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May 8th, 2011, 9:08 pm #1

Whilst it's still some way off, V5 is looming somewhere on the horizon. We've less than 100 characters left alive in V4 after we started with 276. That's quite something. I'd like to take a moment to extend a congratulations to everybody that participated and helped make version four so great.

Much as I don't want to take away from V4's rightfully deserved thunder, and of course I in no way want to diminish our focus on it, I thought that it would be high time for us to reopen that old favourite: A concepts thread. We've seen them talked about in the chat, we've seen the vaguest of hints in signatures. Treat this as a good old fashioned place to brainstorm ideas, bounce concepts off one another, and even construct rudimentary relationships.

Planning has to start somehwere, let's set the ball rolling, shall we?

Share your concepts, no matter how basic. Get input on your ideas from other members, request critique on your potential future characters.

One word of warning though: If it's never been done before, then there's probably a good reason for it. A quirk doesn't make a character. Think before you come in here raving about your voodoo practitioning transfer student hailing from Fiji who likes to wear a paper bag over his head, okay?

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May 8th, 2011, 10:03 pm #2

Well, I'll this a try. My concepts have changed from what is in my sig. I only have one idea I want to hang onto (I have other ideas I like, but I'mm saving them for Evo2).

Name: Annabelle Lee
Interests: Art, ballet (watching), history, nature, hiking, and classical music.
Appearance: She's 5'5" and weighs 120 lbs. Her hair is black and reaches half way down her back. She usually keeps it in a braid. Annabelle's facial features are sharp and her face is heart shaped. Annabelle's eyes are a light grey, her noes is small in width and length, her lips are pale and thin, and her skin is pale with a light amount of freckles on her face. She usually dresses nice. A blouse and a skit is the most casual thing she's been seen in by her classmates.

Bio: Annabelle was born to Bryce and Anna Lee on April, 12 1990. They owned an art gallery and raised their daughter with a love for the arts they loved. Annabelle's favorite arts were ballet, the painting's in her parent's gallery and classical music. When Annabelle was five she started talking about "hearing colors."

At first her parents dismissed this as an over active imagination, but in second grade a teacher told them to take her to be tested for ADD. After some testing Annabelle was diagnosed with Synesthesia. Synesthesia is a neurologically-based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.

((Yeah, I quoted wiki on that. If and when I submit the real profile it won't happen.))

To be specific she has "Color Synesthesia" where different sounds will trigger different colors and shapes that will eventually fade from site. Annabelle and her parents decided to keep it a secret, and Annabelle learn to adapt and live with the Synesthesia. In school she usually keeps to herself, but is no means introverted. She doesn't got to any of the school events with crowds, and can make her way through the halls. She keeps a B average in school.

Her favorite subject in school is history, and she often imagines evens in history and what color they would sound like. She can also be found walking on some kind of nature trail for the lack of colors and sounds.

Advantages: She's fit from hiking, and she's made no enemies in school.
Disadvantages: The Synesthesia will be a problem. In the game a noisy situation could blind her. Also her lack of socializing will leave her lacking allies.

Okay, so that's what I got right now. Now I know writing a character with Synesthesia will be hard, but I love the idea to damn much for my own good.

Anyways, that's what I have.
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May 8th, 2011, 10:13 pm #3

Taken from the concepts thread in Mini and slightly edited...

Jadynn Chiang-Shea - Jadynn Chiang-Shea is (as one could tell) of mixed ancestry, as the daughter to a fourth generation Chinese father and a mostly Irish white mother, and the first child in her family that's the result of an interracial marriage. Her facial features and skin tone generally reflects her mixed ancestry, as she has fairly light skin and her face is a blend of both Asian and Caucasion features, while her hair is is a fairly dark brown, bordering on black, with her eyes a similarly dark color. She's generally considered very good looking at a height of 5'7" and a weight of 123 pounds, with an athletic body from taking numerous extracurricular sports, primarily track and soccer. Her chest is somewhat somewhat above average sized, but not very noticeably so. Generally, she wears fairly casual brand-name clothing, but isn't one to show off about what clothes she has. On the day of abduction, she was wearing a bright purple halter top, a red athletic jacket, and a pair of shorts going just above her knees.

