V6 BKA/BDA Voting: September 2016

Each month, SOTF hosts various contests on the site, the most notable of which are the Best Kill and Best Death contests. Winners of said contests receive prizes that will be beneficial to either their character or themselves. Voting for these contests will take place here!

V6 BKA/BDA Voting: September 2016

Mr. Danya
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September 27th, 2016, 4:03 am #1

It is time for the first BKA/BDA of V6! First, we're going to take a few moments to explain some changes that you may or may not be aware of.

First off, votes will remain hidden until the voting period has ended. This is to prevent a pattern we saw way back in V4, where handlers would vote more based on who they wanted to win of the characters getting votes than who they thought deserved to win overall.

Voting is, as in V4 and V5, anonymous. To vote, you must log out and post as a guest. You may not vote for yourself/your own character (and staff has a few ways to check this, and actually does). Also, please vote for the scene you truly feel was best, rather than the one your friend wrote. We get that they may be the same, but would really like to encourage everyone to really consider their votes.

Votes for different deaths/kills by the same handler/character will not be compiled, as was finalized in late V4. Each kill/death stands alone.

Now, the prizes.

BKA will, as in V5, get the winning character a weapon and a treat in the form of food.

BDA will, as in V5, get the deceased character featured in the scrolling quote. The quote will be chosen by the site, through a poll, with nominations available for a short time beforehand (and yes, the character's handler is eligible to nominate quotes of their choosing).

Also, a quick reminder from the V5 rule changes:
wrote:9. Deadlines for Deaths and Contests:

From here out both deaths and kills will be held to the death deadline as regards contests. V4 had way too many delays, often due to the killers as much as the victims. Therefore, from now on, if a death is disqualified from contention for BDA, the kill will also be disqualified from contention for BKA. We will also no longer be rolling over deaths and kills into the next month's contest, even in cases where an extension has been granted. The bookkeeping involved is too much of a hassle, and it in effect promotes slower deaths, which we do not wish to do.
Also, remember that you must give your reasons for your votes, or they will be disqualified. As they are anonymous, tracking down people who fail to provide adequate reasoning is a huge hassle, and staff isn't going to bother. So be sure to give your reasoning when you post.

Please be sure to read every kill and death before voting. Otherwise, it's super unfair to the people you skip, who may have produced really good work. We'd love to see a big turnout, but we'd prefer to see a small-yet-informed one.

Finally, a request: Please do not campaign for awards in chat. Please do not do the "Man, it'd be so cool to win BKA/BDA" thing. Please do not try to steer people towards one of your scenes if you have multiple ones up for consideration. Please do not, in short, try to influence the votes.

With that out of the way, it is time for the very first BKA/BDA of V6.

Isabel Ramirez, for killing Tina Luz
Nancy Kyle, for killing Scarlett McAfee
Kimiko Kao, for killing Cristo Morales
Alvaro Vacanti, for killing Barry Banks
Alex Tarquin, for killing Rea Adams
Isabel Ramirez, for killing Conrad Harrod

CondorTalon, for the death of Jennifer Su
CicadaDays, for the death of Tina Luz
Primrosette, for the death of Scarlett McAfee
backslash, for the death of Cristo Morales
Aura, for the death of Barry Banks
Empress Plush, for the death of Abigail Floyd
dmboogie, for the death of Harold Porter
Spinnentier, for the death of Rea Adams
RC, for the death of Conrad Harrod

This contest will run for five days, like we did in the past. The announcement will be up shortly after that. This should leave us on schedule to have mid-months at, well, the middle of the month.

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Lady in Mourning
Lady in Mourning

September 27th, 2016, 4:33 am #2

BKA: Isabel Ramirez for killing Conrad Harrod
I really felt the brutality of this scene. Many early deaths in previous versions have been relatively low-intensity; accidents, heat of the moment sort of deals. Of course, many are also intense scenarios evocative of a thriller, where you know who's going to die but not how or at what player's hand.

