonna be hell to pay. Rickrolling the audience during “Beauty and the Beast”? Isaac was going to be in some serious trouble.

Still. Worth it.


I'd like one for Vanessa Hart now!

Vanessa: Tomboyish girl with parent issues. Loves softball, takes part in First Robotics, writes in a diary, and likes to go camping and partake in political activism. She's a lesbian and very liberal, which causes issues with her very conservative and religious parents. She's outgoing, headstrong and dislikes weaboos and nerds, but is usually pretty friendly. Very stubborn.
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October 25th, 2015, 11:05 am #56

This is probably, like, dead, but if it's still going, I'd like to request something for Candice.
here's my v7 planning thread or whatever
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