Jadynn as an only child, has a family that only consists of her father Peter and her mother Mary, both of them working full-time. Her life seems enviable at first, as she's a star student and athlete while being fairly popular to boot. However, behind the scenes Jadynn's constantly busy with her schoolwork and sports, constantly being pushed to the limit by her father, who took the so-called "Chinese" style of parenting with gusto, despite being a totally assimilated fourth generation ABC. Her mother hardly helped her either either, as she hardly ever talked to Jadynn due to being very busy from work, but when she did she started divisive arguments on parenting between herself and her husband. Jadynn feared that it would separate them and thus only make the problems worse, causing her to try to avoid talking with her mother if and at all possible. Still, she wasn't one to ignore the wishes of her parents and still tried to do the best that she can at school, which has certainly done good for her grades but not for her stress level, especially not with sports and extracurriculars piled on top. About the only thing that she looked forward to in school was being able to see her friends and relieve some of her stress, but with that gone, her stress would simply go to unmanageable levels...

I know fully well that this is REALLY rough idea and needs a ton of revision and fleshing out, but my plan is to do that later, as I want to do that as I actually submit an application and reread/rewrite/reformat the whole thing.
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May 8th, 2011, 10:41 pm #4

Hey, so I'm looking for ways to challenge myself re: characters. This is sometimes hard because all my character ideas come from, well, myself. So I'm hitting up the board here--hey, guys, what characters would you like to see Storyspoiler try to write?

Caveat: if you give an answer like "a normal person", pls define what you consider to be in the bounds of normality

I wink at you, but I mean this in all seriousness.

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May 8th, 2011, 11:15 pm #5

Alright, I have three concepts I'm still throwing around in my head. I had two more at one point, but frankly... Meh.

Jade ??? - 17 year old drummer from a Metalcore band. Going out with the singer (Played by faceinabook), other band members are played by MK Kilmarnock, and... Well, we still need a guitarist.

Jasmine Tolle - 18 year old aspiring artist. Pacifist, but absolutely loves high school and Internet drama. Just accepted into the Art Institute of Chigago, and CalArts.

Travis Parker - An "updated" self insert. Basically invent a back-story so that his personality comes out to mine today, in contrast to Peter, who is who I was when I actually graduated high school. I also have plans with Lily for this one... You guys will just have to wait and see though.
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May 8th, 2011, 11:22 pm #6

Just to head off something that ended up being a problem v4 thread: please please please don't post full rough-drafts of profiles in here. It makes the thread a major pain in the ass to trawl through, & we don't need nearly that much info to talk about/critique a general concept. Something super-abbreviated like what Acidic's got up there is fine & dandy, but posting much more than that will just make things messy

anyway, @Acidic: I can totally appreciate wanting to play around with something as interesting as synethsesia, but I'd really strongly advise not basing a character around a disorder, esp. one you're not personally familiar with. Things like that have a nasty habit of turning into a gimmick or crutch (whether the writer means for them to or not) & there's so many other things you'd have to be careful about, like how the school system would handle the student's needs, how it would affect them in a high-stress situation like the island, how's it's shaped their lives & how they act/think/behave because of the disorder, etc etc. There's a real risk for it to turn into something that's honestly not worth the effort in this kind of setting.

If you're going to go ahead with it, just be very careful to develop a strong character that could stand out even without the disorder. If you feel like it's making them a weaker character or you might let them slip into a fodder role because they're too difficult to write, I'd def say you should drop it

@Besty: I'm looking for some challenges for v5 too. I think I've got two solid concepts already, but it'd be fun to chat about. I might PM you later or something <3

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May 8th, 2011, 11:51 pm #7

These are the concepts I have so far.