I think Isabel gave the scene a lot of fervor. A big part of my enjoyment is that it wasn't gratuitous for the sake of gratuity; while it was a vicious, violent, messy scene, it didn't make Conrad feel like worthless fodder, only existing to be the splattered victim. Conrad was helpless, sure, but that was the point! The scene is a power struggle, and I love that because really, Isabel is clinging to a dream she's always had, which is control over other people, and in this situation where she has no control over her own life, she has more power than ever before.

Of course, Conrad plays an important part too; you feel so bad watching him be sliced up like that, but like Conrad, there's nothing you can do. Philosophy aside, I believe Conrad was a solid part in the piece as the foil. He'd killed Harold, so he had power, but he transferred it to Isabel when she killed him. It's a really interesting scene that could have gone really badly but I think even where there are issues it's a really emotionally shocking thing to see and I like that. Kudos!

BDA: Scarlett McAfee
Low-key deaths are great, and I love the pacing in Scarlett's. It goes from frantic as Nancy panics, to a swift strike into Scarlett, and a slower scene as she dies with Aiden. It's very cinematic in that way, and I like that. The speed and tone work well together because Nancy's going nuts, Scarlett's scared half to death already and Aiden is out of his mind with worry.

I think the deathpost in particular works really well for its potential foibles. A lot of touching dying scenes are hard because they feel cheesy, but this suits Scarlett's personality and the scene well enough that I like it a lot. It's a clean, solid death that really makes all three participants shine and that's a great sign for the other two early on. There's less to analyze here than with the BKA, but I don't think that's a bad thing; it's a quick, fluid, and neat, without a lot of flowery prose or melodrama. It's very strong mechanically for its simplicity while still having enough layers to make it interesting.

A good death is always a shame because the character often had potential, but at least they went out well.


September 27th, 2016, 4:41 am #3

BKA: Isabel's party with Conrad. Brutal enough to punch you in the gut, but not excessive. Went into Isabel's thoughts enough to justify why she's doing all this horrible shit. Very effective prose. Only minor quibble is that it would have been nice to intersperse more of Conrad's reactions in the post itself, but time is time is time.

BDA: CRISTÓBAL MORALES. I'm sad. Very sudden, very tragic. Cristo was a very nice dude and it hurt to see him hurt, especially so early. The mentions of Abby (especially when he laid his hand on hers) and the final line were the real kickers. Rest in death, bro.

twitch plays touch yourself
twitch plays touch yourself

September 27th, 2016, 4:47 am #4

BDA: Cristo Morales. We had a couple really good deaths this time around (honourable mentions going to Jennifer, Barry, and Harold, the last of which I almost voted for), but off of the top of my head this is the one that shines out. Partially due to the ideas that are brought up during the death post of trying/having done enough (which can be seen as a call to his opening oneshot, which makes it even neater) and also due to the effect that it has on Abby, who is now that I think about it also an honourable mention for BDA. Can't really specify for it but it's definitely worth reading, and while I'm not sure what the quote would be for it it gets my vote.

BKA: This one's a little harder, but I think that due to the fact that this is a more IC reward than anything, I'm going to go with Alex Tarquin. The terrorists, at this point in the game, would like to reward people who killed deliberately, to push them towards performing further action. Out of the two killers who I'd say did their actions entirely deliberately - those two being Isabel and Alex - I'd say that the terrorists would go more towards pushing Alex, as Isabel has already set her path of being a murderous psychopath and doesn't really need that extra motivation. Also: Grim's a good writer and while I can't say I totally understand Alex since I'm a terrible reader I am interested in him and hope to see him do more.

The Seventh Guest
The Seventh Guest

September 27th, 2016, 5:20 am #5

My vote for BKA goes to Kimiko Kao. It was a tough decision, truth be told, but in the end, I felt out of all the killers, the rashness of her actions coupled with her self-awareness shimmering through made her special to me. I suppose I am somewhat biased here, as I have a weakness for accidental kills rather than cold-blooded murder, but in the end, I feel this is the vote I'm most confident in.