Yukiko Sakurai - 18 year old Japanese girl, member of the swim team. Insecure about never having a boyfriend (this will probably be a plot point in the pregame).

Corey Esposito - 17 year old Italian boy, loves video games. A lot. That said, he still has a social life, and likes hanging out with his friends at the local mall (or whatever gathering place).

Miriam Castille - 17 year old Spanish girl, likes to lose herself in her books. Quite shy, so she only has one or two close friends. Is quite clumsy (physically and mentally).

Valerie Fitzgerald - 18 year old Irish girl, loves to play guitar. Quite laid back, and doesn't let much get to her. Makes friends quite easily because of this.
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May 8th, 2011, 11:52 pm #8

Well, here goes nothing. Very rough draft here.

Darren Fox: Aged 18 of half British/half American descent, basically a self-insert of me when I was in my final years at school. Darren has mild Asperger's Syndrome, which leads to him acting slightly awkward around others and doing other things (like obsessively making lists of stuff). His main interest is art, and is also keen on studying languages.

Luca Kowalski: Aged 17 and a 3rd generation American of Polish descent, his cousin Marie vanished along with the rest of her class during a field trip back in 2005. Since then, Luca has been wondering what happened to her, coming up with ideas that could explain her disappearance, and as a result now has a strong interest in conspiracy theories.

Sandra Ortega: Aged 18 and a 2nd generation American of Hispanic descent, Sandra stumbled across SOTF back in 2007 while V3 was in full swing, and fell in love with the show almost instantly. However, knowing that her parents would strongly disapprove of her new-found interest, Sandra began publically voicing out against SOTF in an attempt to mask her secret.

Rory Drayton: Aged 18 of American descent (haven't determined anything further than that), a star on the basketball court. Rory has had a string of relationships behind him, some much more intimate than others. However, once such 'conquest' resulted in one thing he wasn't expecting; a baby with *name tbd*. Now Rory's had to leave his cassanova-lifestyle behind and learn how to be a responsible parent.

EDIT: Added Facemaker pics
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May 9th, 2011, 12:06 am #9

Thanks Karsk. I'll make sure to work on all you said.
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May 9th, 2011, 12:09 am #10

Charles Philip "Chuck" Soileau: A short 18-year old of Cajun descent (his father a police officer and his mother a childminder), his predominant interests are politics and history. Very analytical, little bit paranoid, very self-conscious and doesn't hesitate to mess with his friends, but overall a friendly, lovable person.

Michael Fischer: Son of an overambitious low-profile (something like State Representative) moderate Republican politician of the same name, unlike his father, the popular 17-year old Michael really couldn't give two shits about politics, and he'd much rather focus on fanning his own ego, flirting with the nearest convenient girl or playing guitar.

Kiziah Saraki: Along with her siblings and her mother, Kiziah (now 18) fled her native Nigeria in 1995 because her parents feared that their children would be punished for the outspoken anti-General Abacha views of Mr and Mrs Saraki. Despite her intelligence (especially in maths and languages), and her rather nerdy interests, she is known as extremely gullible, a trait the jokers of the school cannot not take advantage of.

Feedback or whatever appreciated. Literally pulled these ideas out of my arse a while ago.
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May 9th, 2011, 12:30 am #11

So, copying straight off my notepad for the most part, so bound to be a little stream of consciousness-sort of thing.

Regan Flagg: 18 year-old music geek with dreams of music stardom. Play's the guitar in a band with her brother, played by Ciel. At least, I think we agreed to that. Hippy parents, so liberal home-life. Smart but not motivated, so doing poorly in school. Absent-minded and scattered, but friendly. Idolizes Dave Grohl and Angus Young. Also kicking around the idea of her being a closeted lesbian, so I'd want her to have someone who didn't mind being a girlfriend on the sly. Lot's of teenage angst, 'who am I?' sort of stuff.


Jane Gordon: I was thinking a combination of V4 pre-game Pondsworth and The Breakfast Club's Bender, minus any parental abuse. Ignored at home. Loves her parent's and is desperate for their attention, so get's in fights/bullies people for attention. Loves animals, and wants to be veterinarian in the future. Closest nerd, e.g., loves to read, doing great in school. Homophobic, but more out of lack of knowledge then any real hate, that is, hating what she doesn't understand, that sort of thing. I kind of want her to mellow out toward the end of pre-game, but I'd play it by ear.


Faye Martin: Quiet, dorky, artsy girl. OCD, rail thin/anorexic. Antisocial to the extreme, afraid of personal contact. Afraid of social interaction, but desperately wants to be able to make social connections/friends. Lonely. Talented artist, excels at painting and drawing. Uses art as a means of expression. After graduating, wants to work with computers or video games. See's video games as an escape.

Edit: Now with pictures!
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May 9th, 2011, 12:33 am #12

These are my three concepts so far:

Jack McDonald: He's going to be my self-insert, a nerd with a bit of social awkwardness. He can be social and outgoing when around people he knows well but silent and thoughtful when he's not. Though he can't sing, dance, or play an instrument, Jack is in love with music, always listening to his iPod or tapping a beat. Hobbies include tennis, anime, and the Internet.

Monica Bowman: She's a video game nerd. She especially loves fighting games. She also has a big temper and is very controlling.

Maximillian Sawyer: He's a rich, handsome guy who's also a bit of a jerk. His parents aren't very controlling and let him do a lot of things he probably shouldn't. He's good with ladies he doesn't know, but those who know about him tend to not be drawn in. He's also on the swim team and is fairly fit as a result.

If anyone has any ideas for character relationships, PM me so we can start working on it.
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May 9th, 2011, 12:36 am #13

Alright, my concepts so far:

Miranda Millers: I think this is one you guys have heard by now. XD

She's basically your standard "bitchy popular girl" type. Tries to be fashionable, mean to less "popular" girls, rich and so on. But she's also hella neurotic. I'm thinking that she's kind of a perfectionist type who tries to make herself look like the girl who has everything and is generally awesome, who could be having an anxiety attack while keeping a smile and mocking the "weird" "uncool" girls. I might actually write her with a mild anxiety disorder of some kind, or possibly hint that her perfectionist, "elitist" attitude being linked to her family in some way (parental pressures?) to explain it.

Her perfectionism also extends to little ways, as well. For example, despite saying that she despises anime and Japanese stuff, and mocks people who do all the time? She's a weeaboo deep down. Seriously. In fact, this is how I got the general personality down for her (I remember ranting about stereotypes in chat, once, saying that it's okay if your character fills a "niche", just do something interesting with it, one of the examples being a bitchy popular girl who acts like she hates anime but secretly loves the shit out of it).

Another thing about her I'm toying with is to make her a closeted lesbian. Like she tried to make herself "look" straight by dating various boys in the past, only for it to backfire in some way. But I'm thinking that she eventually came to terms with it before pre-game started and over the course of it get some character development by coming out in some way, to see where it goes.

Overall: Bitchy-but-secretly-neurotic-and-perfectionistic popular girl who is secretly obsessed with anime and might be a lesbian.

(no name just yet!)- Okay, here's an idea that might be controversial, so I need help on it. I'm thinking of making a character with a disability, specifically deaf-muteness.

Nothing's really concrete with her, so I'm open to suggestions on how she should be written, if at all. I have a number of questions that need answering about her disability, actually. For example, how bad does a disability have to be before she can't go to a public school? What ways of helping her would a school have? Would she be able to go on a school trip, and under what conditions? How would people react to her on the campus? Is there anything else I should know about writing someone with this condition?

Overall, I'm just toying with making a character with a disability, just to stretch my writing skills a bit. It would be an interesting thing to write about, if I can manage keeping her realistic and not make the disability her main character trait.