As for BDA, I vote for Harold Porter. This choice was more simple for me to make: I chose based on whose death made me feel the most. While there were several deaths managing to invoke emotion within me, Harold's made me feel tthe most sorrow.

He stays who he is up until the very end, even after being stabbed by someone he never harmed. His beliefs are not shattered, even in light of his advancing death. All events leading up to his death make me appreciate him both as a -albeit fictional - person and a character. That is why my vote goes to him.


September 27th, 2016, 8:33 am #6

BKA award goes to Isabel Ramirez for the murder of Conrad Harrod. I must admit, I was skeptical about this one at first because it comes across as quite dramatic and over the top, but at the same time, that's what makes it really stand out from the rest of the deaths here: it's a scene from a slasher flick brought to life. I think VoltTurtle did the best job of conveying the emotion and brutality of the scene, and on the whole that makes it the most memorable in my opinion.

BDA goes to Conrad Harrod. On the other end, RC manages to best represent what being murdered so viciously should look like. Rather than spending moments during his death pondering about his loved ones or thinking too much, he's responding in the most human way out of all the deaths as far as I'm concerned. It's not overly emotional or heartbreaking, it's morbidly natural.

Yes, still a guest.
Yes, still a guest.

September 27th, 2016, 8:36 am #7

BKA: Kimiko Kao, for the killing of Cristo Morales.

Poor communication kills, and nobody's got as much of a natural disadvantage in that department as poor little Kimiko. The way the whole scene played out is your bread and butter of a day one kill. Little things spiral out of control, actions are done that people just can't take back, somebody gets shanked with a spear. As bonus points, Kimiko's next thread adds more spice to the death, showing the weight it had on her even as she wonders whether Cristo actually died or not.

BDA: RC, for the death of Conrad Harrod.

Bouncing between a couple for this one. In the end, I decided to give it to Conrad Harrod due to the clear effort RC threw into it. Wild spacing and odd formatting can be touch-and-go with me. This time it just happened to press all the right buttons and get in the mind of somebody who just tried to make sense of a completely senseless situation. Swimming through that haze while experiencing pain is one heck of a trip, and RC really did his best to give us that... and I think he did a pretty good job of it, too.

Cardiac Tamponade
Cardiac Tamponade

September 27th, 2016, 10:15 am #8

BKA - Alvaro Vacanti (Yugikun) for Barry Banks

So the writing here with Alvaro was really solid. Looking at the killer exclusively in this scene Yugikun just does an excellent job with maintaining a consistent voice of character, very important so that sentence to sentence the character remains consistent and produces a certain tonal quality, which Alvaro manages very richly. He's a good character and while his death scene doesn't necessarily have the most meta impact it handily wins on basis of writing. Alvaro's character exists seamlessly in both his actions and his writing. I like it a lot.

BDA - Harold Porter (dmboogie) by Conrad Herrod

Harold also benefits from strong writing with the added plus that his death is likely going to have long reaching consequences through affecting two other characters directly in Tyler and Clarice. It also indirectly affected Isabel via the events leading to her being able to kill Conrad. His writing is solid and paced well to his death, the internal philosophical musing is measured and it effectively tapers off to it's end. Optimistic, hopeful, and then cut short with a few sentences. Also a character that exists in his prose and narrative along with his actions.

BKA: Alvaro BDA: Abigail
BKA: Alvaro BDA: Abigail

September 27th, 2016, 11:38 am #9

BKA: Alvaro
BDA: Abigail


ayyy lmao
ayyy lmao

September 27th, 2016, 2:37 pm #10

Best Kill - Alex Tarquin. Probably the scene that I felt most from the killer's side this round, with a little extra there to really get you into his head and understand why things happened the way he did. Interesting prose and a pretty neat fight scene to follow it up.

Best Death - RC for Conrad Harrod. A nice, detailed post that works great as the last moments of a kind of self-centered, cowardly character and really showcases how RC has grown as a writer since joining the site. Really brought things into focus and tied the scene together with his killer's half of things.