(also doesn't have a name just yet)- Like many other handlers I've noticed, I'm thinking of making a steampunk/Neo-Victorian character, as well.

Admittedly it came from a joke when talking to someone in private suggesting we should make steampunk people, saying "If they flip out over the amount of anime people this version, will they flip out over steampunk people NEXT version?" or something along those lines. XD

So yeah. Possibly steampunk person in the works. They might also be a musician in some way, as well (possibly in a band?).

Gah! Are those really the only ideas I can think of right now? Surely I can pull more shit out of my ass soon. XD

But yeah. If you have any tips on how to write these well or have ideas on what to do with them, please tell me! I'm open!

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- TV Tropes
- Random Thoughts
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I am not allowing myself to talk about anything relating to my characters or scenes I'm in unless they are brought up in conversation by another handler. I am not allowed to use my characters' names OOC or mention anything relating to that character until another handler mentions them. This is not currently in effect for pre-game; these self-imposed rules do not apply until v6 starts. However, they will be in effect the second v6 is announced. When one of my characters die, escape, or are otherwise removed from the game, these rules are lifted for that character, and I am free to talk about that character as much as I want. However, the others will have to wait until they too are out of the game.

This is a personal promise I'm keeping to myself for v6. If I break it, please feel free to bitch me out.


Addendum as of v6: I may ask for critiques while a character's arc is ongoing, as long as someone has offered to do so.
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May 9th, 2011, 12:38 am #14

Jessica Sanders: 18 year old bassist for the same band that Jade just so happens to be in. Has the somewhat obvious and goofy nickname 'The Colonel' thanks to her last name, which she earned at a music camp.

Sean ??? (either Mulcahy or Mulherin): A somewhat lanky 17 year old. Not much is set in stone about him yet, though I've been playing with his various interests/hobbies/dislikes/etc. He'll have a sister played by another handler.

Christopher Aiken: A 19 year old, rather muscular guy who's 'in' with the jock crowd. While he doesn't go out of his way to antagonize everybody at the school, he's less than sympathetic towards 'nerds and geeks' who might be in the vicinity. During the summer, he works with his dad on a crab fishing boat near Alaska.

I'm honestly not too sure if I'm really going to use Jerry Fury anymore. I know I've done a decent bit of talking about him, but even as a 'parody done right' of all the things we saw wrong with failed v4 submissions, he seems too silly and out of place now. Especially since I already have three very solid character ideas, Jerry's getting more and more superfluous.
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Coleen Reagan - The girl who half-loved the world
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V5 Roster:
Cody Patton : That bitch.
Sean Mulcahy : The world was kind to reprieve him of his fear...
Jessica Sanders: She hoped it would be quick...
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20:17Sideliner:Toben and Ricky are like a sibling version of the Joker and Batman, only Batman is just as much of a mass murderer. He just hides it better.
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As my signature can probably tell you, I have quite a few concepts. I don't expect half of them to make it into the game though, so I'll just put down the three I've put the most thought into, and maybe the rest'll come up later:

The "At This Point In Time Will Definitely Be My Characters In V5" Group

(yes I apologise for the length in advance)

Angeline Polidando aka Flagship No #1

Just your average punk rock chick. Angeline grew up in a normal family, in a normal suburb, with a sickeningly normal life. That was, until she discovered the music her parents never wanted her to listen to; metal, punk, pre-punk, post punk, punk metal, death metal, basically everything that has a scream or a cuss in it. Then, her lifestyle changed. She loved it so much, she changed everything she ever knew to try and emulate these people with such extraordinary lives, sounds, and music.

Fast forward to 17 years old, and Angeline lives and breathes the teen punk rock lifestyle, almost to the stereotype. She's not that much of an imposing punk rocker, since she's quite short, thin and generally small, to the point where bigger friends have joked you could snap her in half with two fingers. Her taste in music evolved over the years; when she was a teen, she was into Glam-Punk and the generally more show-y and mainstream stuff, but soon discovered the stuff that wasn't booted to the tops of the charts, and began her transition in likes and lifestyle over the ages. When she was a junior, she liked to accessorise her hair a lot, usually dyeing it in lots of different colours just for the hell of it, but she quickly outgrew that, and just leaves it with a headband that lies behind her bangs, a dark brown. She picked up a smoking and drug habit, but in essence she does basically whatever her other assorted punk rocky friends do.

Angeline honestly believes she's the best guitarist in the school, and challenges anyone who says otherwise. She's been practicing all her life, ever since she was old enough to walk, her parents gave her guitar lessons. She's practically a goddess of the strings, she's even been called that. Ironically, she sucks at Guitar Hero and games like it, not even being able to get by Medium.

One of her more notable traits is that she has a fascination with people with scars or injuries. She doesn't like getting injured herself, in fact she's terrified of that, or causing injuries or anything like that, but she's just fascinated with the story behind scars or burns she sees on people walking by in the hallway or on the street. She's also an avid softballer, but perhaps one of the weaker team members of the school team due to her somewhat below average upper body and fitness.

In her schoolings, Angeline doesn't do well at all, because she's got a naive hope that she can get into a band and live the rock lifestyle after school, despite everyone else telling her otherwise. She honestly doesn't care that much about classes, although she's just forced to grin and bear it for the sake of getting through the year with the bare minimum mark. She's due for a reality check any time soon.

So tl;dr: Punk chick with a thing for scars, smokes, softball, and the guitar, with no aspirations beyond rocking out.

Jasper Rourke - ie Flagship No #2

Jasper happened to be born into the wrong family for him. His older brother, born six years elder, was an overachiever of the highest caliber. Got the best mark, was the star player on the football team, and even married the most popular girl in the school, and everyone looked to him next year as his brother version 2.0. Most of the pressure to achieve came from his dad, who put an insane amount of hope into him to do as well as his brother. Every time he got a B, or something not as good as his brother, most people would be disappointed in him, and that affected him severely. He swung into a sever depression at the age of fourteen, but thanks to a supportive girlfriend, he got over it with her help.

Of course, over time, reality ensued. People realised that Jasper wasn't gonna be his brother v2, so the pressure eased off. His parents stopped trying to shape him, so he was allowed to grow for himself. However, said growing allowed a jerk and an asshole of the highest caliber to emerge, since Jasper had long since learnt the value of guilt tripping his parents thanks to the years of pressured upbringing. He rose up on the social ladder in his own way, mainly through being friends with popular people who were also assholes like him. He did get on the football team, taking the fullback position, and the boxing team, and the wrestling team, and most of the sport teams in the school, and this secured his spot in popularity.

That was, until he was outed as gay at the end of his junior year. While drunk at a party, he was came on by another guy, and not even thinking, they got together that night. Since there's no such things as secrets at parties, it spread fast, and his place on the social ladder and popularity spectrum plummeted. Sure, not everyone was a homophobe, but it wasn't like he was the same guy to them any more. He still felt the same, he was confused about what happened to him as anyone, but he knew he was the same guy. The shame was, he wasn't the same guy to everyone else, he was just different.

Senior year was a year of reflection for him, a way to figure out whether or not he was on the right track with life; was he making the right choices? Did he have the best friends? He was finally turning his schoolwork around, only getting high enough grades to stay on the sporting teams would only get him so far, so he put some extra oomph into that area. He dropped one or two sporting teams, but remained a footballer and jock, despite the image he lost with his coming out. He'd be on the receiving end of many gay jokes for the years to come, some in jest, some a bit more spiteful.

Jasper started looking into a new social spectrum he never would have touched before, and even though he was really reluctant, tried going out with some guys. This caught him some flack from his teammates and such, but it wasn't about them, this was all about him. He despised flamers, thinking they were everything wrong about gay people, and refusing to go near anyone who had even a mild camp mannerism.

Tessa Blackridge

Tessa is an all-American teenage girl, completely saturated by popular culture. She wears whatever's popular, eats everything the celebrities eat, and follows Reality TV like nobody else. Some would call her a TV Junkie. She calls herself enlightened and better than you.

Tessa has a huge family; she lives with her two twin brothers, older sister studying college from a distance since living outside the house scares her, a baby sister, her parents who are only staying together until her brothers finish school, and her deadbeat aunt who owe a lot of people money and can't afford it. She's used to not getting attention from her hands-full parents, so it was lucky she found the internet at age 8. It wasn't the best place for her to be, but she wasn't obsessed with it. It allowed her to listen to, read, and absorb things she never would have gotten from her family. Celebrities, entertainment, and the music. Tessa prides herself on having a music collection that spans two computer hard drives and consists of nothing but Pop, anything that was once hot in her 18 years on the planet, and anything by an artist she thinks is hot.

She fit in quickly with a gaggle of girls like her at school, who would often have minor schisms over things such as who was hot or not at that point in time, but the wounds would heal come the end of the week. She became obsessed with reality shows such as Big Brother, The Real World, everything along those lines, and holds a secret love for Reality Game Shows such as Survivor and The Amazing Race, but she never talks about them because nobody else does and she fears being boring.

Her family remains sternly Republican; her mother instills in her children a sense of American pride. America is the best country in the world, America is never at fault. Of course, that's only when the Republican party is in power - when the Democrats won the election in 2008, it was open field day for her children to blindly complain about everything wrong with the government and its faults. Those who knew Tessa would be surprised to learn she's an avid debater at her school (it helped her make arguments, such as being able to tell her friends why they were wrong about Clay Aiken, he was obviously NOT gay). She also rubs people the wrong way with her being a radical Republican, taking firm stances on pro-life when asked about the issue.

Schoolwise, Tessa does okay. She's not terrible, but she's not that good either. She's slightly better at Chemistry, than her other subjects, but only marginally. Not that noticeable in the long run.

And now:

The "Were At One Point Most Certainly Going To Be Characters But Now May Or May Not Be Transfered To A Mini Game Or Dropped Altogether" Group (or as I like to call it, the WEAPMCGTBCBNMOMNBTTAMGODA)

Caitlin Pinnock

Basically the RL BFF SI I mentioned above, an insert of my best friend. She's a conservative Christian, Twilight Fan, and all-around generally nice person. She's not some sort of angel though, she's got her bad side in there as well. She's pretty involved in the school community, whether it be student council, Christian Club, Activism, etc, mainly cause she used to be at a really small school where she had to get involved or no one got involved. She's pretty obsessive about her weight, to the point where she's gone through several eating disorders in her teen life. Caitlin's the youngest girl in her family, her older brothers and sisters all having graduated, gone to college/dropped out of college, and gotten their own families by Caitlin's senior year, and she had one 11-year-old younger brother.

If Tessa doesn't work out for me, she's going on the roster.

Anuarite Sevran

Dropped this one for a reason, y'see. The initial concept is that she was a citizen of the Congo until her family, including her mother, stepfather, and her two stepbrothers, fled internal skirmishes and eventually found themselves on a boat to America. They got papers and such, and integrated themselves into American society. She's legally the oldest of her siblings, having turned 19 by the time of the Senior trip (on paper that is). She's really a lot younger biologically, but the papers say she's 19. Anuarite is also one of the more Mathematically gifted students in her grade, as even though English is her third language, Maths is universal. Unless I get a real hankering to do this one, she's at the bottom of the list, since I have 0% chance of doing her well at all, even if she is based off a friend of mine from school.

And yes I know I have a lot of concepts, but hey, that's what Mini's for.

Some constructive criticism of any of my concepts would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to change what I'm used to completely come v5, and it starts here, so...

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